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  1. Look at this critique by Frank Stephenson:
  2. Not making it red will reduce the sales, people just like red Ferraris 😄
  3. IA creations

    Ferrari Testarossa

    Absolutely beautiful bodywork all around! I especially like the side intake construction and the engine detailing. Top build! I must say your concept of "just don't add motors to make it manual" is quite brilliant. I feel usually most of us make MOC with motors as a part of the structural integrity of the chassis. This gives the option for everyone to choose thier prefered option. I have seen this before in your builds but just now got around to applaud it!
  4. So people with the original zetros got "screwed" =))?
  5. Thank you! I thought about that myself but I think it looks way cooler this way. Thanks! Unintentionally it turned out be a similar side grille design. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! I am really excited to post (probably) the last update of this build! The model just needs some details to be finished and it will be ready. Since the last update I have built the rear end (I can still take suggestions if you have any), secured all of the panels (besides the ones under the tail lights), added a hood prop, gear display (it needs stickers) and trunk cover: Side view: Rear end: Trunk and hood prop: And finally the gear display, which is a square brick built element, and I added a red tooth to make it more clear which gear is engaged (upwards position): As always, thank you for viewing and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  7. Absolutely loving the looks on this one! Thank you for the great review Milan!
  8. Really nice MOC, what a fun build!
  9. I think you might have a have a replacement ;) Of course! I was brainstorming something like a thin long strip like a bugatti chiron, but I think I need to be creative and not just copy something. Thank you! I always enjoyed creating dense builds in technic, they feel good when you look at them, when you pick them up… I also really like the color combo as well! From a visual inspection I think the car can be built in red, white and black.
  10. First of all, thank you for the kind words! Secondly, I was just looking on the internet for cool words in latin when trying to come up with a name for this build, and that one seemed pretty cool to me. From the begining I wanted a car that would, on one hand, have a violent design, and on the other, be beautiful and well proportioned. I am really happy how that vision turned into reality! (It somehow looks much better in real life than in photos) I still have a lot to work on this MOC, especially on the rear. I will resume work when I get back home from vacation. Lately I am trying to use a new color every big MOC I am building, so orange was chosen for this one! There are a lot of shared parts, even in the chassis if you switch some colors (I am obsessed with a full black chassis). Hope this clarified you questions.. Thank you for your interest and time!
  11. IA creations

    LegoDego MOCs

    It is remarkable that you maganed to get so much in such a small package, brilliant work!