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  1. @kbalageDo you know a timeframe for the A model RC project? Btw, awesome work on the B model RC project. Thanks to you I bought the set and just building it now. As I'm just a beginner with technics, I need guys like you for inspiration on my future mods/mocs. Feels like this car is the best to start with for that goal.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking how nobody in here has started a modding thread on this set! I already see the mac anthem has motorization threads...why not the rally car? Is it because the car is too simple?
  3. Will any of the experienced Technic builders here have any interest in motorizing the rally car just released? I'd love to buy this set but since I'm not proficient with motorizing technic sets, it would be awesome to see the pros in here show the world how it can be done!