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  1. Excellent review, Oky! :wink: The cruiser looks great with a nice choice of colours and looks quite sleek. The interior looks well-detailed to me and it's interesting to see all the furniture included. And the new dolphins look nice... This seems like an above average Friends set to me. :sweet:

  2. Great review. :wink: This set looks alright to me. The minifigures are decent and the set itself isn't bad at all. The rooms are quite small but at least the rooms are furnished. The dragon looks hilarious with the fire coming out of the chin but when you close the mouth, you hardly see it so it's not really that much of a problem. Overall an average set.

  3. I have to say that is a really spectacular MOC, Mechalex! :wink: There's just so much detail in your model of London's St Paul's Cathedral. The resemblance between your MOC and the actual cathedral is really close and it's nice to see how you tried to replicate the many details of the cathedral. As for the roof, no complaints here... It looks excellent. Well hopefully you become more active on EB, so we get to see more of your MOCs. :thumbup:

  4. The toadstool looks brilliant since it's so grand and colourful. The interior looks nice and cosy, so yeah it's well designed. That garden outside is just beautiful with all the plants, flowers and that little stream there. There's also so much action going on in this MOC, with all the Fabuland characters wandering around. This is one amazing MOC, Rufus and Pandora. :wink:

  5. The new sets looks amazing. :wink: The City Square seems similar to the CIty Corner but a lot bigger and with more additions. It has the bike shop and pizzeria like the city corner and the bus, but has some other vehicles too. THe bike shop and the pizzeria looks like a huge improvement from the city corner as they looked a lot more detailed. Overall, these new sets look great so I cant wait to read some reviews.

  6. Well that was an interesting game, with any equally interesting result. :wink: Thanks for hosting this mafia, Bob. I think the game would have been easier if there weren't so many different factions including Not Playing, but it was still great to play in a game with so many different teams.

  7. Well to me you're arousing suspicion too, if you think that it's not right for me to defend myself. Everyone wanted me to speak up more and defend myself, which is why I'm trying to so and here you are trying to say I'm trying "too hard".

    The point of a mafia is to try an find the right person to lynch an if you are accused to defend yourself. I really don't understand why you would say something like that, please add more to your comment.

    I have started to defend myself further because many people have been saying that my defence was weak so why not defend yourself more?

  8. Well, Diane, I have been more quiet since the last time we played, only because I'm busy too. I can't just sit around the cruise all day to discuss who to lynch for the day. You can't expect me to answer all your questions or discuss straight away.

    Also, if you look at my voting patterns, there really isn't anything that suspicious. The only vote you could say is suspicious is voting for Michael yesteday, but I already said that I voted for him because I didn't believe him and wanted to lynch him. On Day 2, I voted for Mary together with many other people because of her strange voting, ie. changing votes straight away when asked why they did not vote for someone they had suspicions of.

    Also to those that think I may be some kind of "Ninja Godfather" I am definitely not one. I know it may seem like the perfect reason but I have no ability that helps me evade investigation at all.

    We can always continue these accusations later, but for now I think we should vote for Michael as he is confirmed to be a thief, while you all just have suspicions about me, so that would be unwise.

  9. I know, I'm trying to think of other possibilities, but there truth is no-one really has a clue why the investigation result didn't turn up. Most people are thinking that there may be a day blocker or maybe I have some special ability, which I don't. When there isn't much to talk about, what else is there to say?

    I'm trying to respond to the accusations but if you think there is no other reason, then couldn't that suggest to you that I might actually not be a their?

  10. Well to answer everyone's questions about me, I was surprised at first too to learn that a Day Investigator had tried to investigate me and not found the result. I seriously have no idea what is going on. If I really was the Godfather, I would surely show up as town and I most definitely am not the Godfather. I also don't have any "special" night actions that could somehow stop me being investigated. My only thoughts so far would be that someone has an action which allows them to block investigators during the day/night, somehow someone can mix up the results and make it unclear as to what faction a person belongs to, meaning that the result would not be determined.

    As for Michael, he is the only thief we know, but we should still try and find other possible theives from here, so we have more choices. We can't simply lynch whoever we know we have to lynch, we have to see who is more of a threat too.

    As for voting for Michael yesterday, that was because I didn't believe his story about stealing the diamond from Bristol. But now we know the results, I admit that I was wrong yesterday but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a thief.