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  1. J_C

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    once upon the time in the near future: "A" typing on the internet: "I do not like this set from lego, too many stickers, too much colours...(add anything) " "A" two days later on the internet again: "my 42100 does not work, it says app has been blocked...what to do? " (sarcams alert - or maybe not)
  2. IMO: - it looks great, I agree better than the real one - I agree totally about the mudguard! thank you Sariel for pointing that out. (I feel sort of the same about the shovels on loader, excavators etc.) - one thing that was not mentioned (I did not notice anybody to mention that) (and to me it is total head scratch-er) why on earth there is a knob for the winch in the engine bay under the bonnet? (I know - it is close - but it is totally illogical place) Playing scenario (I know it is playing, not real life situation): your car (toy) gets stuck and you need to winch it out, you gotta open the bonnet....? as a kid, that would spoil my play) - I agree the gearbox in motor-less car is pointless. - I am not excited about yet another colour (which will probably never appear again) - interior is superb - looks overpowered functions (which is not exactly the praise at Technic) - I do not like the system "decorations" like boxes (or filters on 42100) - I am not fan of the trend - I sort of agree on tires with LEGO since probably very few defenders will ever leave the tarmac and will be mostly used in city centres or for taking kids to school - again it is "display queen" (which is not exactly the praise in my books) - it looks great (I already mentioned, but it looks so great, it can be mentioned twice) - it seems like everything is well thought through and everything works IMO
  3. J_C

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    thanks for video. it looks great, but it seems so sloooow and jerky. maybe if it would not be so enormous in size it would be much better, considering it can "only" do what 8043 can do to, I hope its size is not its own enemy. I am afraid it might be. I would be happier with smaller scale and better performance. I am very curious about Sariel's review. So far I really do not like it is "screen" operated, if there would be manual option it would be big plus for me (like either or - play with it either way you want). maybe Sariel will do "strip down" light version without decoration of tubes, and "filters" and will tell us it is faster and smoother if just the core is built. Maybe that might be my project, to build it reduced to minimum and thus lighter. I am still not decided if I am excited or disappointed with this set. Maybe I am both. Is it possible?
  4. J_C

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    Ferdinand Piƫch would approve this. That is really cool.
  5. J_C

    42098 - Car Transporter

    stickers graphic is so 80s. (could be good thing for someone maybe)
  6. J_C

    Mini Spider Crane

    This is just awesome! Brilliant.
  7. J_C

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I know, I am not beginner with children. Trust and responsibility is always good parenting strategy. "you can use my iphone, but I need it for work, so treat it accordingly and you are not allowed to do anything else with it, just lego app, otherwise there will be no more leibherr" "yes, daddy, I get it" As I said before, not a big deal really
  8. J_C

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    yes (internet) and no. it is not a big deal really, but it is another argument on the kids side in "dad, we need an iphone too" discussion.
  9. J_C

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I am not excited about the phone control. I have a smartphone, but we as a family try to limit screen time for children. Lego is one of the non-screen activity my children do (among skiing, reading, cycling, fishing, judo, dancing etc) but now Lego will be screen time. they do not have smart phones of their own. When it comes to technic I build and I MOC, they play. With system they mostly built and play very little, usually stuff get rebuild quickly. so Leibherr playing time will be screen time. Far from perfect from Lego. IMO. (I am buying the Leibherr), this complain is just complain not a deal-breaker.
  10. J_C

    42100 - Still a toy?

    I have more expensive fishing rods. I think it is a toy. I even think it is toy even for kids (obviously not 5yo), but it is. Is it for everyone? of course not. I skipped the Porsche, I skipped the Bugatti - IMO both ridiculosly expensive for what they are, even at some "amazon discount" price. I did not buy Technic set since H2 2016, because there was not anything I would feel like I "need" or the price/like ratio was poor or very poor. But I will buy Leibherr 9800, even at this price I will get one. price/like performance is good, even at this price. it is all relative.
  11. J_C

    42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer

    sounds good, I hope you are right
  12. J_C

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    tracked loader is brilliant!!! that is 100% sold on me. This is what technic should be. the best set since 2016 (IMO). for the rest, I am either not an audience (which is ok), or I am not impressed at all (Porsche statue - not like that - as a Technic set it is just wrong. As a Creator that would be ok, borderline cool)
  13. J_C

    New LEGO Forma

    why is the targeted to adults? 6yo would get bored with it in 30minutes (that includes 15minutes of building). maybe I underestimate the aging hipsters market and its desire to buy knick knacks and dust-collectors, but I just do not understand this. This does not bring anything over conventional LEGO, neither for adults nor for children.
  14. This is the best argument to get 42056 so far! Brilliant!