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  1. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I read the article on brickset just now. Industry 4.0 is the answer. There is no need nowadays to have anybody to put the bags in the boxes, to fold the boxes etc. Lego production is typical example of enterprise that can profit greatly from robotical production. It takes big investment but it is possible to make stuff like Lego makes virtually without human touch. Also, my personal opinion, Lego has shifted too much to luxury, rpices of the sets that used to be consider top-end are now mid-range, current top-end sets cost money like nobody would be asking for not such a long time ago (please do not bring per piece counting - that is true), but was there 800usd set 8y ago? There is too much ultimate, limited, collection, licence. Lego is aiming too high, while mid-range and entry level is IMO neglected. Dear Lego, bring back Lego to the kids and you will be fine. Buying b-day present for 200$ is big question for lots of parents. Buying 3 boxes per year for 70$ is not so difficult. Do you catch my drift? edit: And those who can't (or do not want to) spend 200$ will get happily good set for 50$ if such a thing exist, which is better then if they do not buy anything. But I feel like current smaller sets (I do not mean Technic exclusively- but all Lego production) scream "cheapo", which is shame, those are the sets where design and cleverness of creators should be implemented the most, but (IMO) development at Lego focus mostly on the top, top, top, ultimate sets that maybe impress and build the brand, but will not clock the most revenue. edit 2: but I might be wrong
  2. oh, cool! I did not know it existed at all. That will do for Mack dog! @dimaks13 solved it.
  3. I would bet you are right. If they have some new car in the sleeves, that would make the most sense to make Lego version of that. And the most crutial question now: is there going to be a dog on the hood? Which one? There is city dog which is wrong breed, and there is Duplo dog which is totally wrong scale. New Bulldog mold?
  4. Couldn't be 24375 part from 42069 used to block the holes in the hull and make sailboat floating?
  5. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Apollo available for orders! Those of us who missed first batch (me included), have their 2nd chance now, maybe last one.
  6. do you think sailboat is catamaran or single hull? possible functions - pardon my incorrect sailing terminology: Rudders, sails direction, sails folding (reel), folding keel?
  7. I think we do not understand each other. I am absolutely not questioning your right to have even the most negative opinion. Absolutely not. I am neither non-critical fanboy who wows everything that LEGO makes. examples: I do not like that there are so many colours (non only in Technic, everywhere - I think the breaks visual consistency of Lego) I think 2 of each colours would be plenty, I do not like when models relies on stickers to achieve their visual design goals, I do not like there are differences in instructions qualities and standards between models, I absolutelly hate how "lazy" Lego is nowadays (when I was a kid Legoland house wall was made from bricks, now single piece which will always be just a wall. The most "offensive" to me are current planes, helicopters and trains. Look at City plane now where half of the fuselage is one part and 4studs wide planes from Legoland from 80s. Old ones were made from relatively non-specialized bricks. Current passenger train is half of its body from 1 piece. That is criminal IMO. I also do not like how Lego openly violent is at some themes - superheros, StarWars - I know money talks, anything labeled StarWars or Marvel will sell regardless what it is, but there are sets I would NOT buy to my kids. If I take catalog from old times, I would happily buy all. I am not in "we must not criticize" "Lego group. At all. Now my point: I am not questioning THAT you have such a opinion, I am puzzled HOW you got to that opinion. Why? because these pics were prelim, you did not see the sets in final form, you did not see it in "action" to judge the functions. I think it is just premature to judge it or dismiss it. That is all. Maybe even these smaller sets are really clever, maybe they are just like 42070....or worse edit: I liked those prelim sets, they looks promising and idea of sailboat is exciting for me
  8. Wow, you can really judge a lot from 2 tiny blurry prelim pictures. You did not see the final set yet and you know it is bad, crap etc and you can compare their functions with already known sets.
  9. this is the only acceptable blue, it was the best (and only) in 70s and 80s, it is still the best (sadly not the only one) now. case closed, you are welcome.
  10. do you realize not all the set can be (nor should be) flagships? There must be smaller cheaper simpler sets. Because there must be a price range from something to something, there must be products targeting different audience, from relatively young kids to adults (where kids are always the main focus, since LEGO is toy). It can't be all 3000parts. Sorry for stating the obvious, but it gets so easily forgotten.
  11. Rally car has right kind of blue panels!!" 42042 blue. Yeaaah!!! (ok, no more shouting here). Hovercraft looks excellent. Sailboat is amazing (concept, idea), execution (picture way too small to see much) is secondary for me now. fire-SUV is nice too. I might be buying these smaller sets which I usally leave. I like it, I like it, I like what I did not see (obviously - nothing to see anywhere) Dear Lego designers, (I know you read this) pat yourself on the back.
  12. Thank you. ("you" means nobody specific )
  13. if someone can make happen that I will see something I am not supposed to see yet (e.g. PM me) I will deny that it ever happened. Thank you.
  14. - you are not allowed to use Lego logo. At all. (they do not want any confusion with any official sets etc) - you should add "LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site". (replace word site with "instructions" or "instructions and model they depict") source: https://www.lego.com/en-us/legal/legal-notice/fair-play - if you sell instructions of something you designed using Lego bricks, there is no reason it should be illegal. - if you sell instructions of something someone has IP in it (e.g. Mercedes), it is not legal, since e.g. toy manufacturers pay licences to the IP owners (e.g. Lego pays Disney for StarWars stuff). But in the real world, you are probably fish too small, for Disney or Mercedes to sue you (they would ask you to stop). - if your income is taxable it depends on your country's law.
  15. if you put this on rebrickable as MOC, how many likes would it get?