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  1. Thank you. Thank you. It is especially nice to hear from builder like you.
  2. Sulphur-Chrested Cockatoo

    I really like your style, that you do not hide the bricks, not hiding the edges and studs. It is visually how I am used to LEGO to look. It looks great.
  3. Battleship HRM

    how is the hull even possible? would you please show some pictures of inside or when it was only partially built?
  4. Thank you all. Thanks. Several times, some unit, mechanism I considered before as "final" I completely redesigned later. Sometimes I was missing the parts. Wait for "leftover parts" pictures, you will see, some of the important ones I used all. I put it upside down on the table, or hook it up. During building I used to take apart the wings to make it easier to work with. Thank you. I truly appreciate comment from you. Thank you. I truly appreciate comment from you. Thank you. I think it was important for the realistic look. The shape was not so hard, what was tricky was to accommodate the ailerons and flaps and its mechanics into the profile. ______________________________________ I really appreciate and value the positive feedback. Please wait for the proper pictures and video (I know I said it before). Thank you.
  5. Thank you. Instructions: yes, at some point. Wings bending: yes, but IMO to the acceptable level. it is trade of between accuracy of the design, functionality and proportions. Since I wanted to achieve correct wingspan (means really big) and I did not wanted the wings to be too thick (which would look bad) I had to find the happy medium. Flaps and ailerons work smoothly. On the real sailplanes wings bend too - a lot (on purpose), here the bending is limited. I spent quite some time getting it right. You can pick it up a play with it. Mainly making the wings-fuselage connection as strong as possible (which I consider achieved) was important. And difficult because in the "core" of the plane there is wheel, levers and rod to operate rudder and elevator - its connection to the cockpit, levers that open the canopy, gearing for the ailerons etc. Crammed inside of the fuselage? Oh, yes, it is full. And most if it is moving, so it needs space between elements to avoid collisions. Please, be patient for more details and video (I will do my best). Previous videos were just handheld, 1 cut, 1 take, no editing, no music. I would like to do something bit better this time.
  6. Hi, I would like to present my next C-MODEL model. This time it is made from 42025 (cargo plane) SAILPLANE GLIDER Designed completely computer-free method. Just building, un-building, rebuilding. It took me over the year. But I had few periods when I did not touch it for several months or many weeks. For now, there is only very few pictures, you can call it a teaser. Video showing details and functions, complete description, and many pictures will come soon. Features: COMPLETE FLIGHT CONTROLS -working ailerons (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working elevators (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working rudder (controlled by the working pedals in the cockpit) -working flaps (controlled by the lever in the cockpit) -fully retractable landing gear (1 central wheel) (controlled by the knob on the side) -fully open-able and close-able landing gear bay (controlled by the lever under the fuselage) -open-able canopy (controlled by the lever on the side under the wings) - correct T shape tail - only 7 studs wide fuselage! - only 2 studs thick wings! - winglets - tail wheel. - structurally sound and rigid, wings are somewhat flexible (but still very playable) but I guess it is only accurate: No motorized functions - I thought it would be odd to put motor into something that is by definition motor/engineless - (I know there are self propelled sailplanes, but this one is not it) It is totally full, very packed and dense MOC. It is not a simple build. It assumes the builder is experienced technicman/technicwoman. It is huge - see with 42055 as reference: I hope you like it. More to come "hopefully" soon.
  7. it just courtesy and decency thing. simple as that. there is going to be "please do not take pictures" policy, so I will not. simple as that. and 99,9% will do the same. but as you said, we are humans, there will be 0,1% who will and internet will do the rest.
  8. If the instructions start with the bottle and ship is build afterwards inside, I will buy it. Otherwise I will pass. Original was much better looking.
  9. if you are (lets say) purchase manager of big retail chain, be sure, you will have all the info you need, even pictures if needed. but nobody needs to be allowed to take snapshots with their iphone for that purpose. It is nothing weird, there are many other trade-fairs that have nothing to do with toys and same policy about pictures, cameras etc. It is common. And mostly it is respected.
  10. Spielwarenmesse is about business. Wholesales, distribution, production, etc. It is not about introducing products to public. Deal with it. (I am industrial designer working in toy industry)
  11. 280 of them are 1stud round "water" parts.
  12. I sure do like it. It is brilliant! Bravo!
  13. Thank you. There is lots of sense in what you say. I hope it is not a car. There was a car recently (far from perfect), still on sale. If there is some exclusive "above the flagship/flapship" status set, I hope it would be something "notcar".
  14. and is it "certain" it is actually a car? where is this information from? I might miss something.
  15. you have like 6 months to buy/build bigger house.