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  1. that is wonderful! I really like how cleverly you use the panels. On the 1st sight I though it is much bigger, only after few seconds I noticed the scale. The shaping is totally brilliant. I like the 1st colouring better.
  2. Get Volvo, get it while you can, and if you can get the good price, it is no-brainer. you have like 1,5-2years to get the forest harvester (and wait for discount).
  3. HOF material. Seriously. I admire when people build something super clever, super cool and thought-through-and-through in small scale or limited part counts. It is not always (for me) about building huge and wonderful with unlimited resources. This is the pinnacle of Technic building. This is better than most of the official sets of this size. HOF.
  4. import tax is one thing, but there is also VAT that custom officers will collect (if you are in EU) ___________________________ Anyway, this is also interesting experiment for lego "investors", because there is value (lego tend to grow over the years). but there is also other thing "investors" often forget about,and that is liquidity (and that is very poor for Lego, IMO) I hope this case will prove me wrong about liquidity of lego.
  5. I have a friend, who has a friend and he has a girlfriend, who used to go to school with the guy who knows the guy, who has an uncle with a camera...
  6. I will be there in Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse for 3 days (work) starting tomorrow. I am not gonna take some sneak pictures (I am good boy), but I am gonna have a look, that is certain (if it is there displayed at all).
  7. to be fair, that is not real heritage, that is bought one. (unlike Mercedes, you mentioned, that has continuity). Bugatti started dying in 1947 (after Ettore died) and went total bankrupt in 1952 (last car type 101 was based on pre-war chassis and engine and was obsolete before it was born). Several attempt to revive in 60s were not successful. 1987-1995 revived in Italy (also ended in bankruptcy) since 1998 under VW. How much is current VW's Bugatti in connection to the original (apart from the badge) is questionable. Being the pinnacle of car world, that might be the connection, but continuity is not there.
  8. @Blakbird before you sell, split it, perhaps make an event. I mean something like invite photographers, youtubers. Make a proper documentation. Throw a farewell party, show, exhibition. Maybe...
  9. also it has 4 wheels, just like your corolla. basically you own almost chiron.
  10. it all comes to LEGO's decision what is ultimate technic car product line supposed to be. a) technical pinnacle of what is possible in Technic with price to match, aimed mostly at builders and technical audience. b) collectors item, and shelf queens to look good on the coffee table, aimed mostly at collectors who will build it once and wait for next one. both are valid and business viable options, but we should not judge it from a) point of view, if LEGO aims at b) (or visa versa)
  11. Chiron is the most expensive production road legal car. That is the key feature to be recreated in LEGO. seriously: 16cylinder engine, 4wd, active aero. And that is about it.
  12. if these RRP are correct, I think it is fair to say, LEGO calmed down (put wet clothes on the forehead) after 2017 (especially 42070). Considering waiting just a few months (or weeks) usually allows you to buy way under RRP, to pay like 160-180eur for 4000+ 42082 crane or aproxx sub 100eur for Forrest Harvestor does not seems unreasonable.
  13. Toy Fair starts tomorrow, press conference today. LEGO does not want to share the spotlight.
  14. Thank you. Really nice review (as always).
  15. that actually makes lots of sense