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  1. I have to say what a spectacular review of such a detailed set, Rufus! This set will sure to be a winner with die-hard LOTR fans... That light-up brick used for the palantir is used to great effect, I'm sure it looks amazing in the dark.
  2. Wow, this Sydney Opera House set looks spectacular. It looks SO much better than the Architecture set, but of course since there are more pieces, it comes at a price. I can't wait for more info about this amazing set..
  3. Ferrik

    Review: 41015 Dolphin Cruiser

    Excellent review, Oky! The cruiser looks great with a nice choice of colours and looks quite sleek. The interior looks well-detailed to me and it's interesting to see all the furniture included. And the new dolphins look nice... This seems like an above average Friends set to me.
  4. Ferrik

    Review: 70403 Dragon Mountain

    Great review. This set looks alright to me. The minifigures are decent and the set itself isn't bad at all. The rooms are quite small but at least the rooms are furnished. The dragon looks hilarious with the fire coming out of the chin but when you close the mouth, you hardly see it so it's not really that much of a problem. Overall an average set.
  5. Ferrik

    MOC The Royal Palace in Oslo

    That is one amazing MOC. It just looks so detailed and just... spectacular. Well great work, Morty
  6. Ferrik

    MOC - Multi-Storey City Building

    This hardware store looks great. The stickers you have at the front of the store suit the store well and the interior is excellent for a small shop. Any more MOCs soon, lightningtiger?
  7. That's an amazing minifigure-scale model of Helm's Deep. ANd that's a LOT of Bley. The details you have in this design look excellent.
  8. hasn't reviewed for a long time and hopes to make a new review soon!

  9. Ferrik

    MOC: London St Paul's Cathedral

    I have to say that is a really spectacular MOC, Mechalex! There's just so much detail in your model of London's St Paul's Cathedral. The resemblance between your MOC and the actual cathedral is really close and it's nice to see how you tried to replicate the many details of the cathedral. As for the roof, no complaints here... It looks excellent. Well hopefully you become more active on EB, so we get to see more of your MOCs.
  10. The toadstool looks brilliant since it's so grand and colourful. The interior looks nice and cosy, so yeah it's well designed. That garden outside is just beautiful with all the plants, flowers and that little stream there. There's also so much action going on in this MOC, with all the Fabuland characters wandering around. This is one amazing MOC, Rufus and Pandora.
  11. I really love the Mario inspiration for you MOC. And that stop-motion video you made is amazing. The levels you made look great and it's nice to see who you tried to recreate the different parts of the Super Mario Brothers Levels. I hope to see more stop-motion videos like this.
  12. Ferrik

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The new sets looks amazing. The City Square seems similar to the CIty Corner but a lot bigger and with more additions. It has the bike shop and pizzeria like the city corner and the bus, but has some other vehicles too. THe bike shop and the pizzeria looks like a huge improvement from the city corner as they looked a lot more detailed. Overall, these new sets look great so I cant wait to read some reviews.
  13. Great work on the lighting. The lighting definitely makes the Toys R'Us truck look more realistic and has a really nice effect too.
  14. Ferrik

    Review: 7091 Knight's Catapult Defense

    Great review. The minifigures look quite good and we also get a decent amount of accesories in this set. Great to see that the catapult look well-built.
  15. died on day 4 of the Pearl Mafia