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  1. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    I dont see any reason to get it back on topic... lol, maybe i should just change the title to something random..haha ... a dreamless sleep would totally suck. so i bought some lego two days ago.... it turned out to be a box full of random stuff with a few pirate men and imperial soldiers & weapons, then random town n space minifigs. there was a cannon mount but no cannon :P... and worst of all..... all the lego smells absolutly terrible, i think i need to go and buy some fabreeze or lysol or something, i already washed it too and it still smells....
  2. scippio

    Guys, don't worry about the gold C3P0

    I think we will see more of an inelastic relationship than a perfectly inverse one ;) ->small quantity with a large demand ->precious metal ->'collectability' driven mostly by afols unless i am mistaken. are these c3po s going to be solid gold? I havnt heard much about them
  3. scippio

    We need SHAKO's

    instead of getting a professional to design the mould you could go down to a local university and persude an engineering student to take it on as one of their semester projects and then work out some kind of deal. everyone i know is off for the summer, but perhaps some of you guys down in australia could find someone.
  4. scippio

    We need SHAKO's

    I doubt thats the reason why as lego has a large market share and termendious brand power. I suspect they are either done with it for good or are holding off on creating more in order to build anticipation..... but I have a feeling that they are just done with it for good.
  5. scippio

    We need SHAKO's

    Just briefly, if lego has trademarked/copywrited/patented/any other means of lego protection on their individual pieces then simply creating one similar enough to theres is grounds for a suit. However, if lego does not have this in place which could be the case as some protections are time limited or prohibitivly costly to impliment in the first place and protect effectivly then you only run into a legal issue when you attempt to pass off the piece as original lego. I would check into any kinds of legal protection lego has on their pieces first, or any other possible pieces and then go on from there. It is quite easy to alter a piece just enough to make it legally dissimilar and not cause any kind of property right violatons. If I had to make a guess though, lego has not protected each individual piece but rather protects the right to sell these peices with the lego branding on them.... which would explain why every single piece of lego has lego on it. This is similar to cloathing lines or other easily reproduced items where the entire value is held in the branding trademark rather than the item itself. In a situation where lego does for some reason take legal action against anyone producing such items then its simple to settle the suit without going to court.... most times a company would demand immediate discontinuation of production and seek damages of some specified amount that would later be revised.
  6. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    ahhhh just agreed to buy some lego tonight, off tomarrow to pick it up.... ive got no clue whats in the set but the laid said there was about 1,050 pieces and 4 pirate men, a bird and a monkey..... but no really large pieces..... so im guessing maybe a small outpost or something but who knows - ill post tomarrow when i figure out what i just bought..hahaha. it was only $25 but that seems to be the lowest price on bricklink for the pirate stuff so it cant be all that bad..hahaha
  7. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    I finally found someone selling the BSB and EF locally ... except the person is wanting to sell those two as well as his whole other lego collection.... :P ... .sooooo inconvienent
  8. scippio

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    Im going to throw my lot in with red being the russians and the blue guys being from quebec canada ... which explains the flur de lis, and their hired on as mercenaries down in the caribbean. ... i have absolutly no historical evidence to back up my nonsence.
  9. scippio

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    those blue guys just know how to keep order..haha, the red coat guys always look too uptight
  10. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    hahaha, i love how this thread is totally off the non-existant topic i originally posted. I was going to take pictures of my new sets today but im still looking for my camera. ... this lego could get very capital intensive..... between my rekindled interest in pirate lego, karting, and paying for tuition i might turn myself into a popper. .... on another note... im envious of all you guys and your plethora of cannons
  11. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    ahh, well i know what im doing after i finish getting the pirate sets i want!
  12. scippio

    7075 Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

    i voted 5 on this... but i mixed up on what ship i was voting on, i htought i twas the renigade runner .... i want a redo..haha... i give this a 1 or 0
  13. scippio

    The Eldorado (6276) baseplate

    perhaps this is legos attempt to introduce depth to their base plates that went wrong during production?
  14. scippio

    Just bought more LEGO!

    haha, sorry mr tiber and mister phes! .... how are you combining the saber island and lagoon lockup? anything novel ? and no mr phes i do not know about the ninja vs pirate meme ... whats a meme? (i also have not heard of any ninja and pirate lego combining before either) I've been trying to buy some new pieces off of but it seems anyone who posts an ad there sees their lego sold within 24hours of posting! ... its pretty hectic if i do say so myself and im not interested in purchasing bulk amounts of lego like some of you guys..haha.... on a side note, how do you know what sets you have in your bulk purchase if the seller does not know what sets are all included (which seems to be a common theme)
  15. scippio

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    for a biased poll were not too biased, i mean... thats getting pretty close to being a statistically insignificant margin of difference if my math is partially correct.... which, normally isnt ... speaking of math my 1st year electrical physics teacher said math wasnt too terribly important and gave us all maple to do our calculus on.... i subsequently failed intergral calculus twice and passed my physics course with a pretty good mark ... lol