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  1. alantsao

    [MOC] Airwolf

    Hi all, I would like to present my new MOC Airwolf, there are two types: one is normal mode, the other is weapon mode with chainguns and missiles, I also create a display stand for it. Hope you enjoy the build!
  2. alantsao

    [MOC] Injustice 2 Batwing

    The is the batwing from a video game "Injustice 2". Size: 32*38cm. Hope you like it !
  3. alantsao

    [MOC] Slug Flyer

    Hi all, As a fan of the Metal Slug games, I like the vehicle with Cartoon style, and I tried to make the aeroplane as closely as possible to the actual one. Hope you like the pictures, and feel free to give me your feedback.
  4. alantsao

    {MOC] Batman Mech v2

    Thank you :D
  5. alantsao

    {MOC] Batman Mech v2

    Hi all, I would like to share my new MOC: Batman mech v2. I refurbish the Batman mech I built four years ago [Batman Mech v1] Change the face to a mask type It can fit a Batman minifigure inside Ejector can be installed.and the flyer of 76067 can be used
  6. alantsao

    [MOC] Batman Podracer

    Hi all, I am a big fan of Batman and Star Wars, and I would like to share my latest MOC: batman podracer. I hope you like it. tail lights and tail 3 spoiler components form louvred exhaust vents For more detail, please look into my flickr.
  7. alantsao

    {MOC] Space Fighter

    Hi all! The space fighter MOC was I built before, hope you like it, comments and advises are welcomed. There are cannons mounted on the wings.
  8. alantsao

    {MOC] Sparrow Fighter

    Thank you all so much!! Thank you. It can accommodate a pilot!
  9. alantsao

    {MOC] Sparrow Fighter

    Hi all! Here is a MOC I made before, hope you guys like it, comments are welcome.
  10. alantsao


    Awesome work!!
  11. alantsao

    [MOC] Batwing

    Batwing pdf instructions now available: Happy Batman Day!!
  12. alantsao

    [MOC] Batwing

    The idea of the nose is come from 76120. I hope you guys like it, comments are welcome.
  13. alantsao

    [MOC] Batmobile of the Future

     Thank you very much! Thanks. Thanks, I am glad you like it. Thanks for your suggestion, the front engine and the intake were the trickiest part for me to build the batmobile so I am glad you like it.
  14. alantsao

    [MOC] Orca

  15. alantsao

    [MOC] TAS Batmobile

    Thank you both.