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  1. toothdominoes

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Quite happy to see people excited about this theme, it was quite the journey to get where we are today. Not long now until the release! I am really looking forward to seeing what people think when they get their hands on the sets. My favorite thing about this theme is that it allowed us to do some contemporary sets that we would normally not get to do in other themes. On another note, before people get too excited and start using the word "guaranteed", in regards to a second year. Nothing is ever really guaranteed until it's on the market. So I'd recommend staying cautiously optimistic to avoid disappointments. We have a lot of stuff ready for the future, but last minute changes of plans have and will happen.
  2. toothdominoes

    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    The box had been designed so that’s you can easily plug the separate segments in and out of it. So you can take them out and put them in your cities! Really happy to read people like the set. :D Also, thanks for the review, @WhiteFang! I’m glad you like it,
  3. toothdominoes

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    We tried 2 of those ratchet joints, they have too much wiggle. I made several shoulders that popped out with clips similar to the final design and rotated on a hinge to then pop in again, but the added wiggle of this joint did not pass quality screenings. See the ankles and shoulders for examples of the solutions we had to come up with. Normal joints have too much wiggle for a model this size, which is why I had to engineer ones from scratch.
  4. toothdominoes

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Oh, we tried. :p Not even 2 paired up are strong enough to hold that amount of weight. (3 Per hip at some point.) But give it a shot. Your expectations may be different from what we scope our quality standard on.
  5. toothdominoes

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    It’s exciting to see this video go up! Just a quick correction, I meant November of 2016, obviously. :p
  6. toothdominoes

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    Hey there, there are indeed stickers. Only the numbers though. We wanted to give you the option of picking whether you wanted to have the original Japanese version or the American version with the numbers. Everything else is a print. The hips on the black lion are rotated by popping them off 3 snaps on either side. You then rotate it 90 degrees and snap it back on. Believe me when I say I investigated joints. But for this extremely crucial joint, we do not have existing pieces strong enough to provide me with the friction needed. We tested at least 20 hip solutions that were all too weak. Also, thanks a lot for all the comments, :) I am so happy people seem to generally like it. If you want to read some more about the development, check out my bricklist:
  7. toothdominoes

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Don't worry about cancellation or push back, Voltron is coming. Just hang in there for a little longer!
  8. toothdominoes

    [Galidor Category B] Boge (Television Accurate Ooni)

    This thing looks fantastic! The face build is really neat, great job. Exactly the kind of thing we hoped to see with this contest. :D
  9. toothdominoes

    [MOC] Skull Captain

    “A notorious Pirate captain that terrorizes the coasts of Okoto with his band of Skull swashbucklers. Skull Captain sails the seas aboard the Flying Clutchman. Legend has it his continuous raids are rooted in a seemingly endless search for his right arm. An arm he lost on an adventure a long time ago…” This is a reimagining of the Skull Villain concept from 2015. In this version, I stuck more to their roots as pirates. Most of this was an excuse to make a sweet parrot/monkey rahi sidekick.
  10. toothdominoes

    Gamma Dragon

    Awesome looking dragon with very unique proportions. The use of the education panels is fantastic, as is the black light/ glow in the dark shot. Well done!
  11. toothdominoes

    [MOC] Wrench and HARVey

    “In a post-apocalyptic world, there are many in need of repairs. When the environment for such repairs becomes too extreme, people find themselves creating new tools for the job. Meet Wrench and her High Altitude Repair Vehicle (lovingly nicknamed HARVey). This unbreakable team is the go to for any maintenance work high above the ground. They specialize in repairs on big airship that are mid-flight and what tall buildings remained in the ravaged landscapes.” This MOC was made with the intention of building a really solid but fun mech. The entire build is quite rigid and makes for a fun toy. The only exceptions are the rotor blades attached by the clips, something that can easily be replaced by a normal rotor piece. I just love the look of these too much. Wing and rotor deployment function. Wrench, the pilot. Some more pictures here!
  12. “100% tourist, 0% time space continuum integrity” “After being fused with the Kanohi Olmak, Vezon went on his many (unintentional) interdimensional adventures. On these trips, he has the uncontrollable urge to hoard everything that looks remotely valuable, with all of the consequences of such actions. This is what led to him getting his hands on the story bible, which he now uses to complete his collection of non-cannon masks.” This a bit of a joke build that I did based on some derailed conversations with friends. After reading the serials, I always jokingly imagined Vezon to be a Deadpool like character, a loose cannon with some comedy aspects (preferably voiced by Jack Black). Full folder here!
  13. toothdominoes

    Ammonoidea fictum

    Great looking model! The textures for the Skull Villain armor really work well as a shell and the greebly details finish the job. Well done!
  14. toothdominoes

    [MOC] Goat herding Turaga

    Thanks so much everyone! I am quite overwhelmed by the positive responses! Thank you for the kind words. You have a keen eye, there are definitely similarities to Brickthing, because he is both my inspiration and friend. I built this while I was hanging out with him and he was doing his own thing. Glad you like it, I was surprised by how simple of a technique could create such a neat shape.
  15. toothdominoes

    [MOC] Goat herding Turaga

    After building and lurking in the various Bionicle communities since day 1 of the theme, I decided to start posting some of the stupid things I build. You can find larger pictures on my Flickr stream. Enjoy! "A deranged old Turaga who devoted his life to herding rams. Occasionally he rambles incoherently about some great escape that almost cost him his arm." "A not-so-bright looking ram with suspicious face paint."