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  1. IA creations

    V4 Engine

    I see this in a chevy pick up or sumething... It looks good btw :)
  2. Off topic* @BrickbyBrickTechnicafter i finnish the instruction of course :)
  3. When we finnish it i will build it in white :)
  4. Just built the suspentions guys, I must say I am impresed about the build quality, defenetly you all are around here :) @Jeroen Ottens you should make the hood fixed, now it is just floating. Also,I haven't started the build of the chassi, but the door hige is wayy to biggg, can we make it smaller, I mean, there is barely room for the steering wheel (which btw i almost figured it out :) ).
  5. @Didumos69yeah, that is suposed to me my job, I will try to get it done.
  6. Just to be sure, I can start building the interior withthe thought that the conter colloumn isn't getting any wider?
  7. If @letsbuildis ok with that I can do it @Jeroen Ottens
  8. Is there anyone resposible for the interior? If not, i would like to get that job :)
  9. That looks beautiful @Jeroen Ottens
  10. I will say this: i love technic theme! Tbh, as others, I don't care about b models and I think that is you are not happy with it, build your own! This evolution of technic is a pozitive one (parts wise) but color wise i quite hate it. I mean, I like the variaety, but they just jem pack the inside of sets with colors and i don't like that. In this aspect i prefere old sets. But the new ones do have some nice features I must say. Other than that I would say I am not as excited for sets as I was a few years ago, In 2015 I was buying a set every month and not I only bought 1 in 2018. That is all from me folks :)
  11. IA creations

    [WIP] New Supercar

    That is beautiful Paul
  12. Odd that that looks more black in the rear than dark blue :)
  13. IA creations

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/584147958600699/permalink/637001376648690/ looks nice
  14. Why they do linkeage steering(Mack for ex) instead rack and pinion? Is that cooler or something?