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  1. This looks simply amazing. Not only have you created a detailed 1:8 scale car. It also replicates the looks of the real car closely - and to top it of, done using only a subset of the 42115 parts. I wish I had the ingenuity - and time - to do such models my self. I will most definitely take on this model as soon as I get the time and a spare 42115
  2. Understandable - and very sad that some people have no respect. Makes me really regret I didn't just buy the instructions right away instead of waiting until I had a reasonable amount of the parts needed. Was looking forward to the very unique door mechanism on this car. I can only hope that another designer comes up with a similar Koenigsegg model, though probably unlikely
  3. I've been looking at this on and off for a while, considered buying instructions to build it - never got around to it and now it has disappeared from Rebrickable. Anybody now what happened and if the instructions are available elsewhere?
  4. Sure, it is a form of innovation, but for what purpose. For me, the core essence of LEGO, is the huge amount of possibilities you have with very few parts, which I think was one of the original ideas with the brick. Wasn't it quite recently LEGO ran adds which highlighted that the insane number of combinations you could achieve with just a few 2x4 bricks. To me, this sort of contradict that way of thinking. In the end, innovation is not just inventing new parts for fun (or profit), it is just as much creating new constructions using the parts that are already available. This is something we see daily in the AFOL community - something I love to see and keeps me amazed.
  5. My point is not whether this is a useful element, it will be, no doubt. I just think it isn't out of kindness towards AFOL's but rather a tactic to keep the income flowing. That is of course one way to run a business - I just find it a bit irritating that it's most like profit that drives this. As for the pin-with-pinhole, I don't really see the comparison with the perpendicular beams. For me that part is more an extension, allowing adding pin attachements where it would not otherwise be possible. The perpendicular beam radically changes the internal constructions - which to me not necessarily is a good thing as it makes it hard to reuse our existing parts without having to buy (initially) expensive and hard-to-find parts if we what to achieve similar builds as the official.
  6. I consider this is deliberate tactic from LEGO to include just a small number of new parts, to "force" AFOL's to buy the new sets, even though they already have the other 99% of the parts in storage. I my view there is no real reason for perpendicular beams. Yes, they make some builds easier, but all of it can be realised without these beams. Just look at for instance 42043, which in many ways could be compared to this new model. That said, I must complement on a very thorough review. It is a joy to read :-)
  7. @nico71 Very nice model of that Ford, I'm actually considering getting a second 42115 just to make this :-) You mention “muddy” shape tires. Could you possible post one or two pictures of the model with such tires?
  8. I've had the same problem for the last couple of hours. Have no idea how to fix it, other forums work just fine.
  9. The official site has instructions for another of the 1:8 CaDA Master series models (C61041W by Thijs de Boer) here so it it may very well be on purpose, though not very consistent. At least they share the full instructions for other sets, not just corrections for errors in the prints.
  10. TLG is listening to forums such as this as we constitute a significant customer base. But whether they choose to act on this and find a compromise that releases the set in some way and satisfy their rules at the same time is another question. Still, I cannot understand how this product can get so far in production without this problem with TLG own rules gets addressed. This must cost TLG millions just in expenses for design, production, shipment and recall. Not to consider how much of the product is going to be destroyed/recycled with environmental impacts.
  11. We are the customers, not the anti-war group i Germany that got this canceled. We, as customer, where not heard before the decision was made. We are going to pay for a set like this and provide income for LEGO, opposed to LEGO scraping all the produced sets. If enough people sign and show their support for this product, LEGO have to listen. But it will take a lot of pressure. They may never release it as originally intended, but even a modified version, for instance with different branding, will make at least me happy. And I guess a lot of other LEGO entusiasts. So let's keep the pressure on LEGO to find a better solution that just scrapping this. I have signed and hope many other AFOLs will too.
  12. Actually the Chiron's is 3200 in Denmark (Porsche was 2600 for comparison). From the € pricing I was expecting the Lambo to be at least 3300 in Denmark, so I'm quite surprised. And fearing that it is a typo that gets corrected before they open up for purchasing
  13. You're right. For a minute the arches seemed smaller compared with the curved panels. But looking closely I see my mistake :-)
  14. Nice build. Is this made with genuine LEGO parts and if so, how did you get the wheel arches white (paint, sanding the print off)?
  15. The instructions for 42096 are online on LEGO sites now: