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    GBC General Discussion

    That's too bad. I hope it's only an isolated case of bad luck. They are wonderful pieces, useful in so many ways.
  2. Thanks for sharing all the details. I am now getting tempted to do something extra with my own copy. I am not that skillful though. But the good thing is even failures are fun in Technic
  3. iLego

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Looks promising. Waiting anxiously for it.
  4. This is so cool. Absolutely loved it. Can you please share few more pictures which show how the additional functions are achieved ? Thank you.
  5. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Surely deserves a video
  6. Wow ! This looks stunning. If I had this, I wouldn't miss the original Such clean lines with almost all Technic (very few system pieces) is very impressive. Would love to see some of the internal mechanisms as well. Thank you for sharing.
  7. iLego

    Lego GBC Offset Gears Module

    Nice hypnotic mechanism. Although I have to admit, I couldn't figure it out. I see that you have put it on rebrickable also. I suppose the only way to understand is to build it
  8. Well, its finally done. And what an amazing model it has turned out to be ! I looked at all the pictures in the thread again to see the evolution ... what an amazing journey. Looking at the final beautiful bodywork, I had almost forgotten the ingenious mechanisms inside. Thank you for sharing the model and it's creation process.
  9. iLego

    Technic Pub

    Just to clarify, this is not the case. I am quite sure of that. The difference in my case is very minor, probably due to currency exchange rate variations. The seller is genuine, with a good history. The real issue was order got cancelled because item not in stock. I like Jim's approach, think of it as an honest mistake and move on.
  10. iLego

    Technic Pub

    Yes, I am getting almost the same amount back, so that's not an issue. Thanks for the wisdom. I think subconsciously I did not want to leave a negative feedback either.
  11. iLego

    [TC16] MPATEV-01

    Looks totally awesome and loved your design approach as well, the steady transition from sketch to reality ! There does appear to be a minor weak point though, which can easily be corrected. The 9 length liftarm which connects the rear wheel to the turn table will put too much pressure on the two pins which connect to the turn table. You may want to put a one stud gap between the pins or make it three pins.
  12. iLego

    Technic Pub

    Need advice on a bricklink order. Seller cancelled order with reason "system error" and explained in comments that the item is no longer available. What is an appropriate response to this ? I want to give a negative feedback, since I am inconvenienced and will loose some money on international postage. (I had spent time optimizing cost across multiple orders). But at the same time, I don't want to be unreasonable, and cause problems to the seller. So wanted to get advice. Thank you.
  13. iLego

    RC Buggy Motor

    Yes, please do. Really curious to know if it can rival the real one.
  14. iLego

    How to deal with the thieves

    If you are getting agitated while fighting against them, then it's probably better to "let go". I have a philosophical argument that can help you mentally disassociate more easily from this mess. We are all surviving on the shoulder of giants from the past who made great contributions. Some one discovered fire, someone invented agriculture, someone invented maths, physics etc. We are not paying IP to any of them. We are using it for free. And that has been the nature of civilization forever. So we should be greatful for what we have, and not bog our life down on petty issues That said, I think the right thing to do is to fight the injustice. But you should fight dispassionately. Don't get agitated, frustrated, or annoyed. Just be patient and persistent. Fight within your time budget. I believe most people in their heart know what is right and what is wrong. So even a small protest impinges on their conscience. They will loose sleep ever so slightly, and perhaps one day they will wake up and start following the right path.
  15. iLego

    Lego Motorized vs Manual

    TLG has been treading the fine line between manual and RC very well. Given the limitations of the medium, they don't try to compete with real RC. They just motorize select portions with a single motor controlling multiple functions. So the user gets some fun of RC along with interesting mechanical complexity. I think Lego is intended more to demonstrate the mechanisms. The actual performance, like speed, lifting capacity is typically not the strong point. Some of the new flagships have been an exception to this wisdom though. Models are huge and the motors struggle to cope. Perhaps the new off roader will have surprises for us. Strong metal transmission wrapped in traditional Technic. But I feel I am hoping for too much
  16. Thank you @jb70. Simple changes, but should make a big difference !
  17. iLego

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Thank you @Mr Hobbles for the insightful comment. As more details emerge, I feel Lego is coming out with a wonderful set of new electronics hardware. Lego's software has never been great ... hence the complex software, acronyms, and marketing names for the various products is not surprising. The smaller children and younger teens will probably stick to one kind of product, like boost, but the older kids and adults will try to mix and match. For the latter a "real" programming language like python will be absolutely great. And it will work irrespective of which hardware is being used ! I am looking forward to the emergence of this potentially great ecosystem. It will unleash a new wave of creative and ingenious creations. I believe Lego will do great service if they formally support the various open source efforts by fans. They can help in various ways like finance, hosting multi platform test frameworks etc.
  18. iLego

    42082 my first Lego set

    I will highly recommend building something from a photo sequence. It's a lot more fun than the overly simplified "one brick per step" Lego instructions. I really wish Lego was making "difficult" instructions so that the builder would have to think a lot harder in each step. Over time Lego have simplified the instructions to the point that following them has now become boring.
  19. Great idea !! Would love to see a few more photos, especially the belly shot.
  20. If @Mr Hobbles is right, then all the new wave electronics will be compatible with each other ! I think that's really powerful ! I will not mind the missing compatibility with old PF in that case. My only request to Lego is to keep an interface with regular computers also. Some things are hard with phones and tablets.
  21. Wow, this is nice. Making the cargo plane from hovercraft parts ... Great idea and great execution. Apart from the extra LAs, which other parts did you need ?
  22. Great truck ! Looks mean and tough. Surely deserves a video
  23. iLego


    Beautiful vehicle. Looks simple at first, but then I noticed how the shape has been created just so using careful selection of parts. I know you mentioned in another thread that you will not make instructions since you don't like building digitally. But how about making instructions in the style of Madoca or Amaman (sequence of photos). You can perhaps take a few pictures while disassembling. Much more of a fun challenge to build from those than the over simplified "one brick at a time" Lego instructions. Of course this assumes the kids will let you disassemble it . May not happen soon since I suspect this will be too much fun for the kids !
  24. A true tribute to @dokludi will be to reproduce the full truck from one picture from one angle (No cheating looking at other pictures or the video)
  25. iLego

    Cutting panels (heresy)

    I find it funny that the purists who scoff disdainfully at such modifications are largely silent about sbrick, buwizz etc.