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  1. LEGO Maniac JEM

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Drummer boy Santa with a fortune of cash, pirated video, food, the rock of ages and kitchen sink! And stressed out postman, the machine that sees everything, and the pirate is spraying the holiday singing monk with a water canon. I have a high quality version of the image,but it wouldn't letme upload it.
  2. LEGO Maniac JEM

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    It's Santa "ice cold" 3000.
  3. I won! Special Chima it looks like. Thank-you very much!
  4. I need MONEY! How do I resize pictures?
  5. LEGO Maniac JEM

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    6 by Plissken - 1 point 9 by Captain Nemo - 1 point 11 by Def - 1 point
  6. Could there be a pinned topic of websites that sell misb discontinued and newer Lego? Such as Bricks to the World, Toy Corner, Just bricks, etc? I was thinking of using Just Bricks (Australia) and Old Lego (Italy), but I'm not sure if they are good sites. Also, are there any other good sites that also sell misb, exclusive and polybag lego?
  7. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Container Raffle Build

    My first ever build for Eurobricks! It's a container built using only pieces from one set of 6913.
  8. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    One point each for: 6) Robot, Pharaoh & Mummy Entry 20) Nurse, Surfer & Space Villain Entry 21) Skater Boy, Skier & Snowboarder Entry
  9. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    7) Pilot entry 1 point 13) Fisherman entry 1 point 36) Elf Entry 1 point
  10. LEGO Maniac JEM

    REVIEW: 7632 Crawler Crane

    I love all of the yellow pieces that make up the crane. I hope that TLC also makes them in different colours such as grey, dark grey, pearl silver or black.
  11. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008

    I won something! Who is organizing the prizes and where do they get them from?
  12. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008

    How many days does each winner have to claim their prize? I can't get access to a computer every day to check if I've won.
  13. LEGO Maniac JEM

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Is my avatar the right size? If it is then I'm entering this mystery raffle!
  14. LEGO Maniac JEM

    LEGO in Film & TV: Index of Appearances

    In "The Sooty Show", it looks like there are some Lego sets scattered around Sooty's, Sweep's and Soo's bedroom. In the "The Brittas Empire" episode "Mr. Brittas Changes Trains", when Gordon brittas is hypnotised, he goes down to reception and find's receptionist Cartole's son ben and a friend playing with a Duplo train on a small oval. Carole think's she's in trouble for letting the kid's play with the trains outside. Brittas asks for vatious different thick rule books, but then makes a tunnel with three of the books over the track and a platform with the other. Brittas then asks for more track and later in the episode, he has made a large and elaborate Duplo train track layout with a few trains.
  15. LEGO Maniac JEM

    What New Themes or Sets would you like TLG to make?

    My Ideas are: Castle theme: A peasant's village with all ramshackle wooden buildings, chickens and rats, streams of brown 1x1 tiles running down the street to represent poo. A more wealthier setttler's village for people who were a bit wealthier, but not aristocratic or royal. Have larger stone buildings with gothic features, but not as big as castles. A place where Pages and squires train to be knights with the training aids they used. Have a System circus and zoo theme. Have a System travelling agricultural carnival theme with working rides, caravans with carnival food and drinks being served, entertainers walking on stilts, sideshow games, exhibits of farm animals and domestic animals that are judged, carvans and stands with people selling toys and novelties and a circus. New moulds for chickens, roosters, ducks. Have a minifigure scale VW T1 split window micro bus and a minifigure scale early 1980s VW Type 2 T3 Transporter/Vanagon.