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  1. What a beast ! It uses class tires as the smaller wheels ! I loved the first picture with so many gears. But I do have one concern. The axles for a lot of gears are braced only on one side. That might not be so good for such a large model.
  2. iLego

    [MOC] Medium-sized tow truck MKII

    So many functions in a small truck !! Just amazing ! And now it looks the part. I would love to build this. I agree with the wheels comment though. Regular tyres instead of balloons may look better.
  3. iLego

    [MOC] Red Buggy

    Loved the creative rear transmission. I would have never thought of it !
  4. iLego

    Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    Wow, really nice !! Looks stunning, especially in the first three photos.
  5. Given that all entries are great in some way or the other, I feel all should be given a token prize for participation.
  6. I think you are right. And I am happily wrong. And we are going to get a great set
  7. I am afraid that is not a strong design. When the car is raised, the full weight of the rear-end will be acting on a single tooth of the 8t gear (which is connected to the worm gear). Accidentally putting weight on the car while playing may damage the 8t gear. I hope my assessment is wrong.
  8. iLego


    Very nice looking MOC, with lot of nice details ! Your hesitation in presenting this was not at all justified Photos are also very good. Only video is missing. I am sure XL motors driving these wheels via a portal hub will give it a lot of oomph. Should be fun to play with.
  9. iLego

    James Watt's Steam Engine

    Wow, what a machine !! Making such a complex mechanism work smoothly with Lego plastic is surely an amazing achievement. Did you have to use any lubrication ? Also, I was curious how you achieved air insulation. I had tried building a water fountain from Lego and the water was leaking all over because of the small gaps between bricks. I suppose getting air insulation will be much harder.
  10. Oh my gosh, this suddenly landed out of nowhere. Stealth biplane Definitely one of the best looking entries. Needs a demonstration of the functions and how they work to do full justice to the model ! There are a few other entries which have fantastic functions. The functions demo will help this model compete better.
  11. iLego

    [MOC] Kenworth T800 tridem

    What a nice looking truck. Great functions for the scale also. I think the belly shot photo is mandatory for such builds . I suppose the scale will also keep the part count in check. I wish Lego was offering more sets in this scale.
  12. Thanks for the tip. It seems amazingly fast and effective !
  13. I suppose you mean removing the print on the white wheel arches. Yes, we want to know more about it !
  14. iLego

    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    It's outrageous that Lego allows minifig heads to be decapitated (i.e remove head from body) !! One can even put 2, 3 or more heads on the body ! Kids can attach pants the wrong way around and giggle ! Sorry for joking. I don't mean to undermine your feelings or your topic, but just want to illustrate that inappropriateness depends a lot on context and perspective. We, as a society, should take things in a stride and avoid being oversensitive. In fact, learn from the kids. They are hardly ever judgemental or critical. They just go with the flow and have fun.
  15. iLego


    What an amazing journey ! The machine is incredible !
  16. iLego

    Obsession with build times

    I read through this topic in 5 seconds flat
  17. iLego

    Lego GBC Brick Separator Module

    Very nice ! I love the creative usage of parts and the graceful motion. It's amazing how you guys can keep inventing more and more mechanisms !
  18. iLego

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Motors driving wheels directly are unrealistic for conventional cars, but this may very well be the setup for electric cars ?
  19. iLego

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Imagine getting into your car tomorrow morning and finding that the steering, brake, and accelerator have been replaced with a touch screen. Will you be able to drive effectively ? Now imagine further that the touch screen stops working whenever someone calls you. A lot of phone based video games use a touch screen, so the mechanism will work for Lego as well. But a real joystick based remote will be more fun and effective. Lego's motto is to create only the best, and to be honest they do a great job most of the time. But this is a case where they are taking the wrong direction in my opinion. Some of us can indeed build our own remotes using the published Bluetooth protocol. But it's often not that easy to make a robust mechanism at home. I built a proportional PF remote using Arduino with open source library for sending PF commands. But the mechanism did not work very well because the variable resistance joystick I used turned out to be poor quality and the IR LED was a low intensity one so the remote's range was really short. Of course it's possible Lego may yet surprise us and release a remote like they have done for the train sets ... but I really have my doubts.
  20. iLego

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    None of the RC hobby toys use smartphone as a controller. And this includes complex machines like airplanes, helicopters, construction machinery etc. The reason of course is that the physical remotes provide better control. I wish Lego provide a simple proportional remote with joysticks. Current PF remote has two joysticks, perhaps they can bump it up to 4 joysticks for the control+ remote. The joysticks themselves could be attachable (similar to how we can attach an axle to current PF switch) to avoid confusion on models which need less than 4 controls. I think Lego would have provided greater joy if they had come out with a proportional version of current PF remote. For years, they refused to invest in this obvious need, and we thought all this while that Technic was not mainstream enough for this to make business sense for Lego. But now they have suddenly come out with huge investments in electronics via boost, pup and control+. It's all confusing to me.
  21. Please don't ever make a "big" MOC. The Earth will fall down to the moon Jokes aside, mind-blowing build !
  22. iLego

    42100 - Still a toy?

    I think it's rather simple. If you feel guilty buying it, consciously or subconsciously, then it's a toy
  23. iLego

    Tank type: Muscle car ;)

    Very cool !! I love that you put the XL motors inside the tracks. Great idea. Simple and elegant design.
  24. Very nice idea !! Though there is one odd thing about it. Looks like the L motor attaches to the wheels rather than the engine. So the change in gears changes the engine speed rather than the wheel speed. (That's still interesting ... gets the viewer thinking about how it works).