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  1. Ber Teh Unicern

    Color swapped 75101 OT Tie Fighter

    Wow, awesome! I never really thought of modding 75101 into an OT TIE. Although, can I get a pic of the back? I want to see if you modded the back, because the back of 75101 isn't quite like this:
  2. Ber Teh Unicern

    [MOC] Episode V- " We will test it on Captain Solo"

    Excuse me, George Lucas called. He asked for his model back. Great work! As in the words of Darth Vader:"Impressive. Most impressive".
  3. Ber Teh Unicern

    Star Wars

    Why did you double post like that?
  4. Ber Teh Unicern

    General Magma's Star Wars Figures

    Wow, cool figures!
  5. Ber Teh Unicern

    [MOC] Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle [Microfighter]

    Wow, cool! Have you considered submitting it to Lego Ideas?
  6. Ber Teh Unicern

    Star Wars

    Sith can keep themselves alive through pure darkness, Anakin was saved just in time, and Luke was too important to just die. Besides, I think I saw Luke use the Force to keep himself from hitting the ground.
  7. Ber Teh Unicern

    Star Wars

    I really agree on the fact that bringing Windu back would make no sense. Like, seriously: a guy gets his hand cut off, gets a CRAZY amount of electrocution, then falls out of a building 5 Godzilla's high? I don't think so.
  8. Ber Teh Unicern

    [MOC]Iron Man - Hall of Armors

    Cool! Although, the Hulkbuster is a little too big, so I suggest reducing the size. But overall, great model!
  9. Pilot Berb Teh Unicern reporting for duty, sir!
  10. Ber Teh Unicern

    [MOC] AT-TE v2!

    Oh. Makes sense, but I think "lied" was a bad pick. I believe you meant you were mistaken.
  11. Ber Teh Unicern

    Hi! I'm Berb Teh Unicern(Bob The Unicorn)

    Yeah, I love TIE Interceptors! They're small, hard to hit, fast and deadly. Who doesn't love them? Thanks for sending that LXF, by the way!
  12. Ber Teh Unicern

    Turning Microfighters into Micro-MODS

    Cool MODs, everyone! And that is one impressive ARC-170. Good work!
  13. Ber Teh Unicern


    Awesome! If I had 15 thumbs, I'd stick 'em all up! Great work!
  14. Ber Teh Unicern

    TIE-Bomber {Ideas} [MOC]

    Cool! I noticed that this was made in LDD. Could you post the LXF if possible? If not, that's ok. Either way, great model!