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  1. I think the bricks are a really good state, where you have options to build absolutely anything you desire, so I don't see why sacrificing some possibilities for the sake of a pure technic would be worth it for LEGO. After all you can always build a MOC 100% with technic bricks if that is the goal.
  2. This looks crazy and wacky, I love it! You should make a youtube video with this vehicle driving. Anyways an awesome build!
  3. IA creations

    [MOC] Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1970

    Gorgeous! One point I would mention would be to better conceal the IR receiver. Great build overall!
  4. IA creations

    [WIP] Hennessey Venom F5

    Looking good! Couple points worth noting: the side intake looks a bit off and the front isn't pointy enough (might be the angle of the photo). Overall great progress, keeping us intrigued!
  5. IA creations

    [MOC] Small AWD Chassis

    Really compact design! Definitely a great base for small cars. Professional looking renderings!
  6. About the tools i use, mainly sariel's scaler, picsart to overlay photos and compare real car to my build, and a pair of pliers. 1. If I feel like building I will do it and if I don't feel it I don't, though I find it super easy to get into the zone after watching a video of a cool MOC. 2. Usually maybe 2-4 hours, depending if I get tilted or not =). 3. Sometimes, if I am working on a big project I will keep it as a main, but if I am building small models they can be done at the same time. 4. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! 5. Yes, there is no such thing as a perfect MOC, everything can be improved even if it's by a pin. 6. Yes, I do but it depends on the circumstances. 7. Original MOCs all the way. 8. I have my BMW Rebrick runner up bike for 3-4 years now, this is the only one I still have. 9. Don't have one yet. 10. Not a lot I would say, can't put a number on it. 11. No
  7. IA creations

    [MOC] [WIP] 1:8 McLaren Senna

    Looks really good, keep up the good work!
  8. IA creations

    Futuristic Formula One

    Great build! Really liking the looks of this.
  9. 11:10 13:6 3:4 12:3 4:2 16:1
  10. IA creations

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    15. 10 7. 6 12. 4 13. 3 14. 2 3. 1