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  1. The program crashed when I loaded the model into I would appreciate it, if there would be be somekind of script or application that allows you convert ldr to lxf files by the press of a button.
  2. Doees anyone know how to download all LXF-files from this link without having to download them one-by-one? It is pain-staiking, not to mention time-consuming, to download all lxf-files one-by-one. Link:
  3. Does anyone know how to convert ldr files to lxf without importing it to LDD? I want to convert this model to lxf. Link:
  4. Question - Unity experience

    Is there anyone on this forum that is familiar with the game engine Unity? I am planning to create a 3D presentation based on the LEGO-themes using the LEGO sets, but I am not that familiar when it comes to Unity. I have already started. Link:!OsgzTaxT!OeNDeGQlUuX0zLhk-nTo32k21P7uYuQ4yyCtnAriQCs
  5. HELP! ! !

    What does Remove format mean? How is it possible to delete published topics or posts?
  6. History of LEGO Chess

    Have any screenplays been released based of the LEGO brand and LEGO Minifigure?
  7. History of LEGO Chess

    Does anyone know the history of the creation of the PC game Lego Chess? Has any actual sets been released inspired by the concept of the game?
  8. Have any projects related to the creation of 3D games involving LEGO Minifigures ever been published on this forum by users? If so, what has the outcome been of these projects? Thank you on beforehand for the response!
  9. In the past I familiarized myself with animation and programming, however due to time-constraints I do not currently have the ability to produce new work. My ambition is to give the files I have in my possession, to someone for use in any means they wish. The files consists mainly of animations and scripts in C# and Javascript (Unityscript). The scripts were optimized for the game engine Unity. Samples have been included below. The files will be given successively, as the files are applied. I want to note that the application is a non-commercial, non-profit, voluntary act. Contact me for further information, if you are interested in the application of these files. All feedback is appreciated! Animations sample: Videos of animations: Scripts sample: