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  1. [MOC] The New Shogunate

    Really not what I was expecting when I clicked on. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised and it's an imaginative and masterful creation!
  2. MOC-HUGE Robin Hood Diorama-Custom Lights

    This is a fantastic build, easily one the best I've come across. I've poured over the photos - so much to learn and be inspired by. Well done!
  3. A city of sand, wind and time

    A real nice creation. The clock is well made and I love the sails on the buildings. A great Middle Eastern flavour
  4. Beautiful, lots of detail and very pleasing on the eye. Actually, it looks like it came straight out of Age of Empires :P
  5. Fantasy Funnies

    These always give me a good laugh - keep them coming!
  6. REVIEW: 5004419 - Classic Knights Minifigure

    Although simple, it's a nice set and you can't complain seeing as it's included on orders over £25.