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  1. leveldestroyer31

    The Illusionist

    I really love the stage build. Nice build.
  2. leveldestroyer31

    [MOC] WWII Veteran

    Great moc but it sad at the same.
  3. leveldestroyer31

    WWII MOC Second wave in Normandy

    Amazing for the size of the build.
  4. leveldestroyer31

    [MOC] When Pigs Fly!

    Hahahahaha, really funny, love how it looks
  5. leveldestroyer31

    MOC: CMF Display Stand (Collectable Minifigures)

    Amazing display. It really shows off the minifigures really well.
  6. leveldestroyer31

    Revisiting old topics (Bumping)

    Really so you will be warning me every time i post a comment on any page that is over a month old. I see that as limiting my FREEDOM OF SPEECH, i can post what i want a page that is over a month old and not get warned for it like i can say "Nice MOC" and not get warned for it. There is nothing wrong with commenting what you want on a old page over a month old i can say "nice moc" on any moc page over a month old.
  7. leveldestroyer31

    Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    I don't think its one of the old Lego city tops on the front hood. But that new piece by the wheel covers, I think the wheels are new too.
  8. leveldestroyer31

    [MOC] Lego City Future - Police Car

    Great uses of the jumpers, nice build.
  9. leveldestroyer31

    [MOC]Asteroid Drilling Platform

    This is really cool. Love the amount of detail put on it in such a small space ship.
  10. leveldestroyer31

    Revisiting old topics (Bumping)

    an member should be able to post a thing like "good work or nice moc" and not get warned for it. Its on the website so its open game for anyone to comment on so your cant really stop people.
  11. leveldestroyer31

    First 2016 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    My vote is going for the rolling BB-8.
  12. leveldestroyer31

    Best LEGO Ideas set so far

    Doctor Who for me.
  13. leveldestroyer31

    Ford Island Control Tower (pearl harbour)

    I really love the tower
  14. leveldestroyer31


    Very nice
  15. leveldestroyer31

    MOC: modular police station

    Nice work