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  1. Never paid attention to this, only to bushes' orientation.
  2. IA creations

    Infuriating Details

  3. Must be a bug, I had mine not used for a year and after a full charge it worked perfect. Allthought I use the old beta app for buwizz, just liked the layout the best.
  4. Looks impressive! I would suggest you add the hood scoop to your build and change the roof, you should add some flexaxles to get the right roof curvature.
  5. IA creations

    [WIP] Lamborghini Urus

    Project is on stall as I have some exams going on.
  6. IA creations

    [WIP] Lamborghini Urus

    Thank you! That is indeed right. Thank you, I also thought about building the mansory version. I am not sure about the scake of this car, the wheels are from the ferrari set, but probably you are right.
  7. Hi, I want to present a work in progress of my newest build : Lamborghini Urus. The features are as following: -Steering with working steering-wheel (servo motor) -4x4 driving with an active V6, as there was no room for a V8 (Xl motor) -Adjustable ride height (L motor) And finally an underside shot: More photos of the car here : https://bricksafe.com/pages/ILEAALEX/lamborghini-urus I really enjoyed the challenge of building the chassis for this car, although it is not perfect as I really wanted all wheel steering but it didn't happen in the end. Thank you for your time and any feedback is appreciated as there is a lot to improve, have a beautiful day!
  8. This looks pretty good, great build!
  9. IA creations

    [WIP] Orion - 1:10 racecar

    This looks promising! I would recommend, as I see the cabin structure to be quite rigid, that you make the A pillars very thin, this will make the car look better than if it had thicker ones (even just a flexaxle).
  10. IA creations

    Paid instructions

    That is the point, it's something new that takes time and thinking. You can't say a C model for a set like 42069 would be free, it could be like 5 or 10 euros. I still don't get why people complain about paying 10-15 euros for instructions, that amount of money for most EU/NA countries that is like a trip to the grocery shop to get a couple of chips and a cola.
  11. IA creations

    Paid instructions

    I believe that great work should be paid, so even if you build a C model of a set you should get paid if it is a complex project that required a lot of time. Big MOCs should of course be paid because of the work involved.
  12. I think the bricks are a really good state, where you have options to build absolutely anything you desire, so I don't see why sacrificing some possibilities for the sake of a pure technic would be worth it for LEGO. After all you can always build a MOC 100% with technic bricks if that is the goal.