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    The Pearl - Day Four

    Well to answer everyone's questions about me, I was surprised at first too to learn that a Day Investigator had tried to investigate me and not found the result. I seriously have no idea what is going on. If I really was the Godfather, I would surely show up as town and I most definitely am not the Godfather. I also don't have any "special" night actions that could somehow stop me being investigated. My only thoughts so far would be that someone has an action which allows them to block investigators during the day/night, somehow someone can mix up the results and make it unclear as to what faction a person belongs to, meaning that the result would not be determined. As for Michael, he is the only thief we know, but we should still try and find other possible theives from here, so we have more choices. We can't simply lynch whoever we know we have to lynch, we have to see who is more of a threat too. As for voting for Michael yesterday, that was because I didn't believe his story about stealing the diamond from Bristol. But now we know the results, I admit that I was wrong yesterday but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a thief.
  2. Ferrik

    Mountain Lodge: Reloaded!

    It's great to see what you designed originally and how it is different to your final entry. The "brick bricks" look perfect for your mountain lodge.
  3. Ferrik

    [MOC] Royal Town Palace

    This MOC looks really grand and classicly medieval. The shields used on the roof are a great detail, and I really like the different tiles you used for the floor as well as the colourful stained-glass windows.
  4. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Four

    Well it sure is interesting to hear the win conditions for the thieves is that they have to outnumber the town, and not just be in possession of the diamond.
  5. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Four

    I'm sorry I must have missed it. I'll be sure to look back, having missed one day sure doesn't make it any easier. I got confused because I remembered someone writing a list yesteday of the confirmed town, and Barbara was on that list. Anyway, I really have to pay more attention.
  6. Ferrik

    [MOC/WIP] Hobbiton and Bag End

    This WIP MOC looks excellent so far. It's nice to see a variety of different burrows. I hope to see the finished MOC soon.
  7. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Four

    What that was an interesting but gruesome night. So Barbara wasn't a "confirmed town" as some thought, but was actually a Master Criminal. Now Holly has been killed, that leaves Michael as the only known thief so far... I agree with the previous two posts, in the introduction since the figure says that they have the diamond again, it suggests that someone who possessed it earlier has it again now. But to add to all that success, we did lose Timothy which was strange. I think the Vig probably killed Timothy but I wonder why. Well that has left us all with a lot to think about. Overall, I'd say that night was quite successful, because we now have three less thieves.
  8. Ferrik

    [LotR] Shelob

    Really great MOC. Shelob looks amazing in size and appearance. The cobwebs everywhere are a nice detail and the cave is the perfect setting for this MOC.
  9. That was an interesting review to find out more about LEGO Certified Professionals. It was great to read the questions and answers.
  10. Ferrik

    My town, New Legoredo

    It's excellent to see how much your town has expanded, from the Pet Shop and your own creation, BOLT, to becoming a large town. It's great to see all the little details in your city.
  11. Ferrik

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Er0L that scene look great, with the celebrities getting out of the limo, and all the fans crowding around and going crazy.
  12. Ferrik

    MOC: Bat in Wonderland

    Amazingly interesting MOC. The actual setting looks like it could have come straight out of Alice in Wonderland and adding Batman here to this MOC adds humour. I really like the assortment of food there and the dangling clocks look ridiculous but fit in with the theme.
  13. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Three

    Well I'm voting for Michael because as I said I didn't believe him saying that he stole the jewel from Bristol, that's all... Can't I be allowed to doubt what someone's saying and in turn vote for them because of this?
  14. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Three

    Just because I voted for Michael doesnt' make me scum. I just want more proof that what Michael says is actually true that's all. Right now, I'm just not believing what he says.
  15. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Three

    I really just can't be sure that Michael is telling the truth. Out of the blue, he just suddenly confesses that he is an amateur thief and then goes on to say he has managed to steal the diamond from Bristol. I just don't really believe this and think that Michael could quite possibly be lying... Vote: Michael (badboytje)
  16. Ferrik

    MOC: Modular Railway Station

    This train station MOC really is amazing with all that intricate detail. The arches and columns used for the station roof really add a grand feel to the overall building. All the train information such as electronic monitors with departure times, railway maps and other various stickers add realism to this MOC. Excellent effort on this MOC.
  17. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Two

    Well normally I am a lot more active in mafias, but I started reading Day 2 late and there was about 7 pages to get through so it was hard for me to participate. But I'll be sure to talk a lot more during other days.
  18. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Two

    Well to me, both Alice and Mary seem suspicious and as you pointed out both are being voted for more or less for the same reasons. It is really strange to say you have feel that someone is scum but then not vote for some time, until Hinckley asked and then suddenly voting and saying that's "exactly what I was going to do". For me Mary seems more scummy to me because of her silence and how she took some time to vote. Vote: Mary (TheBoyWonder)
  19. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Day Two

    Losing two innocents in one day, is quite a loss. But on the bright side these tropical drinks are just amazing. I could drink them all day but we must find the thieves. I really don't think that the innocents were all from Town/City sets as there are way too many scum, and that would just be too easy.
  20. Thanks TrumpetKing67 and Hinckley.
  21. is playing as Betty in the Pearl mafia

  22. Ferrik

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III - Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners and their grand designs. Also, congratulations to all the other contestants who put in all that effort into this competition.
  23. Ferrik

    The Pearl - Sign Ups

    1) Are you currently ill? If you are busy with your illness throughout the trip, please do not sign up. Nope, I'm not ill at all, I'm in ship-shape condition! 2) Have you traveled on any voyages before? Yep I have but only once before, so I would love to re-experience the amazing voyage I went on. 3) Are you willing to try new and exciting things never seen before on any other voyage? Sure, why not? 4) Do you need a vacation? I sure do, I've been waiting for a vacation for so long and it looks like the opportunity has arrived.
  24. Ferrik

    MOC - Mini 4840 The Burrow

    It looks excellent, nice use of parts to symbolise different parts of the original set. I'm loooking forward to seeing your mini Hogwarts.
  25. Ferrik

    MOC - LDD mini Diagon Alley set 10217

    This mini looks great. It's nice to see how you tried to copy the various details of the original set.