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  1. atomic80

    10255 Assembly Square

    I think I recall running into this issue too but ended up finding the missing piece in another bag. Have you tried finishing the rest of the set to see if it may pop up in one of the other bags?
  2. Yeah if you try unzipping the 4.2 gb file, only .99 GB actually ends up intact. Some folders and their images are intact while others are corrupted. Like the photos from the Molsheim factory... thanks again Jim!
  3. Jim, thanks for an amazing review! I also appreciated the links to the downloadable media files but however the one from Bugatti seems to be corrupted. Many of the image files are corrupted. Do you mind reuploading them?
  4. atomic80

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I bought two but never got around to making the attempt. :(
  5. atomic80

    5 Milano models

    About $200 for all the parts.
  6. atomic80

    5 Milano models

    Yes, you can definitely buy Tyler's instructions from here: One thing was kinda tricky finding all the parts since the parts list that they sell isn't too clear. Let me know if you have issues and I'll try to help.
  7. atomic80

    5 Milano models

    One of my favorite movies is Guardians of the Galaxy. I still remember sitting in the theater in total awe of the ship that Peter was flying, the Milano. I knew that if LEGO ever came out with a set that I HAD to get one! And then..there was more...and more...and then Tyler Clites revealed the UCS sized version. that's a build. So, when LEGO came out with set 76081 after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I got one...enjoyed the build. I hadn't realized that they came out with a larger build for the original movie, set 76021 which for some weird reason has bright orange accents instead of orange. I also picked up the mini Milano too. After that, I found the instructions for the UCS by Tyler Clites. I decided to go for it and shortly after that, I found the micro sized version also by Tyler Clites. I decided to replace the bright orange pieces on set 76021 with the proper orange accents as well as modify the windshield to match the others. And so, this is the result of my madness! The only thing was that I wasn't able to put the lime green "accent" piece on the micro version because it wouldn't fit without making contact with the other "claw" pieces. Any suggestions on what to do there? And the sets: LEGO Micro Milano by Tyler Clites LEGO 30449 Mini Milano LEGO 76081 Milano LEGO 76021 Milano with modications LEGO UCS Milano by Tyler Clites 5 LEGO Milano builds by Jason Tang, on Flickr
  8. Ok cool..yeah I sent him a message. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. I thought about buying them on bricklink but I can't tell if those are Version 1 or Version 2. Anyone know?
  10. Just sent you a PM to get a set ordered!!! Thanks for coming up with a great set of stickers!
  11. I'm absolutely speechless. You really did an incredible job building the 962 and going on this trip! The 962 looks spectacular next to the GT3 RS.
  12. atomic80

    Lego 10255 XXL Assembly Square MOD

    I absolutely LOVE mind is completely blown to bits and pieces. I had done the same with the Parisan Cafe reversing the two halves but I didn't go as far as you did in combining the interior. Seeing all these pictures really has given me some inspiration and ideas. I hope to one day follow your example! Thank you for sharing these pictures and well done in taking on this project!
  13. atomic80

    10255 Assembly Square

    After working on this on and off for 3 days, I finally managed to finish mine and this is without running into any missing pieces. Seems strange that so many of you folks are missing pieces. I also am looking forward to seeing the XL version of this set. It's already fairly massive as is...the XL version would be on another level altogether!
  14. atomic80

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    In the USA..sorry I had that in the original post but that part disappeared when it was merged into this thread.