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  1. Thanks for posting! So no magnets (yay) but not seeing any special pieces to justify the ridiculous price. I’ll still buy it though lol.
  2. Here is the video that completes the teaser from last week. Lego Tweet
  3. $700 seems very expensive for 75252 and inconsistent with other rumors ($499.99).
  4. First reported in a MandR Productions video. A lot of people were skeptical, but now figures are leaking on certain social media platforms that appear to confirm the set. Doesn’t sound like it is large enough to be a D2C/MBS set, but that is still unclear.
  5. Since I’m guessing the apparent Vader's Castle set is not coming out in the next three months, any idea when the 2019 thread will open up?
  6. More rumblings on IG that the Vader Castle rumor is legit.
  7. No need for Boba if you have the UCS Slave I. My top four picks would be Lando, Bespin Leia, Bespin Luke and Hoth Han (just for the pants).
  8. jhoya

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yea, way to alienate the most hardcore customers.
  9. jhoya

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Don’t want to pile on, but there is a Gryffindor Common Room in 71043. It is across from the library and behind a sticker of the fat lady. There are some things I don’t love about the set (WAY too many stickers), but as a display piece it looks fantastic. It overshadows the Orthanc and Disney Castle I have it next to. It rivals the UCS Falcon as the most impressive set I have. Don’t really understand the hate. They are coming out with minifig scale sets or get the 2011 set. It seems to have want you want. Also, if you are the biggest HP fan, I’m still guessing you’re in Slytherin 😉.
  10. A little disappointed they didn’t update Han in carbonite for the new hair piece.
  11. https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Betrayal-at-Cloud-City-75222
  12. jhoya

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    You were able to deduce that it was micro scale after nano figures leaked. That doesn’t exactly make you Sherlock Holmes. Also, the large tower off the Great Hall is the Main Staircase Tower, not the Gryffindor Tower, which is different.
  13. jhoya

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I could see them adding a few more sets to the system scale castle but it won’t be anywhere close to complete. First, the two components we already have are slightly awkward to display together and that issue compounds the more sets you add. Second, they won’t want to cannabilze sales from the D2C set. This is the best we are going to get and, frankly, I’m fine with it. Also, if you want more of the castle to be there, build it.
  14. Hogwarts is VIP release August 15th. Last year, the Falcon’s VIP release was mid-September (what a clusterf@ck) and images appeared in late August, right before the official announcement. So basically two to theee weeks before the VIP release and a month or so before the full release.