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    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Now that is how you do a brick built cockpit.
  2. TwoSolitudes

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Cockpit is the biggest issue, but someone can find a clever MOD for that I am sure. Just replace that whole section with something in better proportion. Losing the stud shooters and spring shooters is an easy change. The rest of the ship is actually OK. Worth getting in anticipation of the MODs for it. My guess is that a few minor adjustments will make this outstanding. But agree that this "it's not a UCS, but its priced like a UCS, but it's a kids play set, but it's too expensive for kids, but its in a UCS style box" shows a real lack of vision at the lego group. The official photos of the kit on the Lego website is a 35 or so year old guy playing with it- but no kids. It's just strange. If it was meant for AFOL's then not doing the full on UCS is a huge miss. Anyway I'll buy it- and stand by for one of the MODers here to get it to its full potential.
  3. TwoSolitudes

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It's way better than CC as a display piece. But have to agree that as much as I was looking forward to this, I find it a bit underwhelming.... Has me interested in MOC's.
  4. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] The Fireball and the Aces from Star Wars: Resistance

    Hate the show, love your ships!
  5. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] MINI Snowspeeder (Ep. V)

    You should put that up on Rebrickable. It’s a terrific build.
  6. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Your other kits both have a recommended set to get to pick up a significant portion of the pieces- or the rare pieces. Is there a recommended buy for this set? The Kessel Run falcon looks like it has a good number according to Rebrickable, but the other recommendations there are all huge purchases in their own right.
  7. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer

    Well its probably the best version at this scale I've ever seen. So well done!
  8. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer

    Really really nice. Love that you have the hangers in there. Will you be offering the instructions?
  9. TwoSolitudes

    Finch Posting

    I ordered my bomber last week in Canada and it arrived Friday. Was really hoping for Finch- but no luck. So I used the online chat with customer service and... no problem at all. She said since I ordered it in Feb it should have had Finch, so they would send me the replacement parts in about 2 weeks. Lego Customer service being great again. I think it helped I was a VIP member with a long order history. And she did ask if this was the 1st or 2nd bomber that I had ordered. But at least in my experience, doesn't seem like getting Finch is any issue at all- at least not if you have bought the set recently.
  10. TwoSolitudes

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    OK I ordered 75188 from the lego store in Canada. Hopefully I'll get Finch as well!
  11. TwoSolitudes

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    This is my question as well. Have you worked in 75188 in the same way you did for the TS? Never mind! You already answered that! Cheers
  12. TwoSolitudes

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Hated the movie and thought the way this ship was used in it was terrible.... but wow. This is an incredible rendition. You are truly creating masterpieces here. I'm still collecting pieces for the U-Wing, and now I am going to have come up with a good excuse for why I need to have this one as well. Count me in on the instructions as soon as they are ready.
  13. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

    Big thumbs up!!
  14. My guess is that this will not be a hard kit to pickup. It's a playset aimed at kids, but the kids it's aimed at will not have any real connection to the scene. You will get a few collectors interested, but nowhere near the MF level. It just doesn't look 'good'. If they had done a detailed display micro-level type thing it would have hit a much much larger audience of adult collectors. Not opposed to playsets, but simply from a marketing view, I really don't understand what they were thinking with this particular one. My kids would not look twice at it in a lego store. And its not a display piece at all. so..... I guess we'll see. Meantime I keep my $$$ set aside for the UCS Star Destroyer.
  15. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Onecase, just looking through the photo's on flikr and wow- very impressive work. Do you have instructions for any of them? The mid scale ISD is fantastic, I love the 435 piece AT-ATs as well. Great great detail for the scale.
  16. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    My book arrived! Awesome. It's a quality publication. Now to get the bricks.... The TS project looks great as well, but just not enough of a fan of that particular ship. Any hint about what will be revealed on 07-02-2019?
  17. TwoSolitudes

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Mirko, just sent you a note, sorry for the delay, but found your note in my spam box. Really looking forward to putting this together, it's the first MOC I have ever decided to buy into. Really fantastic job.