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    Review - MOC Truck (42075 Alternate)

    Thanks for the review. This is my MOC You are right it can be improved significantly ... a lot of parts are left out. I ran out of patience and son was asking to re-build the original vehicle from the set. He did not like my MOC truck Regarding the photos, they are coming out distorted on mobile phones. They look ok on computer screens.
  2. iLego

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Perhaps the only function worthy of mention is the look
  4. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the new red fenders Both of your earlier shared cars were awesome, and this one tops them. Looks stunning !! Obviously supported on Ideas. Approximately, how many parts does it have ?
  5. iLego

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    For some reason, it looks odd to me. Models made by fellow AFOLs look nicer Ultimate muscle car by @paave Muscle car by @Michael217
  6. I am speechless. Ingenious !!
  7. Very very nice ! There is an elegant simplicity in the design.
  8. This is super cool !! The movements are awesome ... the likeness to a real skater is indeed there.
  9. iLego

    RC dog

    Absolutely wonderful ! Economical in parts usage as well. It's amazing you have managed to create the likeness as well include so many functions with relatively few parts. You should post lots of pictures from all angles and let people try to reverse engineer it. This dog and it's descendants must live on forever !
  10. iLego

    Lego - BIG is a rover

    Wow, just saw the video (had not seen the original post from 2015). This is crazy ! It is ingenious ! A lot of discussion happened for the wheel, obviously. But I feel the whole build is educational. Very economical usage of parts as well.
  11. iLego

    RC Buggy Motor

    Thanks for the info. I am tempted to try this out.
  12. iLego

    RC Buggy Motor

    That's cool ! Is this with regular PF battery box and V1 IR receiver ? I used to think that the buggy motor (or the clone monster motor) would need a driver with higher current capacity. It will be great if the monster motor works like this with regular Lego PF.
  13. Totally agree. I would love to see more sets and MOCs at this scale.
  14. Yes, it looks fantastic ! The mix of colours and the stickers make it look a lot more exciting.
  15. The sole purpose of this set is to reduce the price of the red mudguard on bricklink. It has no other reason for existence May God bless it with heavy discounts.
  16. iLego

    [REVIEW] 42101 - Buggy

    I am afraid the half bush may fall off after a few days of play.
  17. iLego

    [moc] rc/manual plum picker

    Very cool MOC. Lots of functions in a compact model. Also, very playable being both RC and manual. And the gearbox is meaningful because you can see it's effect as it opens up the various functions. This is what I want from Lego, not monstrous 4000 part sets or supercars with gear crunching gearboxes for speed change. This is classic Technic and I really hope to see it on Rebrickable at some point in the future.
  18. iLego

    New train wheels tested by me

    That's the crux. Current wheels run fine when they become old. I very much doubt new wheels will have the same longevity.
  19. Yes, and this set has one of the best official B-model as well. For those who enjoy rebuilding, it is one of the best set in recent years.
  20. It could be due to gear play, but it's more likely because of how the servo is connected to the pinion gear. If the servo is directly connected to the pinion (via an axle), the rack will be properly centered keeping the wheels straight. Alternatively, if you put one intermediate gear, then the pinion will be off by half a gear tooth, so the rack can not center. Summary is ... you have to connect the servo directly to the pinion, or via an even number of intermediate gears. (Odd number of intermediate gears will cause misalignment by half a gear tooth, which is enough to make the car drift slightly to one side). This is a problem with the PF servo since it has an absolute "zero" position. With new Control+, we can hopefully set the zero wherever needed.
  21. I am totally fine with 8 wide if TLG promise to not use stickers anymore for the car's features. But unfortunately, it looks like the Huracan already uses stickers for headlights
  22. Nice to see an unconventional C model ! Should be a lot of fun.
  23. iLego

    Lego IR Reveiver (v1) upgrade

    I tried that once, but stopped at the breadboard prototype. Used the Lego IR receiver's output PWM to trigger external H bridge. Used a transistor based circuit to switch 9V voltage level to 4.5V for both direction and PWM of external bridge. My external bridge supported upto 20V/6A, so I had some fun driving an L motor at higher voltages. But I chickened out at 15V. All Lego motors are too expensive for sacrificing to science
  24. iLego

    GBC General Discussion

    Very cool ! Awesome idea to have "working" planes and helicopters !
  25. I think the fake gearbox is rather nice. Besides, its no dumbo ... it also has some clever construction. So my vote is