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  1. sparrow

    The Phantom

    Woah it looks really cool can't wait to see the thing when it's fully rigged. And just a quick question how tall is it? looks huge. Sparrow
  2. sparrow

    Fort Brighton Complete

    Thats the coolest and biggest fort i've every seen X-O , I love all he detailing on the buildings and the way the 2 row boats sit in the larger fortress section. I also really like the lil dock area where all the barrels are stored. This is no doubt one of the coolest pirate mocs i've seen. Love it. 11/10 *sweet*
  3. sparrow

    The Phantom

    That one sweet looking ship you got there, and from what i can see the yarn looks fine for your ropes, its a big ship it needs thick ropes. just my 2 cents sparrow
  4. Those are some pretty good torso you got there. I like your face design although it is acurate i reckon you should make a more clueless looking one as well with the nice "oh" jack sparrow face *sweet* just my 2cents Sparrow
  5. Hey since this topic has been revived: I got MClad a few weeks ago and have been getting to know how to use it how ever i don't have any minifig parts besides the really old ones (legs (that don;t move) Torso (with no arms or arm holes) minifig head and a hat) so i was wondering is there anywhere i can download a minifig parts pack or something. I looked on the Ldraw site i couldn't find anything? regards Sparrow
  6. sparrow


    if you can't find an offical sticker you could always just make your own by printing onto clear stickie paper sparrow
  7. sparrow

    Your favorite outpost

    i've always love my lil Sabre Island even if it is 1 of only 2 pirate sets i own *sweet* Sparrow
  8. sparrow

    The Phantom

    Thats gotta be one of the coolest biggests lego ships i've ever seen *sweet* looks great so far can't wait to see it when its finished Sparrow
  9. sparrow


  10. sparrow


    G'day I'm a 16 year old lego fan from Australia i have been a lego fan all my life but have only in the past few years started really collecting it. I like city and starwars lego and i'm also looking to get in to pirate lego (i only have 2 or 3 small sets). I am also a member of fbtb and my screen name is J5 So yeah thats about it sparrow