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  1. 42075 RC mod

    @cyberick Please use English. Btw, welcome to Eurobricks!
  2. Holes in Technic MOCs

    I also like (love) flexaxles bodywork.
  3. Hello all! I want to talk about a think that I just can't get over. I see this in some Technic MOCs (mostly cars), made by great designers, that have big gaps or holes in roof, or in bodywork that can be solved with maybe 50 more pieces but the designer let's them there. Is this made to keep the Technic feel or something? I don't mean holes that require some conectors wizardry, but simple beams in some cases. They want to reduce weight or parts count? What are your thoughts? Maybe it is just me that I like @Lox Lego's perfect models to much
  4. Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Resting in pieces of Lego would hurt
  5. [MOC] KTM X-Bow

    Where I can find the instruction? I wanna build it too :)
  6. Welcome to Eurobricks! I must say that is a beautifull truck
  7. Am I wrong or those are #4 white connectors on the rear of the hover? Weren't they quite rare?
  8. What is the lenght of the black soft axles in the Mack truck? 19 or 16?
  9. Lol, there is none, you refer to a red axle as a shifter? That is the rollcage rex axle that(from this angle photo) looks like it passes between the seats.
  10. We just got the first half, 1 and a half months before official realease, and you already want 2H allready?! No offense btw
  11. it actually is not.... l saw a pic that confirmed Zblj's first reply.....