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  1. Two sets with 42064 code :) Lego Technic 42064 Searching Ship Lego Technic 42064 RC Tracked Racer
  2. Unimog pro: Motorized pneumatics in front and rear, simulated motor runned from wheels with 3 differential, suspensions, more playable crane, winch on the front pto, more elements. Xerion pro: Three way steering mode, turning and lifting cab, easier to control add-ons on pto and can use both same time, no sticker across lego elements, cheaper, very good locking mechanism for add-ons, and ofcourse those tires and wheels.
  3. A building diary: Sorry for the hungarian language, but at the end you can find a lot of picture.
  4. There is enough space on the left side behind the stair for a motorized pneumatic pump. There is nothing, and you dont have to remove automatic cabin turning. But if you remove it too, you will have a lot of space. A lot of wheel used to slow down the motor rpm. Perhaps I dont know why didnt they make a manual cabin locking mechanism like they did with the attachments. If i want to turn right I need a lot of force for steering and cabin starts to turn instead of the wheels.
  5. For xerion builders: In step 57 (sub-step 2) instruction said to attach a black single bush (6073231) to a dark grey cross blok (4210857). It is in the center of the steering mechanism. These parts have to rotate on steering, but it tightens, and it makes steering harder (a lot). If you have a beam with cross axle (6123815) try to replace the black single bush. This section will be surrounded later, so dont worry about the two elements will apart slip. With the replaced item steering is a lot easier.
  6. I got it today. Hopefully I can build it tomorrow :) Thank you Sariel for the great review, it helped in my decision.
  7. Husky

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Would be great to see universal set like in the '70s, '80s years, with lot of parts and dozens of building instruction. I loved them and want to see my son falls in love with technic too.
  8. At the end of the cabin rotation, is there automatic switch-off function? It would be nice. And I want to see how lifts the cabin.