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  1. More exclusive set info

    Great stuff! I've already bought Bakery and Toy Shop in the past couple of months and a load of white plates and bricks ready for a family winter build at christmas. I shall be adding this to the collection too - roll on December 1st (the earliest my Missus will let me start getting Xmas decorations of any description prepared!). Camper Van is also sweet - I have the Orange Rock Band VW Camper, which was minifig scale, but from the look of this this is bigger and more detailed so I may well be tempted by that one too...
  2. D'oh, of course. Stupid Brain. Thanks, doc!
  3. 294 (right hand side) is in with the metallics so I was wondering what kind of white/cream metallic it could possibly be, but it's listed as Posph(erous?) Green. Is that new?
  4. Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    It's out already?
  5. REVIEW: 4866 - The Knight Bus

    I'm liking all that purple but the final design doesn't really seduce me. One to think on, but I think I'll possibly just pick up BfH from this round just to bolt on my existing build. Great Review.
  6. MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

    The phone is fantastic! What have you used to make the handset? Our local shopping centre has a Legoland Discovery, so I think you should add one of those! Absolutely fantastic, can't wait to see more.
  7. Standard of lighting for modular buildings

    What's the heat output of the various LEDs people are using? Anything I need to be careful of? I'm fancying replacing the lightbrick in my Winter Toyshop this Christmas with something that'll stay on all evening, definitely. Yep, those are still widely available, or you can buy small covered connector boxes which is safer if anyone's going to be going / playing near the connectors.
  8. Hi all, been reading the forum for about 6 weeks now, posted a couple of times. I live in Stockport, UK, which is just south of Manchester. I'm a Game Designer by trade, working at Sony Evolution Studios near Liverpool - we made the MotorStorm games on PS3. Used to collect Classic Space back in my childhood, now sadly all lost (I still live in hope my parents will stumble across them in the attic one day!) then the undersea line in the early 90s (I think it was). Bought most of the 1st and 2nd wave Star Wars lines when they came out, then kept up with any small to midsize Star Wars sets I liked since then. Along the years my wife has always filled a wooden advent calendar with a couple of Mini sets broken into daily handfuls of bricks as a little Xmas tradition. Picked up loads of the Indy sets when they came out. So Lego has always been a little indulgence of mine but not something I've invested in seriously before now. About 6 months ago decided to take advantage of a friend's offer for 30% discount from the Lego Shop and ordered the CITY advent calendar, which me and my toddler son delighted in every day during the Xmas run-up. That tipped me over the edge - since then I've bought a bunch of bigger sets including the Death Star, and got myself a display cabinet to start showcasing models and MOCs, and have now decided to budget a sizeable amount every month to collecting the Modular building line. Pretty much bitten, then.
  9. I had loads of trouble getting 2 copies of the Sun today, and when I got to Stockport at about 3pm, both WHS and Toys'R'Us have been cleaned out of the X-Wings. Bah. I'm supposed to be getting 1 for my mate today and tomorrow, and he's getting them for me the rest of the week. Mission failed. Guess I'll head down to Toys'R'Us at 10am tomorrow to make sure I get 2 otherwise he'll probably never speak to me again. Anyone know if they're enforcing one-per-customer at Toys'R'Us Stockport?
  10. REVIEW: Creator 5770 Lighthouse Island

    Lovely set, can anyone tell me though - do the silver reflector stickers attach over multiple bricks?
  11. 10218 Pet Shop

    Very excited by this. I'm a bit surprised to see that 8 minifig shot in an official press release. Until I read the text I thought 8 was what we got.
  12. Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    This means that time is about to be called on the 10197 Fire Brigade then, right? Getting that this month, lets hope it doesn't dissapear from the Lego Shop too soon.. Love the look of this set, but I'm not mad about the 'Pets' sign. May have to Mod that, I think it will always bother me (although I can't see any reason from these photos (obviously limited!) why the 'S' can't be shaped better, if it's built the way I think it is). Definitely getting this....
  13. I've been 'in the middle of' sorting my parts for about 3 years now, so it's a mix of zip-lock baggies of old sets I need to rebuild and check all the parts, colour bags for large bricks, 'interesting' A and 'interesting' B, etc - so pretty much a disorganised mess. Large new sets go in a glass display cabinet, currently displaying my Hogwarts, Slave 1 and some Indy sets. They'll be parted as I need to make space in there - the Indy's are next for the chop as soon as I finish my Burrow MOC. I've got a 7x6 grid of 2 foot square bookshelves, each one of which is a potential location for showcasing a decent sized model, but they're too crammed with books and games. About 1/3 of them have a small or medium model on. There's a Death Star on display in another corner, but I can't see that one being broken up, not least because nothing else you could possibly ever build needs that many grey bricks.
  14. 2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    Interesting, been wanting to see the range. I like Flo's, but I've got to say the UltBuild Lightning McQueen is disappointing to me.
  15. Naboo Celebration

    Props to you sir, that's one of the most fantastic builds I've ever seen. Simply amazing.