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    Beachfront Hotel (built by my little brother)

    The hotel looks excellent. It looks really nice and cosy. The details for the walls look great...
  2. Ferrik

    REVIEW: 3300014 2012 Christmas Set

    It think this is quite a good Christmas set. The sleigh looks great with the little green flower for detail and the minfigures are excellent. It's nice that TLG felt generous and gave us four in this set.
  3. Ferrik

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    That's a nice and quaint kitchen MOC. I love the idea of the burnt turkey and the oven and cupboards look great.
  4. Ferrik

    Review: 5000202 Elrond

    Elrond does look great. The printing is really nice and matches that of the Elrond in the LOTR movie. It's also excellent to now have a new LEGO sword.
  5. Ferrik

    Christmas Scenery

    That's an excellent Christmas scene you have there. All the pines trees and buildings look great, and that Christmas tree in the corner looks majestic.
  6. Ferrik

    Review: 79002 Attack of the Wargs

    Another excellent LEGO Hobbit review, Big Cam. The tree looks great with the combination of two different shades of green, which adds variety. The printing of the minifigures just looks stunning I have to say. The wargs also look excellent, but I would have preferred it if they could move. However, this really isn't much of a problem.
  7. It's excellent to have a preview review of the new LEGO Hobbit sets, and what a detailed review it is! I think the minifigures look great and the trees are well-designed. The spider webs are a nice touch and makes for a good play feature. The spiders look perfect since specialised pieces were used instead of creating a blocky appearance.
  8. Ferrik

    Picture Review: Chase McCain exclusive minifig

    This exclusive Chase McCain minifigure looks great. The torso and hair really fits him. I'm looking forward to seeing how the LEGO Undercover game turns out.
  9. Ferrik

    Review: 10233 Horizon Express

    Thank you for this amazingly-detailed review, mostly technic. The nose of the train looks almost exactly like the TGV train. The SNOT arrows on the side are simple but add great detail to the sides of the train. It's excellent that the interiors of the different carriages vary. Overall, this is a must-have train set.
  10. Ferrik

    The Royal town theater

    This MOC looks beautiful. The columns fit in well for this theme and the minor details you have for the facade of the building looks excellent. The carriage also looks really well-designed.
  11. Ferrik

    Review: 6086 Black Knight’s Castle

    This is an excellent example of a Classic Castle set. It is nice to see how different Castle sets were in the past compared to the Kingdoms sets. There is a great amount of minifigures in this set and they all look amazing. I think this castle also looks very detailed. Great review of this set.
  12. Ferrik

    MOC: Psychiatrist Office

    There are some nice colours for the facade of the building and there are also nice details too. The psychiatrist's office looks great with the bookshelf and the good-looking but simple lamp.
  13. You can vote for your favourite upcoming Hobbit set here. You can also discuss why you chose that paticular set and what you liked about it. Enjoy. Here are the choices: 79000 Riddles for the Ring 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders 79002 Attack of the Wargs 79003 An Unexpected Gathering 79004 Barrel Escape 79010 The Goblin King Battle
  14. Ferrik

    Horcrux Cave

    This looks great. I really like the flames flying out of Dumbledore's wand.
  15. Ferrik

    LEGO Castle 2013

    If there really is a new Castle theme in 2013, I'm sure lots of Castle fans will be so joyous. I'll be looking forward to seeing what sets actually come out...
  16. Ferrik

    The Count's Cemetary

    This MOC looks great so far. The vines everywhere are excellent details and I like how all the zombies and monsters are all lined up. The witches' cauldron also looks great.
  17. Ferrik

    Review: 30196 Ferrari Pit Crew from Shell

    Yeah, I guess that that's why there are stickers. I just thought printing might be better, but for people who want custom minifigures these stickers are great.
  18. I agree with the player appraisals, I should have tried to defend myself with the evidence from day 2. And I probably should have done more analysing too. Well hopefully I'll improve in all of these areas during my next mafia game. Thank you once again for this exciting game, Rick and Pandora.
  19. Ferrik

    Fountain Castle

    The colours you used for this MOC look amazing. I especially like the pearl gold detailing on the roof. All of the details you have for the facade look stunning. The bunk-beds you used for the interior also look really well designed. Overall, this is a superb MOC.
  20. Oooh... This vignette looks interesting. That tree looks great and the poses of the ninjas are perfect and really creates a good scene. Nice work on this MOC.
  21. Ferrik

    Review: 30196 Ferrari Pit Crew from Shell

    Excellent review of this Ferrari polybag. Yes I agree with you, three minifigures in one polypag is great value for this price. There being so many Ferarri race-car polybags, this polybag will be excellent to complement the others. But for me, one disadvantage of this set is that you have to apply the stickers for the torsos.
  22. Ferrik

    Norwegian winter mountain village

    This looks amazing. I love the mountain slope and the train that runs around the village. All of those buildings also look amazing. Excellent MOC.
  23. Ferrik

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    There's a whole lot of excellent accesories to add to your collection. All of this food is great.
  24. Ferrik

    Super Heroes Month Index and Discussion Thread

    The Super Heroes month idea is excellent. All the new competitions sound great too.
  25. Congratulations to ZCerberus. Your MOCs looks spectacular and I'm sure you'll be an excellent History Regulator.