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  1. Ferrik

    MOC: Gotham City War Birthday

    That's a very interesting MOC. I really like the birthday cake. It looks like the villains and superheroes are jsut having a good time.
  2. Ferrik

    Review Review - 41002 Emma's Karate Class

    Excellent review. This set is made up of a number of great little builds. The karate chop station looks really good as does the meditation corner.
  3. Ferrik

    Birth of Golem

    That MOC looks extremely detailed with all those transparent pieces and 1x1 SNOT pieces on the back wall. The furniture looks great too.
  4. Ferrik

    MOC - Target Country store

    This Target Country store looks amazing. It's great to see that you paid so much attention to detail that you even had sale posters on the shop windows. The bedware and all the other items for sale are really interesting. An oustanding MOC, lightningtiger.
  5. Ferrik

    30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle Polybag Set

    Excellent idea to try and build the set before it is actually released. Even though your build might not be 100% accurate it looks great.
  6. Ferrik

    Review Review: 60016 Tanker Truck

    A great-quality review, Rufus. I think the three Octan colours were used in a very simple way for the tanker truck but it looks perfect. The hose reel looks like a great play feature.
  7. is waiting to join a mafia soon..

  8. Great review, Oky. The minifigures look really great and Arctic Batman is a fresh change from the usual suit we see him with in most sets. The rock piece in trans light blue looks perfect for the ice prison.
  9. Ferrik

    Review Review: 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon

    Excellent review, Pandora! This set looks really nice with the glass front and the interesting roof. There are lots of great accesories in this set, like the brushes. This is a oustanding Friends set.
  10. Ferrik

    Large Medieval Diorama

    That's a very large diorama. It looks great with all the different medieval-style buildings and castles.
  11. Ferrik

    MOC Lighthouse Island

    That is amazing... The lighthouse looks beautiful and the rugged island looks great. It's nice to see you even put a motor inside the lighthouse.
  12. Ferrik

    My "map" of Heartlake City

    Great work on creating a map of Heartlake City. That heart-shaped pond/lake looks great.
  13. That's just unbelievable. For me the stand-outs are the minifigures and the chimney which actually works. Bag End itself looks amazing with all of the food, maps and books built to a life-size scale.
  14. Ferrik

    REVIEW 79010 The Goblin King Battle

    This set looks very detailed, but there are some issues. I agree with the goblin face looking a bit too cartoonish, but hey some people like it so I won't complain. The goblin head pieces are great to make them look more complete and there seems to be a few great play features which are always nice to have.
  15. Ferrik

    MOC Santa Log Cabin / Grotto.

    That's a great-looking log cabin covered in snow. The sleigh and reindeer look amazing too.
  16. Ferrik

    LDD mini 10232 Palace Cinema

    That's a nice mini Palace Cinema! The little sign looks great.
  17. Ferrik

    REVIEW: 79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike

    The minifigures, especially Shredder look superb. The new parts for Shredder are great. The dragon bike is just okay to me, not great.
  18. Ferrik

    LEGO 60010 Fire Helicopter Review

    The fire rescue helicopter in this set looks great. The tow rope/ winch, I agree is a good play feature of the set. The minifigures look alright too.
  19. Ferrik

    There's a new Moderator in Town!

    Congratulations Pandora, I'm sure you'll be an excellent moderator.
  20. Ferrik

    Review: 70011 Eagles' Castle

    This being the first Chima review I've seen, I have to say I think the Legends of Chima is an interesting concept. Anyway, what do I think about this set? The minifigures look amazing with all that detail and the castle looks great with all that colour.
  21. Ferrik

    REVIEW: 76001 The Bat vs Bane: Tumbler Chase

    Excellent first review, PhillipJFry. This set looks quite interesting to me. I think the minifigures look great and the vehicles are okay too, as they do have some flaws as you pointed out in your review.
  22. Ferrik

    Lego winter sets with lights

    The lights do look quite good. It's a nice scene with Christmas lights twinkling here and there and a brightly-lit Christmas tree.
  23. That's a really great and new idea. I just love the little scene with the curtains and that lovely backdrop. And the cart itself is splendid.
  24. Ferrik

    Winter Village: Farm

    That's a great expansion for the Winter Village. It really is a nice-looking farm. The barn looks great with the fish on top acting as a weather vane. The chicken coop is excellent.
  25. Ferrik

    Winter Village: Grandpa's House

    Excellent MOC as well as a superb story. The stove looks great, by the way.