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  1. chorlton

    [TRIPLE] Cover up

    Damn Alcubierre's negative energy field!
  2. Agreed. Any one model can only have 500 parts as originally stated (give or take a sensible leeway). If another model only uses 300 parts then that's fine, but you can't use the 200 allowance you've saved elsewhere. You don't HAVE to use 1500 parts in total. If you only use 1000, that's fine.
  3. chorlton

    Working Microscope Mk II

    Yup, I thought the first pic was a photo of "What I'm trying to make". It was only your comment made me scroll back up again and double check.
  4. chorlton

    8475 RC Race Buggy pic review

    Apologies for the massive bump, but I just picked up a second-hand lot which included 8475 and 4589 and have some additional info that I thought might be interesting. The green car in the comic is the 4589 RC Nitro Flash which is Infrared RC (not pullback). It actually comes with the same comic, where of course it is the winner.
  5. chorlton

    I can imagine. I'm sitting with a web application in front of me that's not behaving itself, while trawling through its backend tables trying to find the inconsistent data causing it grief. P.I.T.A. Cheers for considering!
  6. chorlton

    I have an example use-case and wonder if it would useful to anyone else and worth implementing (or maybe possible with current functionality). I recently bought some second-hand sets from eBay and there are a few pieces missing from a couple of the sets. I've added the set numbers to My Sets in Rebrickable but this now means my total part count is off as it includes the missing parts. Ideally what I'd like to be able to do is Select a set, e.g. "9394" Explode it into a "working set" of pieces Delete the missing parts from the working set (red flexible axles, angle connectors) Regroup the pieces into a set and add to My Sets, e.g. "9394- (My Edit)" I can see how step 4 might be a bit like uploading an MOC so perhaps the functionality is almost there already but it would be handy to be able to do all the steps from within Rebrickable. Maybe it's an edge case and of no use to anyone else but I thought I'd put it out there.
  7. chorlton

    Shapeways Custom Lego Parts

    I can't recall all the maths, but if you know the "resolution" of your printing artifacts or layers , then you shouldn't need to go beyond twice that for your model. So if your layers were 0.5mm deep then you should get away with facets no bigger than 0.25mm.
  8. chorlton

    My first studless MOC

    The Wild West!? Ah'm ower feart!
  9. Not exactly 42008 but since they were both sitting beside me as I was reading... This is my copy of 42008 built from the official instructions. Apologies for the missing parts of 8109 which were scavenged for the build. As you say, they are indeed "brothers". [edit: looking more closely and comapring the cab proportions, I'd say 42008 is actually a bigger truck in a smaller scale] (I would add that you can't reliably tow 8109 using 42008 as the front of the 8109 cab overhangs the front wheels by too much to fit on the 42008 tow frame)
  10. chorlton

    My first studless MOC

    Good inspiration. I too keep starting with a big aim and never reaching it. Maybe stripping back to something much more basic is the way to go/ Cheers.
  11. My birthday is in January so rememer my first sets being the 850 forklift for christmas, then 851 tractor with my birthday money. This would have been around 1981? What I mostly remember was going to the toyshop itself to buy the tractor and it was a proper, small, old shop. It had previously been a gentlement outfitters so had wooden display cases and shallow drawers which had previously displayed shirts and ties. These shallow drawers now held "Britains" diecast farm equipment nad plastic animals, then the display cases had stacks and stacks of Lego and other diacast models. I'd hav been about 9 at the time. I studied Mechanical Engineering at uni from 89-93 and remember using my lego parts to model a 3-bar linkage project we worked on. We had to design a back-hoe attachment which would dig a horizontal trench without using computer assistance. The lecturer seemed quite impressed that we mananaged to prove the design with a working lego mechanism. That would be the last bit of technic building before a dark age. (As an aside, I went back to work at the same uni a few years later and one of my colleagues interviewed for a job with Lego in Denmark in the late 90s. He came back VERY excited about what he'd seen but had signed a non-disclosure agreement so couldn't tell us what it was, just "that it was very very cool!". I think this must have been the first Mindstorms sets.) My partner/girlfriend/mother-of-my-child bought me Mindstorms 2.0 and then 8421 around 2005/2006 which got me back in to it and I now have way more studless sets than I ever did in the 80s, when I thought I had a lot. I have an 18 month old daughter who is already entertained by HOG steering and pull-back motors. It's quite easy to build something small that she can just turn wheel on or chase across the floor. I don't see myself stopping this any time soon.
  12. We are so OCD I always use them as per any intructions. If more than one adjacent on an axle then it's crossed ends together if only 2, but all aligned the same way if more than 2. And they should all be oriented with any slots all aligned.
  13. chorlton

    [MOC] Steam tractor with trailer

    Truly original. Well done!
  14. Icona Pop. I quite liked that the lyrics contain "I crashed my car into the bridge, but I don't care". Idea for a new video?
  15. chorlton

    Non-driven dif

    I think it is functionally the same at the moment, but you are halfway to adding RWD, and can then explain the use of a differential on a real-world car. Educational! :)