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  1. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It's confirmed. Element is arriving as olive green in the 2020 modular.
  2. Clahador

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Winter sets have consistently performed well... with the older sets fetching quite a sum. The Winter Holiday Train wasn't even announced to retire and yet now it is (even before Jan. 1, 2020 rolled around). The gingerbread house is temporarily out of stock. LEGO also tweeted the 10 year anniversary of the subtheme. :P -------- In any case, I think it makes sense to have a Doomfist fig with the Infinity Gauntlet piece. Orisa wouldn't hurt as well. P.S. While I must say that Roadhog is a very nice bigfig... does anyone else issues with the mask's clutch with the minifig head? It seems a bit loose (but it just may be due to the differences in plastics used).
  3. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thank you. Glad to see another HP fan, I actually just finished completing mine (didn't get the microbuild Hogwarts set though since it's not to scale but I do have both of the recent waves). And yes, I had the same response from LEGO CSTeam regarding the Pegasus wings prior and I remember reasoning out that the wings and horse shouldn't necessarily be licensed as it's not a specific mold / print-- as I wanted to order a few of them for it to be closer to the movies (I currently have 4 Pegasi pulling the carriage but I may want to source out the Winter Village Marketplace horse if I'd want to go all out though those costs alot so I only got the wings). Most likely the wings and horse would reappear in another set for 2020. The pieces seem to be generic enough for it to happen. Just a head's up: They also said that there's an olive green version of the plant shoot element coming out in 2020 (I ordered the green) and it's currently under production. As for what set, they didn't know but it is in their system. P.S. It's still too early to say what's in store for BrickLink. The following is purely speculation on my part, but I do believe that all the interviews glossed over asking Julia Goldin that one other function BrickLink is known for: selling discontinued sets and themes (which is so weird as they asked about parts,, and MOC sets but not this). Conservatively and optimistically speaking, they might just want to study trends... such as what's the market profitability for old sets and parts as well as community spending habits. For all we know they might use BrickLink as a gage for: Which retired sets would be good to re-produce (like what they did for Winter Village Marketplace and Taj Mahal). Which classic lines to resurrect (Castle / Pirates / Space / Galidor []). The impact of region-specific releases (CNY / SW Target) as well as SDCC exclusives (maybe they might want to do a limited release). BrickLink has been the biggest online marketplace for the aforementioned points, thus they have the trends and data for LEGO to learn from. Sure, it might be to help improve B&P and LDD, but I do believe that they did this buy out for this purpose. If you reread the interviews again with this in mind it does seem very plausible so that they can "respond DIRECTLY to what the fans really want from LEGO." They already did it with Harry Potter be re-releasing such a beloved (and expensive second market) theme so this theory of mine seems to check out for the time being.
  4. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I said don't mind it since I didn't get it from B&P. I was setting up the table to do a parts picture for y'all and placed that as the center where all the elements would start falling into place. They don't sell it available because it's licensed. I'll try. I wanted the mountain lions to chase after some skiers for the Winter Village Display.... then the alligators looked cool in general (you can never have enough gators).
  5. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Around $250? I used VIP points for the remaining amount. The order was placed before they started shutting down on early September (hence the random out of stock parts going through with the order; in particular the 2x4 printed tiles next to the teacups were substituted parts). Took me this long to post it here, sorry for not updating y'all. :)
  6. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Don't mind the Disney tile. I just put that as a focal point for the table and forgot to take it off.
  7. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It seems the gingerbread torsos will be back in stock by Oct. 31st... Kindly re-check your carts as well if you ordered the lower leg as they've listed it as out of stock but in actuality just changed the identifier.
  8. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    After talking with 7 different people... that's exactly the case. For all we know, the fact that we ourselves now have a database of parts that listed their outdated inventory and the community started to order those said parts in bulk, they closed the system.
