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  1. Where are the War Machine leaks up? Usually find them on Instagram, but not seeing these...
  2. HyperOnion

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    Great build, and an even better write up!
  3. It's crazy we still don't have any info for the Marvel Bricktober pack being released. All the other three are out, right? Keep putting off purchases in case it's a gift with purchase...
  4. Ah yes. If there's one thing Stan Lee hated, it was attention.
  5. Doubt they'll do that, but it should be pretty cheap to pick up the animated Spider-Man Nick Fury with the eyepatched head on Bricklink. Combine the two, and there you go...
  6. She would never! ...now someone ELSE might've made a deal with Mephisto on her behalf, but we do not speak of it...
  7. So weird if Miles is in another Carnage set. They tried to make Venom and him a thing (Venom killed his mom at the end of the Ultimate Universe I think, right before the whole line shut down and she was resurected when Miles was brought into the 616), but I don't think he's ever interacted with Carnage. Not that characters can't just be thrown together (more random characters, please), but it's strange that they're packaged together in both of their only appearances. Hell, it doesn't look like Carnage is even in the Miles movie that's going to be the biggest bit of exposure Miles has ever had. And that looks like it's got a bunch of villains they could've chosen from! Weird weird weird.
  8. Guys, seriously, spoiler tags. Rumors of villains who might appear in the film and what new suits might be in there should all be under tags and leaked on set photos should DEFINITELY be spoiler tagged.
  9. It's absolutely a spoiler. Any info not in marketing materials for an unreleased film should be tagged.
  10. Seems like it'd have too many spikey bits for Duplo?
  11. HyperOnion

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Gonna sell the actual Spider-Mech, but giant Venom is awesome (and I say that as someone who doesn't like Venom), the new Spidey minifig looks great (awesome to get an upgraded comics based Spidey, was not expecting that at all), and I'm super jazzed to get Spider-Gwen (even if that custom has completely spoiled me). And then also an Aunt May, which... I don't need another of, but always good to get more civilians, and the last one was in a $100 set, so not mad to get her out there again. Awesome set overall, and I'm super excited we're getting a non-MCU wave!
  12. HyperOnion

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    There's room for a fall comics wave! Right now we have nothing through the rest of the year--and only one set (Ant-Man & the Wasp) since the Infinity War wave in April. I'm sure the Avengers movies being SUCH big waves skews what's available for the rest of the year, but it seems there should be room for 2-3 sets this fall. Tie 'em into whatever cartoons are out or the Spiderverse movie (seems like SUCH a waste not to do anything with that--that seems right up Lego's alley. Animated kids movie! With Spider-Man, Marvel's most marketable toy character! By the directors of The Lego Movie!). Just seems weird to have such a huge gap (damn near half the year!) in the release schedule.
  13. HyperOnion

    Are You Worthy?

    Very cool looking. Where'd you get the stickers for it made?
  14. Hey all, I bought 76042 Marvel Super Heroes The Shield Helicarrier back when it was being discontinued, and... have since had to come to accept that my apartment is too small for such a huge set, and likely always will be. So, time to try to sell it! The set is new in box, and I'm willing to let it go for the original $350 I bought it for--assuming we're able to exchange in person, because the horrifying thought of trying to ship this thing is what's keeping me from selling on eBay. I'm in Brooklyn, and am willing to deliver to anyplace that isn't too hard to get to from the subway. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  15. HyperOnion

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Oh yeeeeeah. Good remembering! What a weird deep cut, even coming off Deadpool Duck. I'm pretty done with Deadpool's oversaturation, really hope next year they do something non-Deadpool related...