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  1. @Marinho and @Ivorrr : JB70 made the parts difference in the Bricksafe comments of the Pimp Up My Porsche :
  2. @jb70 : your integration in the pimp up my Porsche is very nice, and red color for the roll bars is a good idea. I was not aware about the round elbows, since I have none of them, but I will order them asap ;). It is also a good idea for the limiter in the gear rack ;) @ifilin : you're welcome ;)
  3. Well, here is the second mod for the front axle : - clearance a little bit enhanced compared to the default lego geometry (should be comparable to the Didumos69 proposition) - dual springs to support the weight of the car - Ackerman geometry - Anti roll bar - Compatible with removable body - Smallest turning radius possible The following photos should be enought to make a copy of this front axle :) On the car, here is how it looks like : not that wheels are not touching the anti roll bar (even on the second photo), but it is very close to the wheels !
  4. Final solution, with no old half bushes : new fixation : And final result :
  5. Here is a new mod of the Porsche : I have made an evolution of my rear axle with an anti roll bar. I have also added 2x13L long blackliftarms to enhance the rigidity of the chassis. Changes are not so much important, but we need to change the way springs are attached on the chassis using bent 3-7 liftarms. Compared to the default geometry, clearance is a little bit increased). As you can observe, the position of the bar needs old half bushes so that it can not translate between the 3L pins with hole : Gray axle pins are present to enhance rigidity when the body is present (they go Inside the holes of the 5x77 black and 3x11 black pannels), and the 13L black liftarms can be easily fixed on the chassis with a nice view on the gearbox ^ ^ Of course, no issue with the removable body mod. It should be possible to adapt the geometry to the PimpMyPorsche of JB70. For the front axle, I am working on it, but my gemetry is really different from the JB70 / Didumos69 proposition.
  6. Here are few additionnal body changes, if interested. The first one concerns the front hood, with an additionnal fixation of the flexible axes (close to the windshield) for a better control of their shape and a lateral extension of the front hood. The second mod concerns the top roof close to the windshield to suggest its curvature and add a central mirror (for fabrication, look at photo number 2 : modifications are not so much complicated). Of course, you need to shift the central 3x11 orange pannel.
  7. Very interesting MODs. I'am still waiting to buy this supercar since I find it too much expensive... I will try integrate them when I'll have this car, and try to enhance them (and propose mods as I did for the Porsche, if any) @Didumos69 : your gearbox MOD is really impressive !
  8. @jb70's instructions are very well done : I have not fabricated my Porsche mod based on this, but I have spent time to explore it and it is better than the official lego's manual: fewer steps and the impression that we are not babies. I really love it too.
  9. Very nice, simple an compact solution ! This is my deviation, less compact... than yours. but smoother than the original one
  10. Mechanically speaking, these last solution are not very interesting since the small gear to reverse the rotation of the output axel is not very well fixed : Its axis of rotation is limited to 1L instead of two distant supports of 1L
  11. Hi, As you may have noticed, on the passenger side, there is a 5x7 gray beam on the floor. Here is a mod to remove this gray element, get a flatter floor and fill the gap on the front part of the floor. Here are the new needed elements. Be carefull the top black pin with a hole should be shifted by 1L on the right... sorry, I noticed this mistake when integrating it ^^ The final integration of the copy of this mod on my dummy chassis (with different colors, it is easier to observe the changes)
  12. @jb70 Your building instruction is extremely well done (I appreciate the reduced step number, like old lego technic instructions). I'am impressed that the final part number is not so far away from the stock 45056. For this reason, it may be interesting, at the end of the builing instruction, to list also the additionnal part from the stock 42056. I believe it would ease the interested people to be sure they have (bought ?) the missing parts, without spending a lot of time to make comparisons.
  13. I have not taken any photo yet... basically, 3 parts : - a single bush 6073231 connected in the center hole of the 3L beam 6102618 on top of the roof - a black connector 4121715 in the bush - and a black angle element 4107783 connected on the connector. To be honnest, I plan to change a little bit the roof geometry, close to the front windshield to suggest curvature I have also added wipers compatible with a removable body (see p13)
  14. Here is an extremly simple mod to make the chassis more rigid (to be applied before the driving wheel and the shifting gear system is connected to the chassis) :