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  1. green and yellow beams in the chassis. I do not like it. lots of asymmetrical panels (I mean without Left/Right counterpart), I do not like it. part of the parts list missing, cropped, but even what I saw is ok. still I like the set very much.
  2. looking at the side profile, I really like how back of the superstructure is elevated and black stripe on the side is continued along this profile. That is really cool design detail.
  3. that is probably true, because they might not be lego people, but they are car people who wrench real cars perhaps. will it stop them from buying next UC technic car? my point is (probably i said it clumsy way) that these listed "issues" people complaint here about will not harm the sales. IMO.
  4. sell it for same price as BWE (same part count) (minus for PF in BWE plus license = 0) and I am OK with all the shortcomings. ___________________ I think we are missing big picture. I think most of UC car customers are not Technic people, those are car people, maybe not even lego fans, just guys who loves cars, cannot afford real 911 (real Bugatti either) and their wife buys this as a gift. This is the typical purchase story, IMO. These people do not give a .... anything...about functions, comparison with other technic models, they will build it, put on the shelf/coffee table and that is it. you who are going to modify it, improve it, looking for imperfections, build derived versions etc. you are minority (IMO)
  5. Great, thanks for info,, because I am buying the red crane, I am not buying the Chiron (I like it, but it does very little - because it is car and cars are inherently low on functions - IMO, and I am not interested in fancy box (I would recycle it anyway in paper container) and display value is zero value for me, I build and rebuild and dismantle and build again, I do not use lego as dust colletors :-) Do not get me wrong, I like it, I really do, but I am just not the right audience to buy it) These parts on the other hand are brilliant, and I am really looking forward to that 90deg ring, the best new part from Lego in years, total winner for me.
  6. I like the new gearbox parts. especially that 90deg shift ring. I hope they will be in other sets too.
  7. I think the rear wing is going to be adjustable and it will fold away.
  8. I hope it is 2way gearbox like 42042.
  9. I am not sure about the overlapping panels on the crane, but the crane is going to be bought when the prices drops a little. There is a lot I like there even with one official picture. With others it is too soon for me to dismiss them, but also not sure if I would want them.
  10. that is wonderful! I really like how cleverly you use the panels. On the 1st sight I though it is much bigger, only after few seconds I noticed the scale. The shaping is totally brilliant. I like the 1st colouring better.
  11. Get Volvo, get it while you can, and if you can get the good price, it is no-brainer. you have like 1,5-2years to get the forest harvester (and wait for discount).
  12. HOF material. Seriously. I admire when people build something super clever, super cool and thought-through-and-through in small scale or limited part counts. It is not always (for me) about building huge and wonderful with unlimited resources. This is the pinnacle of Technic building. This is better than most of the official sets of this size. HOF.
  13. import tax is one thing, but there is also VAT that custom officers will collect (if you are in EU) ___________________________ Anyway, this is also interesting experiment for lego "investors", because there is value (lego tend to grow over the years). but there is also other thing "investors" often forget about,and that is liquidity (and that is very poor for Lego, IMO) I hope this case will prove me wrong about liquidity of lego.
  14. I have a friend, who has a friend and he has a girlfriend, who used to go to school with the guy who knows the guy, who has an uncle with a camera...
  15. I will be there in Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse for 3 days (work) starting tomorrow. I am not gonna take some sneak pictures (I am good boy), but I am gonna have a look, that is certain (if it is there displayed at all).