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  1. Hello everyone! I am really excited to present you my new MOC, a replica of the BMW M8 Competition in 1:10 scale (just about). I was always a fan of this car since for me this is one of the best looking and performing BMWs ever. I have to credit @Jeroen Ottens for the brilliant use of the hero factory claw element used for the grille, which I saw in his BMW, element: The model has the typical supercar features: -double wishbone suspension all around -working fake engine (v8 in this case) -working steering wheel -opening of the doors, hood and trunk Eagle eyes have all ready spotted the Hofmeister-Knick I always wanted to make a black body car and this was the best opportunity as the car looks great in real life in this color. Color swap should be possible with ease in red and white all though it may need extra small modifications I feel the headlights and the tail lights were the biggest challenge for me when designing this car, as they are so specific in the look the provide. The model is remote controlled but it the motors are not part of the chassis so the car be built without them. There are 2 L motors for driving, 1 servo for steering, 1 buwizz and 3 pairs of LEDs to get that bright night vision (you can se the lights on at night in the vid). Also the interior is really important part of any car. Here I tried to replicate it in the best way I could at this scale from the seats, to the air vents, to the M buttons on the steering wheel. There is no rear bench as all of the electronics are located in that area. For a lot more photos you can visit this link: https://bricksafe.com/pages/ILEAALEX/bmw-m8-competition Here is the video on youtube: Also there is the building instruction available on rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-103353/Alex Ilea/bmw-m8-competition/#details Thank you for watching!
  2. Beautiful car you built here! I love this style of yours of hiding black pins, imo we should all do that. Keep it up!
  3. I like the drive train and suspension a lot!
  4. Hi everyone! This time I want to show you a 1:8 scale concept car that I built and the design of which was inspired by popular supercar manufactures such as McLaren, Ferrari, Pagani and Aston Martin with my own spin on it. The car has 4 remote controlled functions with a help of a Buwizz 2.0 brick: -2XL motors for drive (with a working V8 engine) -1 servomotor for steering (with working steering wheel) -1 M motor for the raiseable spoiler -LED lights front and back There are also some manual functions such as opening hood, engine cover and spring loaded doors. The interior was inspired by the Pagani Huayra: And here are some more pictures, including a side to side next to the SIAN: You can view more pictures here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/ILEAALEX/daemoniv8all Here is the Youtube video: and the building instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-108272/Alex Ilea/daemoni-v8-rc/#comments Thank you for viewing!
  5. IA creations

    [MOC] Daemoni V8

    I am too, really happy on how the interior turned out. The rear could have used some more big panels to make it more smooth, but at the time I thought it looked pretty cool as is. Yes the exhaust pipes can pe mounted with the stud pin, it might improove the look.
  6. IA creations

    [MOC] Daemoni V8

    I built this car as a comeback in 2021, after 1 and a half years of "dark age" and updated some elements this year and was finally happy with it. The chassis is a crucial parts in every built, so might as well beef it up :) I love beautiful, flowing shapes and I try my best every time to get it right. My style is something I still need to work on, I seem to overuse pieces everywhere :) The car is indeed very strong, can be picked by the roof no problem. The support beams in the engine bay are functinal btw. Thank you all for the kind words!
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    [MOC] Daemoni V8

    Thank you so much for the compliments! I actually rebuilt the car today after making the instruction and took some pictures of the frame with no bodywork (it's the one with black wheels): The drive train is simple with 2 XL motors geared 20 to 12 for some added speed.
  8. IA creations

    [MOC] Daemoni V8

    I enjoy quite a lot creating new cars, and not just building scale models of real ones. I am also very proud of that area, it was built right after I got the Ferrari 488 set. Thank you! Yes, it is close to it. Thank you!
  9. Looks incredibly impressive! I especially love how you made the roof pillars!
  10. I was building every set I got for the first 4-5 years when getting into technic (that helped out a lot), and, ever since, I am buying sets just for parts. One priceless tip is to “study” what other people are doing (how to make a gearbox, how to make a suspension) and make them in your own way. Just remember anything is possible and any idea can be brilliant!
  11. Thank you so much! I did put a lot of work into it!
  12. I’m glad you like it! I really like 1:10 scale, but 1:8 is also really fun. I’m building a 1:8 right now, and it presents some nice challenges.
  13. Thank you! I think you mean the M buttons on the steering wheel. It would have been cool to have turn lights.
  14. Thank you, I am glad you like them!
  15. Thanks! Thanks Jerry! No, it’s just direct drive, I wanted an RC car with this build, my next car will have some insane gearbox action Those ellements give any car it’s personality, I am really glad you like them! What an honour Thank you!
  16. Glad you like it! Thank you Bruno 🙏! Thanks! Thank you! They took quite some time to design and to get right. I try to make it a staple in my MOCs, they are toys after all
  17. I absolutely hate the new Ferrari look, especially the car they chose. I would say the only good looking Ferrari as of recent is the Roma.
  18. It looks really good except the front spoiler. Will wait for a serious discount to get it.
  19. IA creations

    [WIP] Ford GT

    Looking really nice overall! I would suggest some improvements : to remove the black panel on the roof to make it flat, the a pillars need to be angled more towards the back (side view) and the area right on top of the tail lights needs to be more flat to match the spoiler. Can't wait for more updates
  20. Look at this critique by Frank Stephenson:
  21. Not making it red will reduce the sales, people just like red Ferraris 😄