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  1. Very impressive model. I was scrolling through your post first and wondering why you only post pictures of the real truck, then I realized that's all Lego. Amazing and thanks for sharing.
  2. Absolutely fantastic model! Love seeing your cranes, they never get old :)
  3. Jubuilder

    1:200 QM2

    This is an awesome model, I love the details. We took the transatlantic cruise and I can imagine sitting in that theater again.
  4. Jubuilder

    [MOC] The MONT-BLANC massif

    Magnifique! Absolutely beautiful is your model of Mont Blanc! I used to live in the Jura Mountains west of Geneve and on a clear day that was the skyline view from my studio. How did you achieve the map pixel matching? Did you use a special software? How did you match the map colors to the actual Lego colors?
  5. Jubuilder

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    I liked your prototype tractor better, it reminded me of the Nicolas Tractomas, just the right tractor to pull such an enormous excavator :)
  6. I had the same issue that the thread used for sewing was too thin and didn't meet the thickness and appearance of the original Lego rope. Now I am using Yarn from my local "Michaels" store (In the United States), it looks too wide first in the store, but when it is on the crane with a hook on it, it stretches out and looks just right. Here is a link to the Michael web store: ("Value™ Solid Yarn by Craft Smart®") https://www.michaels.com/value-solid-yarn-by-craft-smart/M10196925.html?dwvar_M10196925_size=7 oz&dwvar_M10196925_color=Black
  7. If The Lego Group would be clever in business, they would sell kits with different body colors as an add on. I would totally pay $49.99 for a dark green or the Azure-63 livery.
  8. Wow, I also thought why would you post your die-cast model in this Lego forum. Truly amazing model! I love the tracks you made. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Jubuilder

    [MOC] US Truck

    Awesome! Just when I thought "oh this is a racing trailer, one can put a car inside" you opened the back of the trailer :)
  10. The original Centenario does come in your color of preference :)
  11. Jubuilder

    Lego stores

    There is one in Hamburg, Germany which just got remodeled. PROMOBRICKS had an article with photos: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-store-hamburg-umbau-heute-geoeffnet/75935/
  12. Just a heads up that it's worth checking your Bricklink parts: I am building a tall crane and had ordered more parts on Bricklink for it. When I opened the box, I just had a hunch, something about how the pieces were feeling in my hand. I checked for Lego brand logo and parts identification number, and they are missing, therefore this must be Chinese copy parts. Very unfortunate, especially for a crane I need original parts quality obviously. Here's a link to a presentation that helped me find the brand logo and parts numbers. https://www.brickhello.com/post/2019/05/07/identifying-fake-lego-technic-parts-guide
  13. Awesome looking truck, I love the details and the front steering.
  14. Has someone already built a fitting T-284 MOC in the same scale? Would this be a good community project?
  15. That website is still up. The U.S. address is at the end of a local airport's runway, on Long Island, NY. The NY business register has no records of a company Vonado, LLC.