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  1. I use plastic boxes with lids in order to keep my parts as good as I can. I used to keep pieces in boxes without a lid, but that just makes your pieces so dirty over time.
  2. IA creations

    [MOC] Project Supercar X

    It looks really good! I love it! Just a question, where are the mirrors?
  3. If you gear up 2 L motors they will have the speed of 1 L geared up and the torque or two so it is good :) **same for gear down *****If you gear 1 motor up it will have the speed X and if you add another one X stays the same.
  4. IA creations

    Quick question on battery boxes

    Why do I feel you are building the Aston Martin by Jeroen Ottens 😂?
  5. Superb use of parts man! As others said, knowing this is a B model it is mind blowing! Hats off for you! @brunojj1i can't remove your name :(
  6. Don't redesign it! Not all of us have those pieces but still want to build the whole xar in the end!
  7. @Didumos69 um, please !
  8. No room for the doors.
  9. Beautiful
  10. It looks really good :)!
  11. Ooh, didn't tryed them with the tilted version.I'll tell you in a bit.
  12. Done! @Didumos69can you make your wizardry again and make a better version of the current set-up?
  13. @letsbuild is that a challenge :)?
  14. I figured out the steering! @Didumos69maybe you can make a stronger version? Here is what i did: To explain better: on the gear rack i replaced the pinhole with axle conector with a pinhole and 2 axles conector and to that i conected a 2x4 bent liftarm. Everything else you can see. The steering can't rotate much but it works very good! **Also, the 2 7L beams near the shifter a moved one stud to make room for the double 12th gear mesh.
  15. What a nice car man! The front is beautiful but, isn't the whole car too long? I mean I hope not! Btw, that battery box placement is awesome!