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  1. - Spark -

    Port Cantina

    WOW! Great fusion of two themes! Loving Darth Vader or Captain Vader Superbe find SirSven7 - Spark -
  2. - Spark -

    Its not a bad life for the Red Coats!

    There on leave If you join the red coats your guaranteed 2 weeks holiday
  3. - Spark -

    Its not a bad life for the Red Coats!

    Thats true, they do need a break occasionally
  4. Okay thanks whiteFang i have to re think my idea, haha
  5. Do you have to have/add other minifigures from the other series to catogory B??
  6. Here is my entry, 'Old London Town' Minifigure is Grenadier guard, theme is history. Follow this link for entry with Minifigure... LINK Spark,
  7. haha i just realized your birthday is the 15th mine is the 16th haha! :D

  8. - Spark -

    Its not a bad life for the Red Coats!

    Thanks Trent
  9. - Spark -

    Napoleon's French Army

    Of course we can! haha. I can get round to uploading some pictures soon of my army. And I will keep my eye out.
  10. - Spark -

    Its not a bad life for the Red Coats!

    Haha! I hope they do!
  11. - Spark -

    Napoleon's French Army

    Me and your army should meet some time..... on the BATTLEFIELD! I love your army and the organization! Finally looks like my Red Coats have some serious Competition
  12. - Spark -

    Micro Buckingham Palace.

    Thanks for the advice I will take all you said on board. Im sure I will do a few more, i.e Bigben/parliment, The london eye (maybe )
  13. - Spark -

    Micro Buckingham Palace.

    Before anyone asks why I have posted it here, its because im not too sure where else to post it, if the admin wants to move it to the correct place, please feel free. This is a Lego micro scale version of Buckingham Palace. I really hope that one day Lego make a better one and release it. But untill then this will have to do. This was the picture I used to reference from. An overview. As usual more pictures Here.
  14. - Spark -


    No problem, good luck