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  1. NMN

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Let's hope Lego releases some more minifigure polybags next year at their previous standards. Waiting for a Sidon Ithano polybag. Would be awesome.
  2. Is that a new face print on C3PO? The white in the nose/mouthpiece is new, but that could just be the light I guess... Luke also looks a lot better with the hood on imo.
  3. They have been making a few mistakes along the way. Luke was, unfortunately, one minifigure that they needed to get right, but I am sure they will pick up their game. They might surprise us yet.
  4. NMN

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Any minifigure base on the Aqualish, Arcona or Gotal species would be most welcome.
  5. NMN

    [MOC] Hide and escape

    I must admit...for a second there I didn't see the falcon attached...so I am pretty sure Han's idea and your execution of the MOC were on point. But great job. Looks like a tricky but good looking build.
  6. I love it when people put effort into the base as well. It makes a MOC just stand out. Think your small wooden pier is awesome too. Great job dude.
  7. NMN

    [MDC]-The Wizards Tower

    This really does look great. I hope one day we get to see how you would imagine the other four corners of the tower to be. I probably just want more of it.
  8. Perhaps this leak is a younger Luke? Perhaps when he has his own Jedi Academy? Would explain the different clothes and blonde hair instead of grey. Does not explain why a younger Luke would be in that set though.
  9. NMN

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Though I doubt they will be revisiting the earlier seasons of rebels anytime soon, some of those you mentioned would be great. The ones that stand out and seem the most realistic to me are The Bendu and The Nightbrother. I can just imagine how great a brick built Bendu might be and I really want a revised Gauntlet fighter.