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  1. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Hi all Was recently shown a lovely design for a mercedes-based engine by a friend of mine so I converted it to fit my model. It was just a screengrab from google so he has lost the original user!
  2. Evening all. To go along with my new fire engine MOCs, I wanted to adjust the 10197 fire station to have dual bays. So, while feeling very sorry for myself with flu over the weekend - my girlfriend and I got to work! It wasn't a particularly difficult job - we simply recessed the centre back one stud and built a second supporting frame to tie in with the remaining buildings. All in probably took about 300 pieces to do. I was given a free 'off brand' 10197 by a friend of mine (the same friend who gifted my an off brand 10246 that I'm desperate to replace with the real deal...) so I used the bricks from that to mock up the design and have now placed a bricklink order for the real replacements! The only thing I'm not 100% sure about is the centralised flag between the two bays. In and of itself it doesn't look too bad in that position, but I dont know whether it may look better being centralised with respect to the building instead! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks *Also I'm aware the baseplates are warped. I got them in a job lot from eBay and am replacing them with a modular road system once christmas has come and gone!
  3. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Thank you! Big props to MadScientist who I strongly based the design on! I've quickly hashed it out on LDD. Looks good for the older 'Dennis' style unit, but I think the slanted one looks slightly better on the 'Volvo/Scania' style. What do you think? Thanks! I agree with the lights. I'm in the process of redesigning some of the colour schemes to fit better with the TWFRS...including getting some printed parts made.
  4. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    I know, right? Need to get a good lil design going for that! Thank you! Been a lurker here for years...but never had anything worthy to post!
  5. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Thank you! Parts ordered from Bricklink today, so hopefully should be able to see if it's structurally sound by the end of the week!
  6. Jespy

    Lego British Fire Engine

    Hi all. After starting to collect modulars and displaying them as a group, I really wanted to include custom models along with it. I'm a big fan of 10197, but never thought the engine was much good! Being big into UK-styled fire engines, I thought I'd make my own. This is LARGELY inspired by MadPhysicist's design ( with a fair number of custom tweaks and designs. The plan is to further develop the chassis to allow for quick, easy redesign of the pump/tender to allow for multiple uses. In one of the example image below, I updated the front-end of the unit to be inspired by the old Dennis units used by TWFRS. Obviously it's not perfect, was just trying out a modular front end style! I'm looking for some constructive criticism for these designs to help them improve! I will happily release instructions once I have the design to a fair level..although I may end up trading them for a donation to a firefighter's charity.