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    Cleaning Grime Off of Bricks

    Oh dear, some of those stickers appear to be cracking apart. You'll need to be really careful with your sets if you want the stickers to stay in OK shape when you clean them! I have had the experience that "old" stickers just seem to start lifting, peeling, and cracking after some years. Not quite sure what causes it, though it almost seems they are happiest stored in a box with a ton of pieces rather than on display in a room. Perhaps some sort of solvent dries out in them that is present in Lego pieces so they stay good in a box with lots of pieces? So far my best fix for old stickers has been to put glossy clear packing tape over the stickers and cut the extra tape off with a razor blade. Naturally, you'll need to ensure all the dust is gone first or the fix will look bad. If the stickers aren't peeling too badly using a soft dusting cloth might take off the dust. But if they're cracked or lifting at all the chances are good that the stickers will partially flake off. Of course if you're de-stickering the parts now's a good time to do it!
  2. BrickHat, glad to share new info!
  3. Here's a bit more from Top Gear, where I first saw it: Look at those giant Lego trees and the elk! Edit: On closer inspection, some of the scenery appears to be giant scale models of existing single pieces rather than being brick-built. I wonder if there are any structural non-Lego bits added to support the vehicles. It seems likely but it would be amazing if there aren't. I see what you mean; I hate wasting parts too. I'd guess it will be disassembled and the pieces might get used for something else. Perhaps they might just go to some warehouse, which would be disappointing. On the other hand, I'm impressed by the structure, and the publicity, and business it gives Lego. Even if the pieces go to waste, it's a big boost in money and publicity for Lego and Land Rover.
  4. Bricks On Print

    [REVIEW] 42056 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    I found that article on Top Gear myself, and found it much more informative than many other articles I had seen previously. Worth a read! However, I did wonder why some of those decisions were made, especially with all the fans disappointed that the car has no rear steering! Also, given how little of the engine can actually be seen, I might have rather seen working fans!
  5. Bricks On Print

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 911

    Very nice! I like those clever piece uses and also the wheel arches.
  6. Bricks On Print

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 911

    Coming along well! I love the smooth lines! Maybe a different panel on top of the door? The recesses for the pins break up the smoothness a little... Will there be more panels or is it primarily flex axle based?
  7. Bricks On Print

    [PORSCHE][WIP] 816 RX Prototype

    Definitely different and fascinating. It looks to me like it would be found on a Moon colony or futuristic city: explore the wild wastes in your Porsche 816!
  8. Bricks On Print

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Super Tractor

    I believe they came in the proper lengths in the original sets. The Barcode Multi set has a lot of use of the flex axles, and they were always protected with the rigid hoses except in a couple of places where the flex axle had to move within the hose, like on the front grabber. Boy that scared me a little to see the little flex axles on that set with no protection... Actually one of my flex axles broke and I had to find a replacement. I'd strongly recommend using rigid hoses to protect the steering on this great model! Looks great!
  9. Bricks On Print

    [MOC] Ken Block's Ford Fiesta

    Nice driving and clever idea. I like it that the car drifts without special wheels like Lego's solid plastic drifting wheels. I suppose it handles like a normal car on carpet or grippier surfaces though?
  10. Bricks On Print

    Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario

    Very good-looking car. Love the design, and good to see it getting built by other fans!
  11. Bricks On Print

    [MOC] 1963 Corvette C2 Stingray

    I love the HOG solutions! The panel use is also clever; it's impressive how many of that large panel were used for the fenders and trunk. As to Lego Ideas: If Only. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the kind of build they care about, or at least not the kind they build. Not even Sheepo's Defender made it... I'd love to be proven wrong though. It is a great build though! :thumbup: Fortunately, Lego appears to be releasing several more supercars after the 911 GT3 RS in similar scale (and I hope with the issues from the Porsche resolved).
  12. Bricks On Print

    Sequential Dual Clutch Gearbox

    Very nice! I'd been wondering if something like this could be made.
  13. Bricks On Print

    [WIP] Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

    Very cool mechanisms and great to see such a complicated model getting built. :thumbup: What software are you using to view the model, out of curiosity?
  14. Bricks On Print

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 911

    Nice. Are you planning to use greater than 50 kmh steering on your final version or is this just a test?
  15. Bricks On Print

    Eurobricks Collaborative wins 2016 Best Group Display

    Great build quality and quite funny. I love technical expertise and a sense of humor! I may have missed it, but where is this event held?