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  1. Hello n7zhang, I sent you a personal message, apologies for the late reply!
  2. Hi Richard, Jim is right, they are available in black only. If you wish to purchase these, PM me pls.
  3. 8421XXL

    Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Absolutely gorgeous! I truly hope this will be released as an official set! Bring back Model Team range ;-), this MOC would be the absolute best in that series! Compliments to Bricksonwheels!
  4. thank you for your kind words BimmerBoy! I am glad I could have helped you out! If and when you build your Porsche, do not forget the upload some photos ;-)
  5. Thank you for the coplements Kumbbl! With regards to console sticker, I have send a PM
  6. thanks Jay! Credit where credit is due though, these stickers would not have been possible without Diederik Corvers. It came up with the idea for them, he has drawn them for me!
  7. thank you for the complements Willem! Believe it or not, you are the first one to comment on the orange envelope! I am glad to see you noticed it! I assure you it was no accident I choose this color ;-) Although I must be honest, I ran out of orange envelopes so the next sets that will be sold, unfortunately, will be in plain white envelopes...sorry... Looking forward to seeing some pictures, in due time of course!
  8. Very happy to gear they arrived okay, Glenn! Any change to get a picture posted of the result?!
  9. The GT3 RS stickers are now available on Bricklink to! http://www.bricklink.com/store/home.page?p=MVDS&itemID=103636902#/shop?o={"invID":"103636902"}
  10. My bad Glad to hear they arrived save and sound after travelling a cross the Globe. Even happier to read your positive comments, thank you!
  11. Back by popular demand! Thanks in large part to you guys, I ran out of stock of my stickers in no time. Thank you all who bought one (or more)!
  12. Yes, please email me on nestboxlive@yahoo.com nerdsforprez. Thank you!
  13. technic_addict pls email to nestboxlive@yahoo.com
  14. zux, for your information, the Designer and I made this deliberate. Trying to fit this sticker as 2 seperate stickers makes it much harder to apply them striaght. it is a challange as it is to apply them neatly. Also we did not like the "look" of the sticker in 2 parts (also the real life sticker is one piece). So this sticker being so called STAMP is a well thought over decision. As Jim mentioned, if you do not want it to be STAMP, simply cut it after applying to the door, "problem" solved ;-)!
  15. PM send to you (did not receive yours for some reason). PM send to you (did not receive yours for some reason).
  16. Thanks for the review Jim! Love the photos!
  17. I was wondering if I am the only one with this opinion or if there are like-minded Technic fans. I recently bought several, newly released Technic sets. I noticed that the building instruction books are one volume and therefore become very thick (the book of the 42056 Porsche set being the absolute number one). I do not like this for a couple of reasons. First being that when you are at either the beginning of end of your build, the books tend not to lay open easily. Second reason, and for me most important, I can not store them in a Ordner / Binder anymore they way I used to. I have these transparant punch binder envelops which work great, provided there are not too many pages in a book. I really wish Lego would return to a limited number of pages per building instruction book and go back to the "old way" of providing seperate volumes. What is your opinion?
  18. 8421XXL

    How Lego OCD are you?

    I am halfway OCD I guess, based on Takanuinuva's question that is... I do line up the slots in Technic pins, but only when they are clearly visible. I also mirror the parts as much as possible, for example when you building a chassis for a car, I make sure the slots of pins / parts are similar on left and right hand side. I do not go so far as to look at the sprue marks though or line up the word "LEGO" of each brick / piece.
  19. I agree with that! Also, I tend to build on the couch so I am with my family. Having to build at the computer would mean I am alone in a room instead of with them.
  20. 8421XXL

    Hello World!

    Hello fellow Lego enthusiasts! My name is Walter. I have been using this Eurobricks over the past years, it now is time to register too! My main interest are Lego trains and Lego Technic.
  21. True about the achievement feeling, almost like you finished a huge educational book! If they would go back to smaller volumes I for sure want them to be without staples! Use proper glueing technique instead! Interesting response to this message. I did not realize this before, but is indeed true that the build steps nowadays are "simplified". I tend to agree with those who say Technic sets may be more challanging to build as they are now. One way, and easiest I think, is to reduce number of build steps.