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  1. Got my Giraffe and Watermelon today from an online seller. Since I skipped the Unikitty series last time, I thought the packaging or overall quality of this CMF set has gone down. Like I thought the seller sent me some fake Lego. Anyways, looking forward to get the 4 Oz minifigs. The rest I'll wait for prices to go drop.
  2. Thanks White Fang! As always, great review eh. I like this series.
  3. I love it when you do these early reviews. Thanks so much!! What are the markings (letters) on his belt buckle?
  4. r1chard

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    Who's inside the chopper? Seems like a great set to get. I like Wolverine, then there's also Magneto in this set. Chopper looks box-y eh.
  5. r1chard

    Review: 6858 - Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

    This set has 2 wolverine claws
  6. Thanks for sharing eh. My top 5: 1.Alien 2.Minotaur 3.Sleepyhead 4.Liberty 5.Elvis Can't wait.. Series 6 come to Canada now!
  7. r1chard

    LEGO Friends on shelves

    nice work. i will get 3936 for the laptop and drawers.
  8. r1chard


  9. r1chard

    MOC - Sensei Who?

    tiling is epic. nice work.
  10. r1chard

    Review: 5884 Raptor Chase

    great review loved the photos.
  11. ^no worries. I'm just askin since normally such photos will be asked to go off line by Lego. and I just want to see it before it's gone.
  12. r1chard

    LEGO Calendar Idea Sharing

    Good job eh. I really like the one on the first photograph. I haven't attempted changing the bricks on my calendar, only modify the minifigs.. sort of like loves of the month. and specially now that CMF has a lot of couples/pairs.
  13. r1chard

    REVIEW: 10220 VW T1 Camper Van

    Are those printed or stickers? Kiddin'. Great review btw. Congrats.