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  1. Hello everyone. I just finish my February project=D 110 studs minifig scale starfighter with adjustable wings geometry=D And a photo with my fleet from Bricktastic=D
  2. brickmartil

    Jet Turbine Dragster

    It looks like a big rotary engine with monster truck wheels. Cool design;)
  3. brickmartil

    [MOC] Merkabah - Space Gunship

    Hello everyone=D I m fresh afol. I want to share with you my creation. I m interesting about a feedback. This is my first MOC after DA. I ve build it around a half year. Ok less talking. Pictures: You can find this MOC on lego ideas. Support very welcome Here is my flickr acount with better resolution photos
  4. brickmartil

    [MOC] (WIP) Odysseus-like ship

    Very pure and clean construction. I like your style
  5. brickmartil

    [MOC]Asteroid Drilling Platform

    Very nice shape, wonderfull idea.
  6. brickmartil

    [MOC] Lego City Future - Police Car

    Now I know what to do with super jumpers;) Nice small build.