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  1. I've worked up a powering build for the friends Ferris wheel. the standard 9v motor I have has an RPM that is way way to fast for direct gearing. From what I understand, I need a small gear as the drive gear, and a larger gear as the follow gear,in order to slow down the rotation. I've added two in series... 12 driver to 20 follower in gear box, and 12 driver to 20 follower at the top of the drive shaft. top of shaft has a pin hole gear for stability--- that outside 20 follow gear isn't connected to the axle... In the gear box, I added another mirror drive gear, to give more stability at the bottom and to turn the pretty lights on the side of the gear box. At some point, instead of hooking the motor up directory, I guess I could add an idle gear, to allow the motor to drive multiple amusement park rides (swings?)... Motor turns on/connected to all the rides... but each ride would have a separate switch to engage its drive gears. and/or I could have another speed stepping at such a switch... but now we are getting to the limits of what I know how to do... I'll burn that bridge after I build this base model. I THINK this drive shaft should be stable enough. we will see....
  2. I was very pleasantly surprised at how cool this set was. My daughter saw it at the Lego store this weekend, and she had to have it. Surprising number of bricks for the price point. Very solid play value... both daughters mucked about with it for a while. Sliding panel design i've seen in many friends/elves sets. The Sea-witch Mini doll, with separate necklace actually was a Nice touch. Love the black dress/tentacles piece. I haven't seen this one before. Only missed opportunity was no Fork/dingle hopper included. there was a brush, but no fork!
  3. I had a blast with this kit. I can't recommend it enough. Plus, the kids seem to like it. A bit to much, actually. ("Noo... you can't play with the rocket... that one is DADDIES Lego set... not yours... ohh all right" 30 minutes later we've got a NASA launch pad disaster on our hands)
  4. Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    Revised rooftop, and Revised backside
  5. Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    So I've changed up the 2nd story, adding A Queen Anne style turret and copula, mirroing the display window one on first floor, and added a low slung roof. Not sure the 45 degree slopes are working, and limited color range makes we want to replace em with curved tiles, but I fear that will make the roof look too much like the overhangs below. But maybe that's not a bad thing? I'm also considering ways to dress up the turret... I don't necessarily want another full window up there. but its a bit plane now.
  6. Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    Updates! changes! A second story! From the front, nobody would suspect that this beautiful cafe... Has a medicinal dispensary on the second floor, in back. But it is certainly a bit of marketing synergy to house both establishments in the same building... The giant leaves on the back might be a bit much. I'm thinking about replacing them with the green flower plates that are decorating the rear entry right now. We'll see. This is definitely not going to be a three story modular. Small building, with ground floor facade being overwhelmed already. Low roof line to top it off. We'll see how that goes.
  7. Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    So I've always loved the Front facade and colors of Friends 41119. I wanted to work up a modular that maintained a front facing patio, but kept the back accessible, and added a staircase to the top floor. I haven't decided if I want to add the "Green Cross Medical Dispensary" up on the second story, or maybe just a party deck, and flip the staircase down into the patio.
  8. Getting an Emerald Night in 2017

    I am looking into putting an Orange Night version together with Matching Livery on the coach. Seems like this is a doable color swap, with reasonably priced pieces.
  9. Why Stephanie? Why is Stephanie the most prolific of Non-licensed* Unique minfig/mindolls, with 32?! https://brickset.com/minifigs/name-Stephanie I guess it has to do with the popularity of the theme, right? But come on. My kids and I are not big fans of Stephanie, tbh. When there are more unique versions of Stephanie then there are of Han Solo, something is wrong. I'm just saying. The next most popular non-liscended character is Jay from Nijago. Maybe with the new movie coming out, Jay will surpass Stephanie next year? We'll see... Personally, I'd like see Elves go deeper and bigger then Friends. My 6 year old has migrated from friends to Elves, so I'm biased, but.... :) *licensed character leaders include exactly whom you would expect. Batman, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo. "Clone Trooper" wins, hands down, if you want to count him as one character. :)
  10. Bat Train

    I think our only hope for a new train set is a superhero themed train set. Just saw the Lego batman movie, and there was a throw away shot of a "Bat Train" in the bat cave. I want that. Now. Please! Are you listening, Lego? A bat train would outsell every Lego train every made. I mean, I'm sorry your previous Train liscence, the Lone Ranger train didn't do very well but come on. We need a Bat Train! Here's the scene that has the train...
  11. Review: LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-in (70909)

    The only thing I want from Lego right now is the "bat train" I saw in the movie today. Bat Train!!
  12. Lego holiday train PF problem

    Try running it without the spinning christmass tree car. That causes a lot of drag. second... try running through stragihts, and not around curves first. Add Cars one at a time on the straights... it should be able to pull everything, level, across the straights. Final thing... Are your batteries fully charged/new? Low batteries = low power for the motor. Good luck.
  13. I was thinking of something like this... I did a recolor and slight modification of a MOC by Murdoch17 here. Certainly a bunch of details could be added. For this particular moc White, medium Lavander and Magenta parts seemed readily available. Trucks (Not rendered) will be mostly black, but a front swinging truck can also be Magenta...
  14. I was thinking of something along these lines myself. First, I wanted to look at some of the vehicle color schemes, to see what might be a good fit. there've been a couple of different Vehicles already. Sports car, Convertible, Mias Roadster, Summer Caravan, Popstar Tour bus, and hart-lake city airport plane and Dolphin Cruiser come to mind... Second... I don't think a steam train is right, but also I don't think a Modern electric passenger is right. a sleek 1950s era streamlined diesel, with the right color scheme? Even if you didn't do a streamlined diesel, something like when of the f7's, or f9s, or e series? something recognizably "Vintage" Diesel. I'm in love with the detail of this one here. The Heartlake Express? Some kind of cool Friends Livery. We can probably dispense with the B engine to save money. But three passenger carriages... 1 Regular, 1 dining carriage, and one observation car in the rear, but the rear should have a viewing platform in back? Again... the City Of New Orleans above... but swap out the last carriage with one with a rear observation platform? actually, some of the carriage details on the orient express carriages might translate well.. Anyway... I'll keep digging around, and see if I can come up with an E series MOC LDD file that I can "repaint."
  15. So when I finally got my train setup running around the tree, I had to convert a cattle car to a phone camera car, and take some POV vids. enjoy... Comedy Gold: