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  1. EnderWiggen

    [MOC] YT-2400 light freighter 1:250 scale

    Love this ship good job.
  2. EnderWiggen

    Updated TIE Craft

    Wow That Interceptor is my next build.
  3. EnderWiggen

    Custom UCS Y-Wing (Simplified)

    Nice, Red Jammer is probly my favorite. Definitely post the finished build.
  4. EnderWiggen

    Custom UCS Y-Wing (Simplified)

    LoL, suprising enough I know that is something Pilots do, at least thay wont crash into any turrets lol. I like that you made it in sections, you hace a really good build prosses and your design shows it. Have fun building it for Christmas.
  5. EnderWiggen

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    That is one clean and efectiv build nice job.
  6. EnderWiggen

    LEGO Walk In" Used Bulk Stores IRL

    Hello Everyone, I recently Found out that store's are opening up that only sell used LEGO parts, currently in Salt Lake City Utha area, BAM! Bricks & More Toy Store and Bricks and Minifigs "Franchise" and am wondering if anyone else has seen store fronts opening up any ware else in the world. I am interested in seening any store fronts from around the world so please share and also what is your take on Bulk LEGO stores.
  7. Hello Eggyslav, I love that you have made this post. First it strikes me as off as I am a IRL Lego builder I only have my legos from my childhood allmost 20years of McDonalds happy meals, birthdays and Christmas I am now in my mid 30s, With that I have always felt restricted on all of my builds as I am unable to put my designs in front of me and actually see the mess of a creation that I have cooked up in my head. For me I see lego like emit in the lego movie when he becomes a master builder with that I am limited to what parts I know of and not the full lego part catalog. I would love to be able to create and build in LDD but do not have the funds for a computer that can run LDD. My point is just be aware that As a builder I see it the other way around. Hope that made seance to you and never stop being creative.
  8. EnderWiggen

    LDD Simple Y-wing

    Nice, may I suggest using a shorter staff or bar for the brown/copper toubbing? The longer one seams a bit off to me but that may just be me.
  9. EnderWiggen

    LDD Simple Y-wing

    I really appreciate the simple effective and clean builds you have. All work vary well. Nice job. I would do the battle pack one. I love that you included a mecanic with it, also Have you tried swapping the nose on number 2 and 3?
  10. Now I want to build it. NEED LDD FILE OR PARTS LIST...... I see bankruptcy in my Future...
  11. EnderWiggen

    [WIP][MOC] Y-Wing

    DarthPineapple I did not know that about the black and blue versions having extra friction slots. I will switch the parts out. Thank you.
  12. EnderWiggen

    [WIP][MOC] Y-Wing

    Thanks theDeanoRama I had not considered the age or the ware of the parts, I have been looking into resuporting the pylonbut first I will have to replace some parts and see if that makes it better. Thank you for the advice.
  13. EnderWiggen

    [WIP][MOC] Y-Wing

    Still more to share on this MOC. I was able to build Spring Shooter 1X4 into the head or Nose of the Y-Wing and now I am wondering why LEGO has not used a setup like these but rather just stuck the Spring Shooter's under the Nose. So hear is the Pictures of my integration into the nose of the Spring Shooter's With a Press button. Enjoy [/url]20171102_060414 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171102_060430 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171102_060446 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171102_060549 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171102_060554 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171102_122518 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_223425 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr]
  14. EnderWiggen

    [WIP][MOC] Y-Wing

    DarthPineapple, OK I believe now I was presumptuous in being stuck I do always need help but now I see that I am on the wright track, and now I just have to build and rebuild until I get the results I am looking for. Think You DarthPineapple.