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  1. jensrodi

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Not sure if it's allow to post links here, but just Google "lego 21344" for images from the last 24 hours, it comes up as one of the first.
  2. I wonder if it is the same Kasper Hansen that did a 1:8 scale Audi R8 as a C model to the 42056 some years ago. He teased it and mentioned doing instructions but unfortunately they where never published - probably not completed. I actually got an additional 42056 just for doing that C model and it's been waiting on the shelf ever since.
  3. Details now available on the official site:
  4. I cannot find it in the app store either. Luckily I have it installed on some of my devices. I would hope this just is a matter of the app needing an update and that it will appear again. Maybe there is a change to some policies in the app store that require the app to be resubmitted.
  5. Sorry, I messed up, really need a vacation to clear the mind. You are completely right. It does need to rotate. Still a brilliant "misuse" of the LA - and yes, I did see this in other designs previously. Never got around to building a model with this but considering doing a second Porsche 42056 in blue and incorporating as many improvements like this paddle shifter as possible.
  6. If the yellow #1 connector is fixed, so it doesn't rotate (i.e. having an axle going though connector and the LA fixtures), the LA will not extend/retract on rotation. Instead the builtin clutch in the LA will absorb the rotation thus keeping the LA at the same length no matter the rotation. It's actually a quite ingenious way of using the LA.
  7. At first glance I assumed this to match up with the previous models, like the 42125 Ferrari, but that’s not the case (?) What scale is this supposed to be?
  8. Strange, to me the front arches look like a recolor of 42125 Ferrari and the back arches the similar older type with a straight top.
  9. I can see that it also has been removed from Jeroens personal site so I guess I was just real lucky to get it while it was available. One can only guess as to why it had to go, probably legal reasons perhaps... Really sad if that the case.
  10. Did this build revently, fantastic model 😀. Just noticed it’s gone on rebrickable, how come? Are other of your models going to disappear as well?
  11. I've also been looking for this for a while, regret very much that I waited to get the instructions. I did not consider that the designer would ever pull this incredible design from Rebrickable, really very sad. And there is not much we can do, I guess, but if you find a way to get the instructions please let me know. I did notice that the designer is credited for a new set from CADA: The C61048 Koenigsegg Jesko Fantasma, in some respects similar to this moc. Personally I would not buy that, the brick quality is not that good, but I've noticed that CADA make instructions public after a couple of months. I know they use special non-lego parts to some extend, but I'm hoping to build around that and maybe be able to reconstruct this model using the CADA as a base. Just an idea.
  12. This looks simply amazing. Not only have you created a detailed 1:8 scale car. It also replicates the looks of the real car closely - and to top it of, done using only a subset of the 42115 parts. I wish I had the ingenuity - and time - to do such models my self. I will most definitely take on this model as soon as I get the time and a spare 42115
  13. Understandable - and very sad that some people have no respect. Makes me really regret I didn't just buy the instructions right away instead of waiting until I had a reasonable amount of the parts needed. Was looking forward to the very unique door mechanism on this car. I can only hope that another designer comes up with a similar Koenigsegg model, though probably unlikely
  14. I've been looking at this on and off for a while, considered buying instructions to build it - never got around to it and now it has disappeared from Rebrickable. Anybody now what happened and if the instructions are available elsewhere?
  15. Sure, it is a form of innovation, but for what purpose. For me, the core essence of LEGO, is the huge amount of possibilities you have with very few parts, which I think was one of the original ideas with the brick. Wasn't it quite recently LEGO ran adds which highlighted that the insane number of combinations you could achieve with just a few 2x4 bricks. To me, this sort of contradict that way of thinking. In the end, innovation is not just inventing new parts for fun (or profit), it is just as much creating new constructions using the parts that are already available. This is something we see daily in the AFOL community - something I love to see and keeps me amazed.