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    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Amazing looking set, great details everywhere except that are modular houses shrinking in psf (per square feet) as the year goes by? The piece count are all consumed by the small plates and details while overall room/building size have shrinked to a new height..
  2. Maxxum Town

    Skyscraper related threads or sub-forum?

    Firstly Thanks for all the positive replies and guides as it seems like lesser interest on mini scale skyscrapers of size in between mini fig & architecture scale size. I have seen quite a bit of such builds of around 1 brick height per level in Legoland, Toys R Us on some iconic skyscrapers around 70-150cm height scale. But seldom seen Anyone build one here. Guess perhaps the lack of playability being one possible reason as compared to modular moc.
  3. Just wondering where do I find posts, discussion and MOCs on skyscrapers, example AFOL or modders doing Empire State Building, Burj Kalifa, etc in a bigger scale than the Architecture Series? Hope I'm not missing something here..Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Maxxum Town

    Help to identify imitation Lego bricks

    Appreciate the kind replies. Learn something new about such antique brick print and on the ring. This ought to be the worst "used purchase" I encountered as some LEGO parts are very dirty with obvious stains as I need to wash and clean up a dozen odd pieces. Will avoid this seller for 1x1 bricks in future. Once again thank you for the nice replies and useful information.
  5. Hi guys, I have recently bought some parts from a bricklink seller in US, was shocked to discover some rip-off imitation bricks were mixed into the items sent to me under "used brick". Can anyone help me identify which looks genuine? Top row are what I deem as obvious fake. On the lower row, some comes with a round protruding ring on the "LEGO" while some doesn't. Anyone can help as I am very helpless in identifying or differentiating the difference
  6. Maxxum Town

    MOC Grand Corner (Modulair Building)

    It's beautiful :) I especially love the balcony behind...very useful space created of the void..