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  1. is on holiday in LA and San Francisco...

  2. is enjoying being part of his first mafia game.

  3. was crushed by a chandelier on last day (Mafia: Police Infiltratin)

  4. was crushed by a chandelier on last day (Mafia: Police Infiltration)

  5. hasn't reviewed for a long time and hopes to make a new review soon!

  6. is waiting to join a mafia soon..

  7. Just finished posting my first three Academy reviews! I've finally reached Bronze level...

  8. Yes it will help, Flare. Thanks so much ;)

  9. I've read some of your reviews and they're excellent. Keep up the great work.

  10. died on day 4 of the Pearl Mafia

  11. is playing as Betty in the Pearl mafia

  12. Excellent Star Wars reviews, Big Cam. I can't wait for more.

  13. just returned from his trip to California!

  14. Hi, dbostream.