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  1. jlassen

    New trains, delayed?

    I just went to my lego store and they said the new trains were "delayed" due to quality control issues, and they wouldn't have them until august. I thought at least one of them was VIP on sale this month. Is this a real delay, or just BS madeup on they didn't know?
  2. jlassen

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Friends Roller coaster (41130). is this one still in production? I hope so... nice to have different colored track options. "friends light blue"
  3. There might be no way to actually achieve this, but could you theoretically have a trailing and leading pivot point, and only have one of them engaged, depending if you are pushing or pulling? Would that address some of the binding issues when pushing?
  4. jlassen

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I like the Idea of putting the open staircase of the Parisian restaurant next to the Diner's staircase.... allowing side details on both to be more visible... I don't think its an accident that diner and Parisian restaurants side staircases mirror each other like that. YES. I am in this line.
  5. The no armed "bad guy" dragons is a tradition from other Lego themes.
  6. jlassen

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I think this is really really cool. Significantly better than the hodge-podge that was assembly square. I love this. Good Price point. will get it first day of release. Also. complaining it "Doesn't fit" ignores the fact that most cities are NOT homogeneous. IMO, this makes a city feel more realistic, and less "Thomas Kinkaid"
  7. I think "bad Guy" dragons are not supposed to have front arms. Just rear Legs, right?
  8. jlassen

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    LOL. I got excited for some detailed winter modular. I guess I have to buy a couple of the friends winter holiday sets and make my own.
  9. jlassen

    Bat Train

    booo. Very upset we get a Bat Shuttle, but no bat train in 2018. 70923: The Bat-Space Shuttle
  10. jlassen

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    any info on 31080: Modular Winter Lodge I see a listing in brickset with this title, but no details. (except for "Mini Modular" which I guess means its not really a modular, right?)
  11. My daughter started gravitating on her own towards the elves sets a lot more then Friends sets... I worked hard to not show a preference though Inside I was cheering when she said "Daddy, i think I want the elves instead of the friends set." My little sf/fantasy geek in the making! Now we have a lot of dragons. We'll see where she goes net. The Scooby Doo sets are getting mixed during her legotime adventures as well...
  12. jlassen

    Powering Friends Ferris wheel 41130

    Worm gear variant,and more reliable top gear connection. Link to new build: https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=16410
  13. jlassen

    Powering Friends Ferris wheel 41130

    Thanks for the suggestion about the worm gear. With a medium power functions motor (~405 PRM at full power/no load) My current gearing is going to result in about 228 RPM... Not quite half speed. Another stop down gear from mote shaft to gear box drive shaft... even and 8 to 20 would only cut that in half... still over 100 RPM at full power. Given a worm drive gives about an 8:1 step down, I think I may just do that, and eliminate some parts. I could vary voltage, but I want to make a simple switch my daughter can throw, without spinning the mini-dolls around the room like bullets. Here's some of the resources I was using to come up with gearing and speed http://philohome.com/motors/motorcomp.htm http://sariel.pl/2016/01/print-friendly-gear-ratios-table/ Here's a link to my current construction on Bricklink's baseplate platform. https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=16344
  14. I've worked up a powering build for the friends Ferris wheel. the standard 9v motor I have has an RPM that is way way to fast for direct gearing. From what I understand, I need a small gear as the drive gear, and a larger gear as the follow gear,in order to slow down the rotation. I've added two in series... 12 driver to 20 follower in gear box, and 12 driver to 20 follower at the top of the drive shaft. top of shaft has a pin hole gear for stability--- that outside 20 follow gear isn't connected to the axle... In the gear box, I added another mirror drive gear, to give more stability at the bottom and to turn the pretty lights on the side of the gear box. At some point, instead of hooking the motor up directory, I guess I could add an idle gear, to allow the motor to drive multiple amusement park rides (swings?)... Motor turns on/connected to all the rides... but each ride would have a separate switch to engage its drive gears. and/or I could have another speed stepping at such a switch... but now we are getting to the limits of what I know how to do... I'll burn that bridge after I build this base model. I THINK this drive shaft should be stable enough. we will see....
  15. I was very pleasantly surprised at how cool this set was. My daughter saw it at the Lego store this weekend, and she had to have it. Surprising number of bricks for the price point. Very solid play value... both daughters mucked about with it for a while. Sliding panel design i've seen in many friends/elves sets. The Sea-witch Mini doll, with separate necklace actually was a Nice touch. Love the black dress/tentacles piece. I haven't seen this one before. Only missed opportunity was no Fork/dingle hopper included. there was a brush, but no fork!