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  1. Journey to the Underwold (MOC)

    That's a good moc! Good building, good details, overall very good! Thanks for sharing!
  2. MOC : The Cave Bear

    This is a very good moc! The thing I like especially is the cliff, that's very good! Thanks from sharing!
  3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Calaca!

    It is pretty good, I like the idea! Thanks for sharing!
  4. [MOC] Indiana Jones and the Map Room at Tanis (using micro-scale)

    Don't be childish now Oky! He was just trying to be nice that's all!
  5. Guys, a bagpipe... I passed out...
  6. [MOC] Indiana Jones and the Map Room at Tanis (using micro-scale)

    Good job! I've seen some of your older IJ creations and you are very good at making those! Thanks from shearing!
  7. Severus .... I beg you ...

    Good job! But the only real problem I find in this creation is the face of Malfoy, if I remember right he wasn't smiling in that scene Thanks for shearing
  8. MOC: Trebuchet

    That's a very good creation! Good job! Thanks for shearing!
  9. Problem with Port Royal

    Here's the link: Thanks for that! But what I really meant was that can those carriage pieces needed for Port Royal be replaced easily that then I could have couple of those carriages?
  10. Problem with Port Royal

    There came two copies now. Maybe a moderator could deal with that Sorry about that!
  11. Problem with Port Royal

    Hello Eurobricks!! Now I'll go straight to the point. I am going to buy POTC Port Royal soon, but I would like to have several of those greenish wagons from London escape as well. So if I buy 2 London escapes and 1 Whitecap bay, do you think I could (quite)easily replace those bricks needed to the wagon in Port Royal. (I'll try to avoid that possibility of buying three London escapes as well as possible) Exampel: If there's green pieces needed to the walls (it seems so to me) I could replace those parts then example with grey parts or If there's green pieces needed as table legs (it seems so to me) I could replace those with other bricks. I hope you understand what I mean, pretty complicated I think... Thanks already! Silverface
  12. Sunken Castle Ruins

    I think that's a very good version from the original thing! I think that the squid with the mouth and the tentacles at the bottom of the castle is very good! Overall it's very good! Thanks for shearing Oky!
  13. Graveyard duel?

    Thanks for the tips guys!
  14. Winners of the Spaghetti Western Competition

    Congratulations to all winners!! Good job everybody!!