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  1. cheetor1981

    [MOC] Maelstrom Pirate Ship Duel - PotC

    Luv them both yo.
  2. cheetor1981

    Future Pirates Speculation

    The figure overall isn't bad & nice to see a new pirate minifig...but it is ugly in the face all day long. All the older lady pirate figures were awesome...but this one sucks. If I end up getting it, I'm definitely replacing the head. This face can be used for an ugly step sister minifig like in Shrek 2.
  3. cheetor1981

    ( MOC ) Police Building ( Rebuild )

    Holy crap!!!...the awesomeness & the detail!!!
  4. cheetor1981

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'd love to see it... but doubtful as a set. Only seen MOCs of it.
  5. cheetor1981

    Future Action and Adventure Themes

    Yet another great idea. That's cool. MacGyver would be great.
  6. cheetor1981

    Future Action and Adventure Themes

    That would be awesome.
  7. cheetor1981

    [MOC] Second Project: BLACK PEARL

    It may not be to scale...but I think it is looking pretty great.
  8. cheetor1981

    Space Vehicles: The Cars of Tomorrow

    Very creative. Sweet builds.
  9. cheetor1981

    Mister Gray's Lunar Limo Deluxe - 5984 MOD with backstory

    Nice build. Luv the backstory.
  10. Nice build. Luv the backstory.
  11. cheetor1981

    Dominoes box, my first Lego IDEAS project

    That is pretty cool. A Lego version of Mahjong would be neat too.
  12. cheetor1981

    [MOC] Crusader Castle V3

    This is just amazing!!! Love all the intricate detail.
  13. cheetor1981

    Fighting elephants of Mophet

    Ditto. This is pretty awesome. Made me think of LOTRs as well.