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  1. - you are not allowed to use Lego logo. At all. (they do not want any confusion with any official sets etc) - you should add "LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site". (replace word site with "instructions" or "instructions and model they depict") source: https://www.lego.com/en-us/legal/legal-notice/fair-play - if you sell instructions of something you designed using Lego bricks, there is no reason it should be illegal. - if you sell instructions of something someone has IP in it (e.g. Mercedes), it is not legal, since e.g. toy manufacturers pay licences to the IP owners (e.g. Lego pays Disney for StarWars stuff). But in the real world, you are probably fish too small, for Disney or Mercedes to sue you (they would ask you to stop). - if your income is taxable it depends on your country's law.
  2. if you put this on rebrickable as MOC, how many likes would it get?
  3. I think B-model instructions will not be ready for download before official release which is 1 August. That being said Lego sometimes has delays with B-model instructions release. <complaint to Lego> I would prefer printed B-model instructions anyway </complaint to Lego>
  4. When I saw it for the 1st time, I thought...nothing...it did not leave any impression, any likeness, any dislike, any interest, nothing. Complete miss with me. Uninteresting neutral indifference. Now I am 180deg opposite. I really like it. And it is very interesting for me. It is still super odd vehicle, but good odd. I am not such a fan about decorating Technic with system bricks accessories (jerrycans, fire extinguisher, shovel), it is very very sticker heavy. I would prefer white+purple or full purple. But this is splitting hair. I like it. As a typical late adopter, and someone who is really behind with my building plans, I will not get it any time soon, but I will get it later. Even colour coding is tuned down. @Jim Thank you very much for the review. Your standard - which means extremely excellent review. 360deg is supercool, I would like to see more of these (BTW: how do you do it? I know how to render something like that in 3D but I never did it for "real picture")
  5. Thank you! (I was asking Jim about this in the review discussion, but he had the stickers already on the car). I really appreciate this picture. Thanks.
  6. That is cool! Very original and funny. I like it.
  7. [MOC] Dog

    Amazing. This is the visual quality I like the most. (I am not huge fan of covering everything with tiles and snoting everything and hidding the studs as the main goal). This is the most "legoistic" look and I think it is perfect.
  8. Thank you Sariel, for great (as always) review. I like it. I have so little red technic pieces it is actually (for me) cool part donor. - I do not like yellow and orange and blue beams in the steering mechanism (pointless) and silly for potential Cmodels. - it would be better if the gearbox did not select what it does, but by adding 1 more shifting mechanism and 1 "reverse" shaft it would change the direction (like 42055 of 42042 gearboxes), then it would work much better when motorized. I am not sure about "decorating" the technic sets with accessories from system/city world. And it looks like a trend (42064, this, 42069). Generator does not do anything, just like bag in porsche.
  9. Thank you, Sariel, for yet another excellent review. looking at the video of building I guess I know the answer, but anyway: Do you by any chance have any pictures without stickers? Thanks.
  10. Thank you for excellent review. - why orange parts in the chassis? why yellow there too? (silly for C-modelability) - why grey beam in the crane among all red? Jim, please do you have any pictures without stickers? Thank you
  11. really sweet! I like it.
  12. @Sariel Thank you very much for review. Top as always. to all: Price of the set is not determined by the amount of parts, amount of PF. Lego just sets the price as high as they think they will make desirable amount of sales, knowing that they are in such a strong market position they do not need to push their products, they are limited by their production capacity. They are lovebrand and they know it. Look at Apollo, sold out within a week, if they had the price double, they would be sold out anyway. Look at Star Wars, they can put together anything, drop in few minifigs and charge anything and it will be popular. With us Technic AFOLs it is not much different. Lego can produce sets with obvious faults and unfinished designs and we will be buying that and doing "wow". Like Porsche. I thought 42030 was too expensive (silly me - now). I prefer design philosophy where there is 1 motor and complicated gearbox over many motors each doing 1 thing (that is why I left 42030) 42070 is somehow halfway, and so am I about it. If it will be available later for much less, I might start thinking about it. I am not bothered by outdoor performance, I never take Lego outdoors, BUT I really think it is sort of ugly duckling and some of the areas are done "shortcut" and "cheapo" way. And it bugs me. With some sets I am thinking about Lego: "wow, they really put it some effort and cleverness to make it so good and keep the price reasonable" . But with 42070, judging from the review and some pictures from Jim, I feel like it is other way round "it will cost this, it will be big, we have to design it accordingly...well..not really..it does not matter, they will swallow that" disclaimer: I missed Apollo (too late), I did not get Porsche (will not - me no likey)
  13. 3hour supper? you must be hungry no seriously, take you time, I feel like we are pressurizing you Thank you! nearly 400 pages. Interesting.
  14. 87080 and 87086 panels will be available in purple. they are in 41239 (I saw in on brickset.com). I wonder if it is the same purple as 42069.