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  1. Sainsburys now have 25% off Minifigures Series 4 making them £1.50 each :)
  2. timmorgan

    UK Sales

    Sainsburys now have 25% off all LEGO including Minifigures Series 4 making them £1.50 each :)
  3. timmorgan

    UK Sales

    Yeah I saw the Minifig edition of the Beano so picked up a copy. Here's some photos for you to decide if you think it's worth it or not.
  4. I love those cases... more info please?
  5. timmorgan

    Option to manually change skins

    Any theme but the current one would be great. I don't think snow is appropriate anymore lol. I liked the Hello Kitty one sort of, in the way that it was just a kitty in the top left hand corner. Maybe just have the Blue brick with yellow stars in the top left hand corner instead?
  6. Went into Tesco today (also to buy a Mother's day gift) and saw this! On the Kitchen aisle :S
  7. timmorgan

    Eurobricks: Strategic change!

    I think the new theme is nice and clean. The old Eurobricks banner was cluttered with stuff all over the place *hint hint admin* ;-)
  8. I've got quite a small but growing collection of LEGO Minifigures now with all of series 2,3,4 and some of the vintage collection packs and I was wondering where you store them? I personally like to have them on display to look at but it's starting to bother me that they get dusty so quickly and easily being where they are on the top of my bookcase. Sometime in the near future I would very much like to have some kind of perspex wall display for them but that's not happening yet and I probably won't bother with the cases which only hold 15 minifigs, what do you do?
  9. timmorgan

    Spring LEGO Questionnaire

    What's a LUG? Couldn't see it here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1188 so thought I'd ask. Yes... I'm a noob. :)
  10. Just bought 12 S4 minifigs from the local Sainsbury's (UK). Here's what I got: 1 Crazy Scientist 1 Viking 1 Street Skater 1 Punk Rocker 1 Hockey Player 1 Lawn Gnome 2 Soccer Player 2 The Monster 2 Surfer Girl Quite good I think, and the duplicates are still in sealed packs which I'm going to go back and get a refund on. :)
  11. How much are the Minifigs in Tesco? I went into 2 stores yesterday but apparently they they DO have them in stock, but didn't know the location of them as they weren't on the shelf. They told me the price is £2.40 a pack which I thought was a bit much :(
  12. timmorgan

    Which is the rarest minifigure in Series 3?

    I also thought it was the Fisherman.
  13. I've only seen them in Sainsburys (yesterday) but when I returned today to buy more they were all gone.
  14. Spotted these on sale at Sainsbury's (Winnersh, UK) on the toy aisle. Didn't scan on the tills but charged £2 each for them. Only got a couple of them but ended up having the Rock star and surfing girl. Not anywhere else yet, all the TRU and Tesco stores near me have boxes of S3.
  15. Yeah I saw them in there too, also being in Reading. They really didn't mind me checking the bumpcodes to complete my collection :) A few other stores have S3 too.