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  1. Yes, but the Castle-theme is based on the Middle-ages, which was a tiem Joan of Arc lived in.
  2. Do you think that Princess Storm, the princess of King Leo who wears armor and a sword, is inspired by Joan of Arc, one of the earliest females who wore armor and wielded a sword?
  3. tomfyhr

    Legoland theme?

    Look at the LEGOLAND (game). There are many models that can be made into official sets and form a LEGOLAND-theme.
  4. Here are the three questions I want to have answered: 1) Has a 3D landscape or geography of any of the old LEGO-themes be released in its entirety by LEGO or alternatively created by a fan? 2) If a standard geography for the LEGO-themes has not been set, do you have an opinion on how the LEGO-themes should be portrayed? 3) Would you or anyone else you know be interested to form a "definitive" and "standardized" version of the LEGO-themes, if one has NOT already been created? Note: I am talking about creating a scene, a render of a sort, NOT video game levels. ________________________ Below are explanations as to the motivation for this standardization of the LEGO-themes. The only hints and glimpses you get about how the different themes are "supposed" to look like are mainly in box art covers, video advertisements, maps and sometimes even in videogames. One thing that would be great is if there was a map or 3D scene that set the standard of how the different themes are supposed to look. Right now the image of the LEGO-theme is very scattered and you only see bits and pieces of it. Do you have an opinion about how the different LEGO-themes are suppoesd to look? One thing that we could bring new to the table, is the a set standard of how the LEGO themes with the help of 3D models. Renders of SOME of the LEGO-themes has been attempted in video games, but I do not think none of them give the theme enough justice to the grandness of the LEGO-tehemes themselves. If anyone would be interested, this project, if you even call it that, could be collaborate and updated as more models are released, until we may get a "definitive" version of the LEGO-themes. Fortuntaly, renders are NOT dictated by the number of polygons, so the only thing you would have to do is to import the scene into a model editor and then import the individual models and place them accordingly. There are enough models to may be create a standardized one, but that is my opinion. What do you think?
  5. Is ther user Dilvish still online on the forum? He was interested in rigging minifigures and minifigure animations and wanted to create 3D worlds of the many LEGO-themes, all of which I have already completed. So I am wondering if you know where he, or anyone else for that matter who are interested in the stuff I mentioned above, can be contacted?
  6. The program crashed when I loaded the model into I would appreciate it, if there would be be somekind of script or application that allows you convert ldr to lxf files by the press of a button.
  7. Doees anyone know how to download all LXF-files from this link without having to download them one-by-one? It is pain-staiking, not to mention time-consuming, to download all lxf-files one-by-one. Link:
  8. Does anyone know how to convert ldr files to lxf without importing it to LDD? I want to convert this model to lxf. Link:
  9. tomfyhr

    Question - Unity experience

    Is there anyone on this forum that is familiar with the game engine Unity? I am planning to create a 3D presentation based on the LEGO-themes using the LEGO sets, but I am not that familiar when it comes to Unity. I have already started. Link:!OsgzTaxT!OeNDeGQlUuX0zLhk-nTo32k21P7uYuQ4yyCtnAriQCs
  10. tomfyhr

    HELP! ! !

    What does Remove format mean? How is it possible to delete published topics or posts?
  11. tomfyhr

    History of LEGO Chess

    Have any screenplays been released based of the LEGO brand and LEGO Minifigure?
  12. tomfyhr

    History of LEGO Chess

    Does anyone know the history of the creation of the PC game Lego Chess? Has any actual sets been released inspired by the concept of the game?
  13. Have any projects related to the creation of 3D games involving LEGO Minifigures ever been published on this forum by users? If so, what has the outcome been of these projects? Thank you on beforehand for the response!
  14. In the past I familiarized myself with animation and programming, however due to time-constraints I do not currently have the ability to produce new work. My ambition is to give the files I have in my possession, to someone for use in any means they wish. The files consists mainly of animations and scripts in C# and Javascript (Unityscript). The scripts were optimized for the game engine Unity. Samples have been included below. The files will be given successively, as the files are applied. I want to note that the application is a non-commercial, non-profit, voluntary act. Contact me for further information, if you are interested in the application of these files. All feedback is appreciated! Animations sample: Videos of animations: Scripts sample: