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  1. 4563 Load and Haul Instructions Needed

    Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. 4563 Load and Haul Instructions Needed

    My wife and I are setting up the christmas tree, and I am rebuilding this Lego train that I have had since I was a kid to put under the tree. Apparently, two versions of this train were released: one with part #2924 and one with #2924b. All of the instructions I can on find Peeron & etc are for the version I don't have. Mine has part #2924b. Someone must be in the same boat as me, or can help me with this. I need to know how to build the train's engine when it comes time to start putting the windows and doors on. Help please, and happy holidays!
  3. Fort Legoredo Photo Review Part I

    This is one of my favorite sets of all time. The design is great, and the American troops uniforms from this theme are, in my opinion, really nice looking. I would love to see Lego have a second go at this theme like they did with the Pirates. There is a lot that can still be done. I don't think it will happen unfortunately though.
  4. Battle of Isandlwana

    I love those helmets. I wish I had some... :)
  5. [MOC] Burj Sina - Where you can see far

    The tower architecture is great. My favorite photo is the last one posted where the camera perspective is low looking up. I want to echo what others have said about the mosaic color in the walls -- really nice building technique. The telescope is very original -- I like seeing something more than the standard martial desert warrior tower. I think the Kaliphlin guild is really a good base for some unique concepts like this.
  6. Desert Watch Tower

    Very nice! I like how the impression of the tower being partly buried in sand plays out in the front. Two questions for my own future building: Where does that base plate come from? The Kaliphlin colors are dark blue and red?
  7. Kaliphlin Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks for the greeting! I just started getting back into Lego about a month ago. I only made a few (shoddy imo) MOCs, but I did post them to Flickr. I hope to improve my building style in time as I get back into the swing of modelling with the bricks, which I haven't done since I was young. With regard to the FFL style I am imagining creating a vignette along these lines, but maybe cut the guns and just have staves and crossbows:
  8. Kaliphlin Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    If its not to late to participate I am getting some PoP sets for christmas, and I am excited to get a character and spme buildings up. I am in finals now so I have to wait though. Where are we with regards to gunpowder? I haven't seen any French Foreign Legion designs and am considering doing something along those lines with imperials from the pirates line with sandstone structures. That style is more european than arabian -- maybe some mercenaries originally from Avalonia but now at home in the desert or a city-state with its own traditions in the deep desert? If gunpowder is out I may just go with a more customary "desert warrior" Cheers!
  9. [Tutorial] Sailing ships interior

    This is awesome! Really hope to see more!
  10. Imperial (Warhammer) Army

    What I've done is made myself a lego army of the Warhammer Fantasy Empire faction. You'll see a MOC steamtank, griffon rider, and zeppelin. I have shamelessly taken great MOC minifig designs I've seen posted on these Eurobricks forums. :P These photos were taken with my Iphone camera... Unfortunately, it's the only camera I have -- sorry for poor quality. Here is a wide view of the whole army. ...And here are my Empire Greatstaves. Steamtank Tank Commander Zeppelin with Gatling Gun -- hard to see but the pilot is the same type of minifig as the tank commander State troops The Knightly Orders Cannon and crew And the Emperor himself on his Griffon With his giant hammer :) Here are images of the models that they are loosely based upon:
  11. Has anyone ever compiled every Imperial set together?

    That's exactly what I meant. Looks great! Thanks for posting.
  12. Been lurking for a while, love the photo blog of great custom scenes, follower on facebook. I know people are more into MOCs but I'm still collecting the basic classic sets. I wonder if anyone has a photo showing every set together: Imperial Trading Post, Eldorado Fortress, Sabre Island, Cannon Cove, Lagoon Lock up, Caribbean Clipper, etc... Also what about even the updated sets like Soldier's Fort / Imperial Flagship? I tried searching but can't find anything.