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  1. richpantson

    MOC BR class 08 shunter

    new livery... I like the grey roof with orange stripe a lot more than the blue and black. starting to look like an actual engine now....
  2. richpantson

    MOC BR class 08 shunter

    @ColletArrow Thanks for the advice. Ive tried the vertical motor on to geared wheels. Unfortunately it requires more space and the length doesnt look as good. I also had issues of centering the battery box so that it was above the wheels. If it was to one side, the 08 would be just doing wheelies all the time. Kids loved that ;-) Hence Ive abandoned that idea (abandoned in the sense i wont give up and will revisit at some point) I do try to keep to 6 wide, but 7 wide for the cab might not be a bad thing. I will look at that at some point. I have already added clips ready for door handles, Ive just run out of some parts.... back to Bricklink I go ;-) @cptkent I like the look of your shunter. Is yours not using the standard PF bogie? i can see 6 wheels beneath. Have you gone for the vertical motor or something different? @Paperinik77pk @zephyr1934 The internals are based on my PF wagon. Its quite a nice design thats quite versatile and reskinable. I'm also doing a simple track maintenance van using the same framework. Its not based on anything real. I will post it up when I have more of it finished. Ive been playing this morning with a new roof.... I like it a lot better than the current roof but need to head to bricklink for more parts. Heres a taster...
  3. richpantson

    MOC BR class 08 shunter

    Hi Heres my first attempt at a BR Class 08. It uses the same underside and internals as my powered wagon here Ive then stuck on some different sides and roof. The most difficult part was wrapping all sides so that it wouldnt affect the magnet coupling. I think the roof is wrong and obv I would like to install 6 wheels. Ive tried and have many failed attempts. Any advice would be grateful. Apart from that, I'm quite happy with the end results
  4. richpantson

    PF powered wagon

    @kieran Ive had no weight issues. The wagon has the traction and strength to push the Ruby Night. Ive not done a complete weight test yet @legobanker No requirement yet for double power yet. my next project will get rid of the standard train power motor and I will try to fit a medium motor into the same space. I think the biggest challenge is going to be fitting all the cables in
  5. richpantson

    Small layout on a door - six trains total

    nice use of space. Im sure you've tried it already but it looks like you have space on the width and depth for a few flexi pieces. This might allow for the passing on corners
  6. richpantson

    PF powered wagon

    hello decided to start my BR Class 08 project and when sourcing parts I came across my PF powered wagon. I am planning in putting all the PF components into the Class 08 body, but having this push it around might be a good option while I sort out the mechanics for the 6 wheels. (PF train motor only has 4 wheels) Anyways for anyone interested heres my PF wagon and pushing my "Ruby Night"
  7. richpantson

    MOC: Swiss IC Train with Re 460

    really nice. great work.
  8. richpantson

    Lego APT with passive tilt MOC

    @Stefaneris in the above bogie pictures you can see that each carriage is only every controlled by 1 bogie. if 2 bogies try to push the same carriage it will buckle on points and s-bends.
  9. richpantson

    Lego APT with passive tilt MOC

    thanks for the kind words. @icemoronsIve not done a speed test yet with and without the tilt. I should be able to easily disable the tilt and make the carriages static. I'll see if I have time today.. not sure Lego fits in with Mothers Day in our house ;-) If not, sometime this week. I'll upload a youtube clip. Who doesnt like Lego trains crashing? @JopieK @icemorons I wonder if the dizziness of the VR cam is what the actual passengers felt ;-)
  10. richpantson

    Lego APT with passive tilt MOC

    Hi Ive been following the forums for quite a while and wanted to show my latest finished project. I originally posted this on Lego Ideas about 2 years ago but since then made some improvements and also bought the parts to finish off the carriages and driving cars I have been working on this for about 3 years on and off with a lot of changes happening in the bogies to limit the drag round corners. Each carriage is on a rocker suspended between the bogies. The tilt is then provided by the bogie pushing the carriage underneath and titling it. The driving bogie is in the front power car and is also on a rocker, clipped to a 2x4 technic plate. This allows movement in all directions. i have uploaded some youtube videos of it in action Theres some improvements needed (better bogie to carriage fixing) and I need to make some InterCity decals for the power car and noses. These need to white so any advice on making these would be grateful. Time to move onto another project now.. Rich