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  1. I cannot believe asking question gets someone so fired up. Pathetic. Sorry, lesson learned. Asking innocent question not welcomed. I will see myself out. Thanks. __________________ Thank you very much. I thought (hoped) there would be physical levers on the toy somewhere as alternative to remote control. my bad.
  2. on the back of the box (pictures published by lego.com) there is "alternative controls" with lever - does anybody know if that means phone is not the only control system? will there be normal "screen free" way of playing with it? thanks
  3. well, given the scale, this is quite impressive. I like the colours, shaping, proportions, several clever details. i like this one.
  4. I said it looks great from the front. I will wait for more info. So far, I will pass. I can change my opinion with more info later on. lets agree to disagree :-)
  5. wheels are too small, tires look way too off-road, recycled rims are cheap solution, proportions are wrong, it looks great from 3/4 front angle and looks poorly from most of other angles, I do not know, I think lego is not trying hard at all lately.
  6. hydraulic? really? like fluids in the cylinder? if that is the case that is the most exciting news.
  7. I did not know the DFK-VK. I made my homework now, I apologise. I should have done it earlier. I did not know. However I think their agenda is naive and stupid.
  8. these are cheap argument fauls sentence 1 - that is not due to deployment (false claim), setence 2 - there is no proof, sentence 3 - it is not the companies who causes... (false claim). but the petition should not be argument with DFG-VK (newly established NGO with no background - I think of 2 people) - the argument is not the point. It is not who wins the argument will decide about 42113 Lego set. All we want to say is that there is strong group of people who do not find Lego Osprey offensive and we want it and we want us to make our decision about buying it. "dear Lego, osprey is OK, we think "rescue service" is enough to make it civil and enough to cut it from military background and we want it, thank you" That is all.
  9. Dear Lego, Dear TLG, I am writing about today's hot topic when 2 (I repeat two!) guys protested in Berlin against upcoming 42113 V-22 Osprey. Please, do not bend down in front of very vocal voice of 2 (I repeat two) self-appointed guardians of other people's life values (we get that a lot nowadays). Stand by your product. Release the set for public. Let the public make their own decision. People know best what is good for them and what is not. Unfortunately we live more and more in society where very tiny and often very loud groups (group of 2 in this case) claim the right to decide what is good and what is not good (or evil) for all the other people. All they actually claim is the freedom. It is not a military aircraft, you made it civil aircraft by redesigning it for rescue service. Very similar way as you did with 42066 set, which is fighet jet, but it was redesigned to be "civil". Nobody was offended by that. You produced the Technic set that showed the cutting edge technologies from aerospace industry. VTOL capable airplane. Osprey should be same story.Bell V-22 Osprey is marvel of engineering, triumph of creativity, knowledge and skills of its designers, engineers, creators. Huge amount of brainpower went into designing such a incredible flying machine. It is the achievement of mankind, that we (as humans) can produce such a incredible machines. I strongly believe this is something that must comply with Lego values and Technic mission. Dear Lego, please do not let shouting group of 2 to ruin something for thousands and thousands. We get that a lot nowadays. Cancel culture is spreading through the society like cancer and it only reminds me of guillotines that drowns initially good intention of revolution in its own blood. Do not open this Pandora's box, next time tiny group (e.g. 2) will protest mining machines quoting environmental reasons and this can continue further and further. Please release the Osprey for public. Thank you. this is what I wrote to TLG, English is not my language, but I hope it will be one of many messages. I will support the petition.
  10. Lynx - powered by Leibherr :-)
  11. so the global company can be tilted, threatened and turned upside down by 2 hipsters: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-42113-technic-osprey-dfg-vk/105350/ literally 2. And TLG falls apart with fear, because 2 guys protested. Two! weird world we live in.
  12. by default probably not at all, but since LEGO and Bell got a licence agreement, it is not that easy for TLG to just lets drop the licence, erase the logo from the box and go. i f they did it like that from beginning, simply designing the tilt rotor aircraft, that would be ok.But they took Bell onboard, got the contract, so now they certainly cannot just back out from it and go ahead without licence.