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  1. Sorry for your coaster, don't panic try again. This system is ok.
  2. My créations with this system. Sorry for the long time between the previous post
  3. I need my MOC because I still have 2 exposures I can try to make a very small coaster
  4. Thank you for the answer. I could not do anything new, my stock is empty
  5. Do I have the right to submit this MOC? Or does it have to be a new creation?
  6. Tofe59

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    Speed is not easy to manage, LEGOs are not intended for this kind of use. If the train is too slow, it may stop due to friction. The lower part is stable, but the more you gain height and the more you move. If I add supports to stabilize, it's less aesthetic.
  7. Tofe59

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    Hello I realize since 3 years, the rollercoasters in Lego bricks. This is my last creation.
  8. Tofe59

    LEGO MOC: Themed roller coaster

    During the 2 days of exhibition the chain held good. But the pullback motors are temperature sensitive. Sunday afternoon at the hottest of the day, there was no power to send the train far enough. Then when the affluence and the temperature fell, the power returned...
  9. Tofe59

    LEGO MOC: Themed roller coaster

    For launch, I use two pullback motor 12787c01 I reload by Large EV3 motor and release by driving ring 18947 controled with EV3 medium motor
  10. Tofe59

    LEGO MOC: Themed roller coaster

    Very good job, thank you for your movie. I following your work with big interest. The new car is very good conception. I think you know my many rollercoaster.
  11. Tofe59

    Ch'ti Brick 2016

    official pictures from Chtilug
  12. Tofe59

    Tofe59 from France

    Hello! I'm Christophe, 32 years old, French, adherent at Ch'Ti LUG. I signed up among Eurobricks to see your creations Lego Rollercoaster. I do not have a good level of English, but I'll do my best. I have already done a rollercoaster, I have been exposed there is 2 month. I look the forum to find new ideas for improvements. See you soon.