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  1. A complete cantina is unbelievable for me. It's just 1 movie scene. A collection of (small) scenes (cantina, market, spaceport) has more play features and is therefor more likely.
  2. Maybe it's a multi Slave I set: a Boba Slave I + all pieces and minifigures to create a Jango Slave I. They did it with the UCS Falcon so it could be possible AND it would be a true anniversary set.
  3. Is "75243 Slave 1 1007pcs" realistic? 8097 is only 573pcs and 75060 is 1996pcs. A bigger ship or including something else?
  4. Now that i see a review of the Landing Craft, i do not see any reason why they placed the panels at an angle. It looks very easy to make the surface flat and "fix" the model.
  5. catfish

    What I expect 75222 to be

    Luke flies from Dagobah to CC in his X-wing, the X-wing which comes out next week! If CC sells well, i think we will get a new OT MF and a new OT Slave I
  6. I want Luke's home on Tatooine (nice little set like the coming Yoda Hut) and the I am your father scene could be a part from a CC UCS.
  7. The point is that old Lego sets were timeless, even the Star Wars sets (OT). Easier to combine. Today, half the Lego sets are part of a franchise and follows the movie calendar. I just wonder, do all kids go to the movies these days?
  8. catfish

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Then why not do a collectors model: every year you release a room, after 5 years cloud city is complete. We have to be honest, models from the OT are targeted at ALOFs.
  9. catfish

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The Eclipse has a difficult nose to do on a small scale. The Finalizer looks easier (a mod from 75055). But both should be nice sets.
  10. catfish

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    there is already a good MF, i rather have a UCS set that doesn't exist yet
  11. i guess Sheepo is the winner?