  9. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try that once all my B&P items arrive. UPDATE: I got this just this morning... The LEGO® bricks listed below aren't available, so we've had to cancel them from your order. A technical error made them appear in the Bricks & Pieces assortment and we've corrected this error now. We're really sorry about this disappointing news. If these were replacements for lost parts, of course you won't be charged for them: Credit or debit card payment: your bank will release the purchase amount for which we authorized your card when you placed your order. Gift Card or Electronic Gift Card payment: we'll return the funds to your card. Payment with VIP points: we'll return the points to your VIP account. Kind regards, Your LEGO Customer Service We've cancelled the following bricks: How many? Part number Technical name 9 6115042 FLAT TILE 1X2 NO. 143 7 6022908 SATELLITE DISH Ø16 "NO.6" 1 6065143 ROUND PLATE Ø32X6.4 "NO 13" Please go to to contact us about your order. Don’t reply to this email because your message won’t be accepted by our system. If you think you've received this message in error, please let us know immediately. The other items seems to have pushed through so far (though my main order had "In Process" -> "Backordered" -> "Warehouse" -> and now it's mix of the first two. I'm waiting for as to how many more elements they'll cancel as time goes by. And yes, they did have that element available for sale previously... now they say it's unavailable-- though the Customer Rep said I could get 10 for free for the trouble so they do have them in stock but won't sell it now?!?! The green sprig appears as "Backordered" on my order form as well.
  10. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    LEGO never really did sell capes. You could instead as for a replacement... reasoning it out as frayed / irreparably folded or damaged, though I haven't tried since I always bought extras on BL. I actually have a LEGO Disney Castle and built it two years ago but never applied the stickers. When I came back home this year I discovered that the wall panel stickers have stock to themselves (the edge slide from the sheet and creased it). They sent me a replacement sticker set no problem. As for the other elements, I myself am not sure. They're on leave today so I also cannot ask their position for as to how they'll address the fact that I have 12 remaining "out of stock" items in my cart and I cannot pay for it online. LEGO cannot necessarily say that it's not available because the cart just empties itself the moment you have just one item that's out of stock (based on my previous experiences)--- and even the ones I just bought 5 days ago, most of it has been marked "out of stock" but still got credited in my receipt. I also cannot increase the quantity of those 12 items in my cart (though I can decrease). *facepalm*
  11. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Which parts were those exactly? Also... out of all the parts I ordered, these ones were "not for sale": Mrs. Claus 6079048 Reindeer Top 6079133 Maraca 6096977 Black Gypsy Hair 6100225 Green Gator (1/3) 6103384 Green Gator (3/3) 6103387 Green Gator (2/3) 6104420 2x4 Men at Work 6116277 Sprig (Black) 6261276 Clip-on 2x2 STOP 6189013 Flame 6133120 Eye 6134881 The 85 other elements I ordered were there (plus I think I was just unlucky on 6261276 and it was out of stock).
  12. Clahador

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hello there to everyone. I've been reading y'all's posts ever since page 84 and figured I'd finally chime in. It's thanks to you guys that I was able to order my first and second B&P items (back when they had that dreadful Easter backlog of 11 days). I'm currently at the process of ordering and here's what I was able to do (note that one needs to have a pre-existing B&P cart available but only to check prices [you won't really need it as you will find out later as you read further along]): >Edit cart, use parts sourced from (big help to the one who made it) to cross reference prices in USD and check for availability. >Make a spreadsheet of the items (element description x element number x quantity) and save it as a .pdf file. >Call and place your order via phone. >If it's a large order, offer to send a parts list via email. If they agree, they will ask you to send it via and opt that they call you back once they have confirmed your order-- which is actually much faster and less cumbersome compared to the bulk orders email form (as that takes a week or so with going back and forth in terms of parts availability). ---------------------------------------- Things I found out: >Even if you did have an updated B&P cart ready to be checked out, they cannot access it according to the Customer Representative, hence the need for a .pdf file as it makes ordering for them so much easier (they said they can just cut and paste it). >Out of the 78 items I ordered, 16 of those are currently not available and are coming off as licensed parts. Do take note that I have used both Nostalgic and LEGO's B&P databases to verify part availability prior to placing my orders. It could mean that they are trying to update their stocks and I guess the main reason they shut it down was because they saw quite a number elements that were not supposed to be for sale was available for purchase. >They were also nice that they send over the "out of stock" items due to the file I sent-- or maybe the bulk order gave. So my total went from $409 it went down to $360. >If you have already redeemed your VIP points as online order vouchers, they can still take it via phone. My total further went down to $310. >They waived the shipping since the Customer Representative saw that I added the Botanical Accessories (40310) pack to bypass the "$35 and over" orders clause. ---------------------------------------- Pros: >My order went through. LEGO subtracted the amount from my bank account. Cons: >My current order says "Please contact Customer Service" so maybe I broke the system further. >The amount that was taken was $360... when it should have been $310 (so maybe the vouchers were plugged in late)... BUT my grand total as per their official receipt was at $260 (so maybe I broke the system even further). Yay~? P.S. This is the only element from the new sets that looked promising from the Friends Ideas set (well, Monica's head was available too):